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Feds Digging Into Emergency Housing Consortium/Grantee Fraud

Feds Digging Into Emergency Housing Consortium/Grantee Fraud

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Published by evy_brown
Article from the San Jose Mercury News, October 2008. Details the whistleblower disclosures made by Evelynn Brown, HHS/ACF employee on fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and dangers to public health and safety.

As the result of whistleblower retaliation, the employee was allegedly fired in December 2008.
Article from the San Jose Mercury News, October 2008. Details the whistleblower disclosures made by Evelynn Brown, HHS/ACF employee on fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and dangers to public health and safety.

As the result of whistleblower retaliation, the employee was allegedly fired in December 2008.

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Published by: evy_brown on May 05, 2014
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==================================================FEDS DIGGING INTO EHC--------------------------------------------------San Jose Mercury News (CA)-October !" #$$%Aut&or'y*ne+ ,aren e Sa Mercury NewsE*t*on+ .aey F*naSect*on+ /oca0a1e+  A rout*ne *n2u*ry be1un a year a1o at a yout& s&eter run by Santa Cara County3s 4ost 5ro4*nent &o4eess-ser6*ces a1ency &as now 5ro1resse *nto an *n6est*1at*on o7 5oss*be 7rau8 Concerns 7*rst arose *n October #$$!" w&en a 7eera o77*c*a 4on*tor*n1 4**ons o7 oars *n 1o6ern4ent s5en*n1 on s&eters 7or runaway yout&s 5a* a 6*s*t to EHC /*7eu*ers *n owntown San Jose8 Aar4e t&at c&*ren an teens 7ee*n1 t&e streets were be*n1 care 7or *n an un*cense 7ac**ty" s&e aerte t&e state3s co44un*ty care *6*s*on" an t&e s&eter 9nown as Our House was 7orce to s&ut *ts oors t&e ne:t ay8 Now t&e a1ency *s rece*6*n1 4ore une:5ecte 7eera scrut*ny -- t&*s t*4e" 7ro4 t&e ;8S8 De5art4ent o7 Heat& an Hu4an Ser6*ces3 O77*ce o7 t&e Ins5ector Genera" w&*c& *s res5ons*be 7or *11*n1 out 7rau" waste an abuse o7 5ub*c 7uns8 T&e new *n6est*1at*on co4es as EHC &as abanone on1-&e 5ans to reo5en t&e <-year-o s&eter t&e 1rou5 announce ast wee9 t&at *t *s s&*7t*n1 *ts yout& s&eter 5ro1ra4 to ser6e youn1 auts" 7or w&o4 *cens*n1 *s not re2u*re8 T&e O77*ce o7 t&e Ins5ector Genera oes not co44ent on o5en *n6est*1at*ons" an EHC 4ana1ers own5aye ast wee93s sur5r*se 6*s*t" say*n1 t&ey on3t be*e6e t&e *nter6*ews a4ount to an *n6est*1at*on8
 >et S5ar9y Haran" *rector o7 t&e * ?*son Center -- w&*c& now runs t&e county3s ony *cense runaway yout& s&eter -- was a4on1 t&ose 2uest*one ast wee9 by t&e *ns5ector 1enera3s o77*ce an sa* t&e *ns5ector was @res5on*n1 to a co45a*nt o7 5oss*be 7rau at anot&er a1ency8@ ecause o7 con7*ent*a*ty re2u*re4ents" Haran * not *scose t&e na4e o7 t&at a1ency" but ot&ers 7a4**ar w*t& t&e *n6est*1at*on &a6e con7*r4e EHC *s t&e 7ocus an t&at t&e 2uest*ons center on 7rau8 T&e ae1at*ons a55ear to *ncue w&et&er EHC tr*e to 5ass o77 5&ony *cens*n1 ocu4ents 7or t&e s&eter" an w&et&er t&e un*cense 7ac**ty was e6en e*1*be 7or t&e ecae-5us o7 7eera 7un*n1 *t &a 5re6*ousy rece*6e8 ?&en Heat& an Hu4an Ser6*ces 5ro1ra4 o77*cer E6eynn rown ast October as9e EHC 7or 5roo7 o7 a *cense at t&e s&eter" s&e *nstea rece*6e a B wa*6er w*t& a *77erent aress on *t -- 7or a bu**n1 t&at &a been e4o*s&e8 rown aso re5orte 7*n*n1 c&*ren" *ncu*n1 a 5re1nant teen an a boy w&o &a s5ent  4ont&s at t&e te45orary s&eter" 4*:*n1 a4on1 &o4eess auts8 An because t&e 7ac**ty was un*cense" e45oyees were unaw7uy *s5ens*n1 4e*cat*on an 5ro6**n1 counse*n18
 What's more, although federal grantees are required to screen staff through fingerprinting and background checks, Brown said those safety measures were lacking.
 EHC o77*c*as sa* t&*s wee9 t&at t&ey &a6e aways 7*n1er5r*nte t&e*r e45oyees but t&at t&e*r 5ersonne 7*es were or1an*e *ncorrecty unt* t&*s year an t&ey were unabe to 5ro6*e ocu4entat*on o7 t&e 7*n1er5r*nt*n1 t&ey t&ou1&t t&e *cense-e:e45t ocu4ent t&ey 5rouce a55*e to *77erent ocat*ons an at&ou1& t&ey were 4*:*n1 c&*ren an auts *n a ro5-*n center" t&ey * not &ouse t&e4 to1et&er *n t&e s&eter8 ;ner *ts c&ar*s4at*c 7ouner" arry De uono" t&e non-5ro7*t EHC &as 1rown t&rou1& 1o6ern4ent 1rants an 5r*6ate onat*ons *nto an or1an*at*on w*t& a $ 4**on o5erat*n1 bu1et t&at ser6es 4ore t&an $"$$$ 4en" wo4en an c&*ren eac& year t&rou1& a 6ar*ety o7 5ro1ra4s8 O6er t&e 5ast year" &owe6er" EHC &as been *n tu4ut" *ncu*n1 t&e res*1nat*on o7 De uono an w*es5rea ayo77s a7ter t&e re6eat*on o7 7un*n1 an 4ana1e4ent *rre1uar*t*es8 EHC3s own au*tors re6eae @s*1n*7*cant e7*c*enc*es@ a77ect*n1 t&e a1ency3s ab**ty to #
a4*n*ster 7eera 5ro1ra4s" an t&e De5art4ent o7 Hous*n1 an ;rban De6eo54ent *s currenty conuct*n1 a re6*ew o7 ! 4**on *n s5en*n18 /ast wee9" as news o7 t&e atest *n2u*ry sur7ace" EHC announce *ts ec*s*on not to reo5en t&e runaway s&eter" w&*c& st* &a not 4et state *cens*n1 re2u*re4ents t&at ensure sa7e con*t*ons at a new ocat*on on Sout& T&*r Street8 A1ency 4ana1ers escr*be t&e s&*7t *n 5ans as an e77ort to ser6e anot&er o6eroo9e 5o5uat*on -- youn1 5eo5e a1es % to # w&o are barre 7ro4 yout& s&eters but 7ee out o7 5ace 4*n1*n1 w*t& &o4eess auts8 e1*nn*n1 t&*s 4ont&" t&ese @trans*t*on-a1e yout&@ are be*n1 &ouse 7or as 4any as $ ays *n EHC3s new" 4ut*use Sobrato House not 7ar 7ro4 t&e 7or4er Our House s*te8 T&e new s&eter 7*s a w*ey ac9nowe1e 1a5 *n care 7or troube youn1 auts" 4any o7  w&o4 &a6e e7t t&e 7oster care syste4 est*tute t&ere are ony 7our suc& s&eters *n t&e state8 @T&ese are t&e yout& w&o t&e syste4 &as areay 7a*e"@ sa* EHC 5ro1ra4 4ana1er H*ary arro1a8 @?e can3t cont*nue to 7a* t&e4 any4ore8@ ut t&e ceebrat*on *s coore by uncerta*nty surroun*n1 t&e unusua 6*s*t 7ro4 t&e Ins5ector Genera3s o77*ce8 @T&ey were as9*n1 about ser6*ces to yout&"@ arro1a sa*" sto55*n1 s&ort o7 c&aracter**n1 t&e 6*s*t an *n6est*1at*on8 @T&ere3s no reason we wou be uner *n6est*1at*on w*t& t&e Ins5ector Genera8@ arro1a sa* EHC &as rece*6e a55ro:*4atey #$$"$$$ *n 7eera 7uns eac& year s*nce  to run *ts ro5-*n center an s&eter 7or &o4eess yout&s8 ut *n recent wee9s" t&e a1ency  w*t&rew *ts 5en*n1 a55*cat*on 7or a*t*ona 7uns 5ro6*e t&rou1& t&e 7eera unaway an Ho4eess >out& Act8 Obser6ers 7a4**ar w*t& oca &o4eess 5ro1ra4s say t&e w*t&rawa 4ay re7ect t&e a1ency3s ner6ousness about cont*nu*n1 to acce5t 7eera 7uns 7or a s&eter t&at &a not reo5ene 7or 4ore t&an a year8 rown" t&e 5ro1ra4 o77*cer w*t& t&e ;8S8 De5art4ent o7 Heat& an Hu4an Ser6*ces" was t&e 7*rst to 7or4ay o1e concerns about EHC3s yout& s&eter8 EHC was 7ar 7ro4 t&e ony a1ency rown 7oun 5robe4s w*t& w&en s&e arr*6e *n Ca*7orn*a ast year s&e re5orte B

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