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Salem City Council Ward 4: Scott Bassett

Salem City Council Ward 4: Scott Bassett

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Published by Statesman Journal
Salem City Council Ward 4
Salem City Council Ward 4

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Published by: Statesman Journal on May 06, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire for 2014 Primary Election
Thank you for responding to this questionnaire.
Why this matters:
 The Statesman Journal Editorial Board will use this questionnaire in deciding which candidates to endorse at the May 20 Primary Election. The board is doing fewer in-person interviews this spring. Your answers also will be shared with reporters and may be published in the newspaper and/or on our website, StatesmanJournal.com, so the public will see what you submit.We also ask that you respond to every question, instead of simply attaching campaign materials, resumes, etc.Please return the completed questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an email or an attached Word document to Salemed@StatesmanJournal.com. (Handwritten or fax responses don’t work.) Deadline for submitting your questionnaire:
9 a.m. Wednesday, April 16.
Questions? Contact Editorial Page Editor Dick Hughes, 503-399-6727, dhughes@StatesmanJournal.com, or Editorial Assistant Nancy Harrington, 503-589-6944, nharring@StatesmanJournal.com.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your name:
Scott Bassett
(If your age will change before the May 20 primary, please indicate your birthday. We want to make sure we use accurate ages in editorials and news coverage.)
Birthday on May 6
Political party (if this is a partisan office):
Position you are seeking (name of position, district number, political party if applicable):
Salem City Council, Ward 4
Number of years living in the area you seek to represent:
3-1/2 years in Ward 4 and 34 years in Salem
Are you a full-time resident of that area?
City/town of residence:
Family (name of spouse/partner, number and ages of children if at home, number of grown children):
Souse, !anet Bassett, and t"o #ro"n sons
Your education (high school, trade, college, post-baccalaureate; indicate degrees earned):
$rants %ass &'S'(ni)ersity o* +re#on  B'S' %olitical ScienceWillamette (ni)ersity t.inson $raduate School o* Mana#ement  Master o* Mana#ement
If employed, current occupation, employer and job duties:
Previous employers and when:
+re#on 0ecuti)e eartment, Bud#et and Mana#ement i)ision, 1-16Cold"ell Ban.er Mountain West eal state, 16-+re#on eartment o* &uman Ser)ices, 1-+re#on eartment o* ransortation, 1-214
Military service and when:
Volunteer/civic/religious service and when:
Board mem7er  8riends o* Sil)er 8alls State %ar., early 1s
Youth 7as.et7all coach 9S:YB;;<, Salem, mid-1s%ar. maintenance )olunteer and ro=ect or#ani>er, Minto-Bro"n ?sland %ar., 211 d)ocate *or local control o* ar.s and transortation lannin#, Salem, 2-resent
Please list all public offices to which you’ve been elected, and when:
?ncidental 8ee Committee, ssociated Students o* (ni)ersity o* +re#on, 1@-@%resident, ssociated Students o* (ni)ersity o* +re#on, 1@-1
Please list any unsuccessful candidacies for public office, and when:
Other prior political and government experience:
? re)ie"ed 7ud#et reAuests *rom state a#encies, made recommendations, and resented the $o)ernors ecommended Bud#et to le#islati)e Ways and Means su7committees' ? comleted o)er three do>en *ormal mana#ement re)ie"s o* a#ency oerations, or#ani>ed con*erences, roduced u7lications, and mana#ed +re#on Benchmar.s and er*ormance measurement reortin#'
How the public can reach your campaign (remember that this information may be made public): Mail address:
lect Scott Bassett, 2243 Wild"ood r S, Salem + @36
 E-mail address:
 Web site URL:
Please limit your response to each of the following questions to about 75 words.
1. To an outsider, how would you describe the region you wish to represent? What is it like geographically, economically, politically and socially?
he rollin# hills o* Ward 4 are toed "ith homes in recently constructed nei#h7orhoods, #reen u7lic saces li.e Bryan !ohnston %ar. and 7eauti*ul school #rounds li.e %rin#le lementary' he area is tra)ersed 7y north/south arterial roads

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