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Monte Pictures Newletter August

Monte Pictures Newletter August

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Published by Monte Pictures

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Published by: Monte Pictures on Nov 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Need forSpecial Effects
1990s:FromKathy Batesto HannibalLector: BestHorrorPerformancesof the Decade
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Table of Contents
Monte Pictures was originally founded by Javier Serrano in San Diego, California on February 4, 2007. MontePictures is the subject to the founder’s passion: to establish a film company. At this time, Monte Picturesruns independently through monthly newsletters composed by the founder Javier Serrano and his editor-in-chief Julia Wieczorek.© 2009 Monte Pictures Newsletter. We acknowledge all photographs are subject to their original owners.Monte Pictures was created to express, entertain and educate members of Monte Pictures the variety of film selections available. We do not sell our newsletters nor accept donations of any kind; we are neither acorporation nor non-profit organization. Questions or comments, please email your inquiries to:montepictures@ymail.com.
The NeedforSpecialEffects
p. 5
Horror Performances of the ‘90s
p. 7
Which is better forforeign languagefilms, dubbing orsubtitles?
p. 18
Entertainer of the Month:Kristen Stewart
p. 21
Movie Reviews
p. 22
Coming Soon to Theaters
p. 24
1997, Titanic1996, Independence Day
Founder’s Message
Plan for your life – Don’t just let it happen
There is an element of truth that some people let lifehappen to them. This statement is backed by the factthat many people spend more time planning theirvacation than planning their life. The quest toinvestigate this topic had great value but I feel itsterminology is incorrect. How do we plan a life?Planning is a linear activity and life is full of twists, turnsand detours. We don't plan our lives as much as weplan our day. Our day's plan is a result of a methodicalprioritizing of what is of value to us, with thecompletion of the task as the end result.My suggestion: We begin the process by identifying our journey. This journey is a process of identifying who we are. For right brained thinkers, this is discovering our meaning andpurpose known as our personal mission. This is creative stuff requiring a search within theheart and soul. Some ways to discover your mission is to ask someone to deliver your eulogyat your funeral. What do you want the people at your funeral to hear about the way you spentyour life?Nothing is ever accomplished without a solid plan. The things we have accomplished in lifewhether it be the things we acquire or the things we desire all came to us because we had aplan. Everything we have ever been or done was the result of a plan and putting that plan inaction. Think back for a moment on all of the significant and not so significant events of yourlife. There may be a few events that were luck, but the majority of it comes from having a planand then going out there to accomplish it. If you want better things in your life, make a planon how to achieve it. You can be, do and have anything you want if you have a plan of how toobtain it. Think it through, and put serious thought into what you want for your life and thenset your plan in motion. Soon you will have all the things you desire.
“You can be, do and haveanything you want if you have aplan of how to obtain it.”

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