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Nsa Google

Nsa Google

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Published by Karyne Levy

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Published by: Karyne Levy on May 06, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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DoflID: 1t087fi1"L
From:Sent:To:Subject:Ercschmrci,FThursday,JuWAlexander, erthRe lnvrtatron o Endurrng ecurrty ramework Mobrlrty eetrng
General Keith.. so great o see you.. I'm unlikely o be n california hat week so I'm sorry can't attend willbe on the east coast). Would ove to see you another ime. Thank you EricOn Jun 28,2012,at7:52 AM, Alexander, eith wrote:Eric
It was good eetng ou ecently fter he meeting arlier his month.About hree years go, he Deputy Secretaries f DoD and DHS nd 18 US CEOs aunched n effort called he EnduringSecurtty ramework ESF) o coordinate overnment/industry ctions n rmportant generally lassified) ecurity ssuesthat couldn't e solved y ndivrdual ctors lone. or example, ver he ast 18 months, e (plmarily ntel, MD, Hp,Dell and Mtcrosoft n the ndustry ide) ompleted n effort o secure he BIOS f enterprrse latforms o address threat n hat area.About lx months go, we began ocusing n he securrty f mobility evices. group {primarily oogle, pple ndMtcrosoft) ecently ame o agreement n a set of core security rrnciples. hen we reach his point n our projects, eschedule classified riefing or the CEO's f key companies ci'provrde hem a brief on he specific hreats we belrevecan be mttigated nd o seek heir commitment or heir organrzation o move ahead.We are convening small roup f CEO's or such drscussion n Silicon alley n August th nd would tke o invtteyou o attend lven Google's rominence n he ndustry. oogle's articipation n refinement, ngrneerrng nddeployment f the solutions tll be essential sergei rin has attended revious essions ut cannot make his meetrngfor scheduling urposes).Here re he ogrstics or he meetlng...o The August meettng ill ake place n a secure acility n proxrmity o the San ose, A arrport.o The meetlng s scheduled rom LLam 3pm PST nd will'include classrfied hreat brrefrng.o The meeting iscussion ill be oprc-specifrc, nd decision-oriented, ith a focus n Mobrlity hreats ndSecurity.I would be happy o discuss his urther with you o provrde ou additional etatls n he effort and he Googleindivrduals ho have articipated, t your convenience, s well.A,lthe BestGEN Keith Alexander
efise bii NSA on
encschmidt - twitter
DOCID: {trOff?81"2
Alexander. Keith
From:Sent:To:Subject:Alexander. eithFrrday, anuary 3,2012 20 PM'Sergey rrn'RE ESF Executve Steerrng roup)ergey,Thanks or he note back nd he correct mail addressLook orward o seerng ou next week.Best,KerthFrom: Sergey rin marlto:
Sent: Friday, anuary 3,zTnTo: Alexander, eithSubject: Re: ESF xecutive teerrng rouphi keith,
(b) (6)
looking orward o seeing ou nextfyi, my best email address o use sdon't eally check.cheers,--sergeyOn Fri, Dec 23,201 ,at 6:50 AM, Alexander, eithSergey,Thank you for your eam's participation n the Enduring Security Framework ESF).critical o the nationos rogress gainst he hreat n cyberspace nd eally appreciateAdrian Ludwig's contributions o these efforts during he past year.
(b) (3)-P.1,. B6-36
I see ESF's work asVint Cerf, Eric Grosse nd
You recently eceived n nvitation o the ESF Executive Steering Group meeting, which will be held onJanuary 9,2012. he meeting s an opportunity'to ecognize ur 201I accomplishments nd set direction orthe year o come. We will be discussing SF's goals and specific argets or 2012. We will also discuss omeof the hreats we see and what we are doing o mitigate hose hreats.I look forward o seeing ou and o your parlicipation n the discussions. our insights, s a key member of theDefense ndustrial Base, are valuable o ensure hat ESF's efforts have a measurable mpact.pproved or Heleffse y NSA on

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