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Shivalingam is NOT Sex Symbol its Image of Pineal Gland

Shivalingam is NOT Sex Symbol its Image of Pineal Gland

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Published by selfinuniversal

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: selfinuniversal on Nov 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://templecandomore.blogspot.com/Dear compassionate intellects, flower of my heart, intellect of the world,This message is for whom intentionally but hidden manner whom would like tomislead the philosophy knowledge Hinduism & Sivalingam. Otherwise ignore this *line!* Cool down your heart, calm your mind, be intellectually evolve just by growing abody, and little knowledge of internet ability does not mean you can just simplymake use of email. If you are medical educated or able to understand biologicalsciences then much meaning full and you wont have such un-necessary list ofstatements about Hinduism *Sivalingam symbol is NOT Sex symbol! it's a image of Pineal Gland in human head.You may not come from the such civilization of perfect sciences family but atleast be compassionate to accept the TRUTH of the most ADVANCE CIVILIZE INDIANPHILOSOPHY! that's un-conditional love!For scientific summary and diagram please download:Happy better knowing truth of the only most scientific way of life HINDUISM!Universal Mind,Elanggovan.Posted by Elan at 6:30 AM 2 commentsWednesday, June 3, 2009ALL TEMPLES PLEASE PROVIDE ADD ON VALUE FOR THE PUBLIC ADVANTAGESA COMPASSIONATE CALL TO ALL TEMPLES PLEASE PROVIDE ADD ON VALUE FOR THE PUBLICADVANTAGES
(Mother>Father>Guru>God)List of possibilities evolution need immediately and critically in all templestowards much better valuable supporting for community with original intention oftemple is design and build! I will 99.99% of temples especially in Malaysiadoesn’t qualified and fulfill the original intention of temple benefitingcommunity.· Are old of thevaram, bajanai, barathenatiyam and simple yoga class isinsufficient and its not qualifying a temple to perform the original objective andgoals providing life philosophy!· Tell the truth by age level about temple, god and praying system in scientificmanner· Millions worth building should be pure Vedic R&D and training institute· In construction of temple not only public hall required but also publicaccessible training institute is essence.Upon a child born a mother will have act for the baby continue alive and learnmother tongue and compassionate intellectual evolution this usually from 0-6 age.At about 7 year’s mother hand over her child to father and withdraw fromresponsible. Then now from 7-15 father will have to guide, teach and to schoolsfor formal & un-formal education on study of skills. From about 16 years agefather have withdraw his responsible and hand over the teenage child to Guru. Nowon guru will guide the spiritual essence and teach technique for the human to self
realize that they are god. About 21st and above the human will explorer otheroverall life experience.In this modern and highly civilize society there are so much opportunity tocarried same responsible to a born child in much customized manner. Especially thenew born baby, teenage are highly intelligent and evolve souls. So nothing toworried, or nothing to hide, nothing to lie, nothing to delay, nothing to avoid,nothing to wait anymore to create the new era edge of methodology in impacting thetruth of our Indian especially the truth of spirituality and life science whichoriginated from the most advance civilization Tamil Society!The teenage at this moment are getting bored and irritating and at last coming torealization why they must stay as kindergarten student? This mean they expectingthe parent, society (temple priest), so call & Indian Organization should tell thetruth as it in much openly at every age level. Currently we can say in the name ofservice these organizational and individual eliminating and great knowledge fromgrowing children and avoiding them to get know the science of temple, god, prayingand consequently is major block for the actual scientific fact spiritual is hidedin the roof of temple business.People always say there is statement use by even enlightenment, master and gurustoo;“Kuil illaathe uril kudi erakkeeveendam”What the next sentence?“Aanaal kuiliya kudi errunthideeveendaam!”Means:Don’t leave at area which no temple,But do not stay at temple for ever!The complete meaning is do not allow a child above 7 to 8 years old be ignoranceof the original temple and goddess design & implementation purpose. Uplift themfrom kindergarten level to much higher level and further they will grow and evolvewell from time to time.How temple and god was design?In time memorial Yogis and Gurus who self realize and explore the human body indetails have design architecture of human body and projected as outerrepresentative as external viewable matter. At same time the add value is highlyimportant to be consider such cultural place, community gathering and this willtake place automatically with the ordinary regular activities.A Hindu temple is a symbol or a rather a synthesis of various symbols. It isconceived in terms of the human organism which is the most evolved living form.The names of the various limbs of the human body from the foot to the hair on thecrown of the head are applied in architectural texts to different parts of thetemple structure.Terms like feet, legs, thighs, neck and head denote the anatomical position andfunction of the structural parts corresponding to those of the human body, and are
often used figuratively to emphasise the concept of organic unity in templearchitecture.Just as the sanctum is a microcosm, so is the whole temple symbolic of theuniverse inhabited by gods, demi-gods, human beings and animals, which arefigurally represented on the temple facades. The same idea is expressed by therepresentation on the temple walls of the eight Regents of the cardinal pointsLikewise an ambulation around the temple symbolically means a perambulation of theuniverse itself.In summary the kids above 8 years old should start know the fact of the following:· A straight lie human body is the temple structure· The foot height is kopuram “high entrance roof”· The private part of male & female is flag etc· Vinayagar God is symbolic of Muladhara Chakra in astral body which connectsGonads endocrine gland in human physical body.· Shakthi or Mariyaman is the God symbolic of Anahatha Chakra link with ThymusGland human body which regulates immune system.· Murugan God is symbolic of Ajna Chakra link with Pituitary Gland in human body.o The both wife represent LEFT & RIGHT BRAIN hemisphere.· Sivalingam God & its structure is symbolic of Pineal Gland in human body.· And so on all other deities, 9 planets, rituals biological and psychologicalpurpose and benefits should be informed preciously.· Then when they grow surely nobody will leave the ritual, cultural, spiritual andphilosophy of basic human life.Most of public and people know why knowingly the so call highly educated personalin this Vedic science not opening this path of knowledge to community.Important given to Temples against Tamil school! Yet Temple not operated for thereal original Siddhars design & functions?Case 1: Maran Marathandavar Temple worth million Ringgit MalaysiaBut, what about Maran Marathandavar Tamil school?Given the same care?Case 2: Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple, Seremban (Negeri Sembilan) worth millionsBut, this is faith of Lukut Tamil school which located not far fromSri Balathandayuthapani Temple, Seremban (Negeri Sembilan).A School with...No playground.No canteen.No library.Case 3: Sri Bala Subramaniar Swamy Temple Port Klang worth millions.SJK (T) Tepi Sungai, KlangClassroom in Horse-Stables (Kandang Kuda). Look at our pity children.

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