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Until Their Paths Cross (chapter 1)

Until Their Paths Cross (chapter 1)

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Published by imjustagirl
chapter 1 , please read the next chapter^^
chapter 1 , please read the next chapter^^

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Published by: imjustagirl on Nov 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Until their paths cross
Plot: Terrence’s life was awesome and (almost)perfect. He is rich he is handsome his parents giveand spoils him in every thing. The only thing is theynever let him out of their mansion. Until one day hedecided to runaway from everything and challenge life.He decided to live independently to work to study withother persons (he studies with his private teacher) tolive his life to the fullest. And there was Anna, anorphan. She just left the orphanage when she was ababy. She has really no identification she could showif shell find them but only a star-shaped birthmark onher shoulder. She was an optimist and an active galbut very private.Until their paths cross …
Chapter 1:
Sister Flor: Are you sure about this decision Anna Sophia? This is really something serious.Have you thought about this twice?Anna: Yes sister as I said I want to live independently now. I could see the world out thereits really “something” its calling me like I really need to see it. I had already thought aboutthis a million times I had been craving for this moment since I was 6. Do you still remembersister the notebook Sir Joseph confiscated to me? The one I’m drawing on while he wasteaching back on my sixth grade? You were so angry back then.Sister Flor: I believe yes my dear. That only justifies you really want to go out.(Straightens and took a deep breath) very well ill hate to see my most active happy andenergetic little be gone. (grin)Anna: But sister!Sister Flor: Okay Ill give you a week to think about everything first uhm you still mightchange your mind.Anna: But! But!Sister Flor: no more “buts” that is my word now of you go then I still have letters to write.(she took out a paper and a pen and Anna walk directly to the door but before closing it shestopped and said)Anna: oh! Ill miss this place! (stretching her arms upward and hoped through the corridor)(anna was having a midday nap at the garden’s grass carpet when she was disturbed by aloud sob)Anna: (groggy) aaaaahhhh! What the! Who… wh-wh-why are you crying? (yawn) did someonehurt you?(the girl wiped her tears and said)Girl: (sob) its my (sob) my (sob) my doll!(cries loudly showing the brocken rug doll on her arms)(anna covered her ears)Anna: oooooohhhhhh! That’s not a problem! I can fix that ! Anyway, what’ll I call you?
Girl: My name is Therese I am new here my parents left me in our old house while I wassleeping.Anna: ah so uhm sorry er I’m Anna Sophia but you could call me Anna (wink)Therese: (stops crying)(curtsy) Nice to meet you Miss Sophia (smiling widely)Anna: (returning the curtsy) My pleasure Miss Therese(both giggling and half-dancing)(whan all the giggle washed out they laid down at the grass and started watching the clouds)Anna: you know Therese Ill be gone next weekTherese: awww … (the smile fade out)(got up and looked at anna)Therese: why?Anna: (getting up and stretching) yaaaa! Why? I want to be out I want to see the world outthere I want to know life.Therese: But do you still want to find your parents? (stares with big eyes)Anna: regarding that uhm I think ill leave it.Therese: leave it! (reddening) their your parents ! I mean they gave you “this” life!Anna: yeah but I think their happy now wherever they are they don’t need me anyway cuz ifthey ever did they must have came back for me long ago.Therese: but! –Anna: Cut it off Therese! I don’t want to talk about them! Ill just try to look for them alongmy way okay? Now lets go inside and fix that doll of yours.Therese: uhm okay(they went in Anna’s room and anna started sewing)Anna: here its done! (smiles)Therese: th-thanksAnna: well better go down for supper want to grab some sandwiches?

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