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PT 2.2 2014 Student Dossier

PT 2.2 2014 Student Dossier

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Published by Arturo Ruiz León

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Published by: Arturo Ruiz León on May 04, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Case reports:
A patient with Cervical Pain
1 Online search for clinical information: Cervical Pain 2 Case Reports: Slices of Real Life
Online search for clinical information: Chronic Ankle Sprain
6 Analyzing Language: Expressing Health Science Concepts in English
9 Oral Presentation: Evidence-Based Case Study
Professional Journal Reading:
Scanning to recognize article types and research design features 14 Pre-Listening: What is a systematic review? 28 Introduction to Systematic Reviews: Reflexology 29 Behavioral treatment for low back pain 31 Exercise for management cancer-related fatigue 33 Foot Orthosis A Systematic Review 35 Effects of IF current therapy in the management of MS Pain 36 Review of therapeutic Ultrasound 37
Group Project
Group Project steps 38 Selecting a general research project 39  Narrowing the topic 41 Finding general background information 43 Finding related research abstracts 44 Formulating a research question: The PICO method 45 Planning your search: Establishing inclusion criteria 49 Representing your search: Flow chart representations 50 Organizing your data: Data tables and data extraction 52 Methodological Quality 65 Presenting your Group Project 68 Writing a summary of findings 70 Citations 71 Answering Research Questions 74
Grammar Exercises
Connecting Ideas and Phrases 79 Summary chart of linker, transition expressions, etc. 81 Summary of patterns of punctuation 82 Linking Expressions 1 83 Linking Expressions 2 84 Paired conjunctions 85 Citation Practice 87
Dossier Term 2 2014
Dossier, Physical Therapy English 2.2 2014 page 1
UIC Idiomes jcp 28.2.12b Listening to a clinical description A Patient with Cervical Pain Listen to a Physical Therapist´s description of a patient. Take notes: The patient: Current problem: Past Medical History: Physical examination: Treatment: Outcome: How will you search for information to clarify this case? What keywords will you use? Where will you look for information?
Dossier, Physical Therapy English 2.2 2014 page 2
UIC Idiomes Anglès jcp 5.3.12 Table to document online search for information
What is the prevalence of neck pain?
Terms I used to find my answer
“neck pain” “prevalence” … (pubmed)
 My source of information The prevalence of neck pain in the world population: a systematic critical review of the literature.
Fejer R, Kyvik KO, Hartvigsen J.Eur Spine J. 2006 Jun; 15(6):834-48. Epub 2005 Jul 6.
 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15999284 My answer The 1-year prevalence was estimated in 22 studies.
Based on fairly homogeneous definitions of 
 NP, the prevalence ranged from 16.7% [8] to 75.1% for the entire adult population (17
70 years), with a mean of 37.2%
The author’s answer
 The reported 12-month prevalence of neck pain varies from 30% to 50%, and lifetime prevalence is approximately 70%.
The author’s source of information
 Gross AR, Haines T, Goldsmith CH, et al. Knowledge to action: a challenge for neck pain treatment.
 J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 
363 Question Terms I used to find my answer My source of information My answer
The author’s answer
The author’s source of information
 Question Terms I used to find my answer My source of information My answer
The author’s answer
The author’s source of inform

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