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speed news 1-29-2007

speed news 1-29-2007

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Published by: speednews on Mar 05, 2008
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Speed News
January 29, 2007 Editor: Shelly Willingham
On March 3
, the SpeedSchool Student Council willhold Speed School’s annualcelebration of engineering,Engineering-Expo. Thetheme this year is “Engineering in Motion: Land,Air, Sea and Space.” Thekeynote speaker this yearwill be Sonny Marshall, anElectrical Engineering SpeedSchool alumnus of 1970.After 20 years of militaryservice doing space telecom-munications, he is currently amember of the Speed SchoolIndustrial Board of Advisorsand founder and CEO of Mar-shall Communications.As Speed School stu-dents, there are a variety of ways to participate in Engi-neering-Expo including pre-senting a project for theposter competition, aidingwith the society competitionsfor high school students, at-tending the Corporate Expo,and more. All students areencouraged to attend,whether they are exhibiting aproject or just interested inthe research being completedby their fellow students andfaculty.This year, the judgedposter competition will bedivided into three categories:PhD and Master of Science,Master of Engineering, or Un-dergraduate. Prizes will beawarded to the 1
place ex-hibit for each departmentand overall category winnerfor each of the three catego-ries. The total amount of prize money this year hasincreased to $3000! In addi-tion, students may partici-pate in a non-judged capac-ity with a lab or poster ex-hibit. All exhibits must beregistered at
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Engineering- Expo 2007
Train Goes
By Brandon Shelley
At 8:45am on Tuesday, January 16
, a CSXtrain heading north towards Louisville crashed in ruralBullit County. 14 of the trains 80 cars caught fire in amassive pile-up, sending flames 600 feet in the air. Thelocal fire departments were on the scene less then fiveminutes after the crash was reported. The railroad runsalong the west side of I-65, paralleling the highwaysouth of Metro Louisville. 12 of the 14 cars on fire con-tained highly flammable chemicals and had to burn out before crews could get close to the wreckage. I-65 wasclosed in both directions for 20 miles, between I-265and Lebanon Junction. Motorists were redirected to KY61 through Hillview, Shepherdsville, and Lebanon Junc-tion. Crews worked around the clock, but could do littleon Tuesday due to the toxic chemicals. Citizens weremade aware of the dangers late Tuesday afternoon andBrooks Elementary School closed for the remainder of the week. TARC buses transported firefighters andmembers of the National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) between the accident cite and the temporaryheadquarters. Governor Ernie Fletcher traveled to thesite and held a press conference on the state’s actionsand to praise the quick response of the local firefighters.Investigators fear the chemicals might have leaked intothe local tributaries and tests were run on the localstreams Thursday after the crash. I-65 reopened lateTuesday night, almost 12 hours after it was shut down.Several residents have filed lawsuits claiming they werenot informed in a timely fashion about the intensity of the crash and the dangers of the chemicals in the air.Workers channeled fuel out of the remaining cars into a“farm pond” to burn off the excess chemicals so theycould proceed to the wreckage without any fears of sparking another explosion. CSX officials wrote checksto those temporarily displaced from their homes to cover meal, hotel, clothing, and other expenses. The cause of the crash has yet to be determined as the preliminaryideas come back negative; the operator and engineer had been off for more then the required length of time prior 
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By Allison Douglas
Writers: Ben Gerstle and Brandon Shelley
Weekly Recipe
Berry Good Ice Cream
-2 cups of frozen blueberries-1/4 cup of sugar-Splash of orange juice-1 pint of fresh raspberries-1 pint of strawberries, cut into small pieces-Vanilla ice cream
In a pot, combine blueberries and sugar. Cook onmedium heat until blueberries “burst”, and thenadd the orange juice, strawberries and raspberries.Turn the heat of and gently stir the mix together,coating all the fruit with the syrup mixture. Scoopthe ice cream into serving bowls and pour spoon-fuls of the mixture on top.Prep and Cook Time:
15 minutes or less 
By Brandon Shelley
Sign up now atspeedcouncil.org.Play startsFebruary 5th!
www.engineering-expo.comby the Febru-ary 16
deadline.Speed School students are also encour-aged to participate through their respec-tive professional society. Each society isinvolved in holding competitions for highschool students who are interested in engi-neering. This is a great way for SpeedSchool students to be directly involved inoutreach activities for their societies. Stu-dent can contact their individual societiesfor more information about this volunteeropportunity.All students, whether exhibiting or not,should attend the corporate exhibits whileat Engineering-Expo. Students are en-couraged to submit resumes for the 2007Corporate Resume Book. The preferredsubmission method is to drop a paper copyof the resume off at the Student Counciloffice in JS105, but if necessary electronicsubmissions (.pdf or .doc versions only)can be submitted tovp@speedcouncil.org.All resume submissions are due by Febru-ary 16
in order to be included in the re-sume book. Last year, over 20 companieswere in attendance meeting with students,faculty, and the general public.One upgrade from last year’s Engineer-ing-Expo is the first ever corporate net-working dinner. Companies will have anopportunity to invite students to the dinnerto get to know them better. Free dinnerwill be provided to all students who receivean invitation.Engineering-Expo 2007 is on track tobe the largest and best event ever. Markyour calendars for March 3
so you don’tmiss out on this exciting experience.
March 3, 2007 March 3, 2007 March 3, 2007 March 3, 2007 Deadline for submissions isDeadline for submissions isDeadline for submissions isDeadline for submissions isFebruary 16, 2007 February 16, 2007 February 16, 2007 February 16, 2007 
Send items to speednews@speedcouncil.org by noon on Thursday
By Brandon Shelley
January 29
– February 6
Men’s Tennis vs. Morehead State10:00am BASS-RUDD T.C.Men’s Tennis vs. Troy2:00pm BASS-RUDD T.C.Men’s Tennis vs. Murray State6:00pm BASS-RUDD T.C.
Women’s Basketball vs. DePaul12:00noon FREEDOM HALLSwimming&Diving vs. NotreDame 3:00pm W. NATATORIUM
Women’s Tennis vs. SMU10:00am BASS-RUDD T.C.
to the trip…..the track had been examined the day before by CSX…..and the locomotives appeared to be working properly. The NTSB official on the scene suggested thecar’s pressure tubes might have snapped causing the frontof the train to stop and the rear to slam into the front.Officials holding the press conferences asked the medianot to jump to any conclusions but to merely provide thefacts they were given. CSX Vice President CindySanborn said “closing these tracks is like closing Inter-state 65 for us.” Mark Rosenker, chairman of the NTSBstated “we’re examining every, I mean every inch of thattrack.” For more information on the crash and the inves-tigation visit the Louisville Courier-Journal online atwww.courier-journal.com/derail.
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Interested in saving power? Tell Google.
 Tip from Mark Ontkush - ecoIronAn all white web page usesabout 74 wattstodisplay, while an all black page uses only 59watts. Google gets about 200 million queries per day. Now Let's assume each query is dis- played for about 10 seconds; that means Googleis running for about 550,000 hours every day onsome desktop. Assuming that users run Googlein full screen mode, the shift to a black back-ground will save a total of 15 (74-59) watts.That turns into a global savings of 8.3 Mega-watt-hours per day, or about 3000 Megawatt-hours a year. Now take into account that about25 percent of themonitors in the worldareCRTs, and at 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, that's$75,000, a decent amount of energy and dollarsfor changing a few color codes.
Tech Talk 
By Ben Gerstle
Society Cup
Society Cup will be held March 20-22. Each day, 6 representatives from each society willcompete in one of the scheduled events. The events, in no particular order, are a teamwork race, thumb war tournament, and dodge ball tournament. The award will be presented at Engi-neers Ball on March 31.

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