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Christie Visit A Reminder Maine Can Do Better Than the Embarrassment of LePage

Christie Visit A Reminder Maine Can Do Better Than the Embarrassment of LePage

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Today, RGA Chair Christie will visit Maine to campaign for Governor Paul LePage.
Today, RGA Chair Christie will visit Maine to campaign for Governor Paul LePage.

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Published by: Democratic Governors Association on May 06, 2014
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TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Danny Kanner, DGA Communications Director
DATE: May 7, 2013
RE: Christie Visit A Reminder Maine Can Do Better Than the Embarrassment of LePage
 Today, RGA Chair Christie will visit Maine to campaign for Governor Paul LePage. As if they didn't suffer through it enough on a regular basis, Christie's visit will remind Mainers that LePage is a reckless, divisive ideologue whose antics have made him a national embarrassment. Like LePage, Christie is famous for all the wrong reasons. He's made headlines for  berating teachers, veterans, and reporters. His administration's abuse of power in the Bridgegate scandal has caught the attention of federal prosecutors, investigative committees, late night talk show hosts, and every news outlet in America. But that's not exactly the kind of attention LePage needs. He's already compared the Affordable Care Act to the Holocaust and the IRS to the Gestapo, said he'd like to blow up Maine's biggest newspaper, told the NAACP to kiss his  butt, and even claimed that President Obama hates white people. Because of Christie's visit, Mainers will be reminded that they can do better. They need a governor who will work in a civil way with Republicans, Democrats, and independents to deliver real results. They need a governor who will work across the aisle to expand access to health care, improve education, protect the environment, and strengthen the middle class. Simply put, they need someone who will make them  proud. That's exactly what they'll get in Mike Michaud; it's what he's done his entire career. Unfortunately for the people of Maine, LePage is incapable of delivering that kind of steady leadership. And Chris Christie seems committed to reminding them of it.
Here's the background on how LePage and Christie have been embarrassments to the people of their states:
Governor LePage:
2012: LePage Called the Maine Press Liars.
LePage said, “The press. Reading
in the state of Maine is like paying somebody to tell you lies,” in March 2012 to a student “who asked him what he didn‟t like about his job during his appearance as keynote speaker at a Career Conversations event at Waterville Junior High School.”
[Bangor Daily News, 3/30/13] 
LePage Ordered Administration to not Talk to Maine Press.
 In June 2013 LePage ordered his administration to stop speaking to the Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal and Waterville Sentinel. [Bangor Daily News, 3/30/13] 
HEADLINE: “LePage Says He‟d Like to Blow up Press Herald.”
“Gov. Paul LePage
 made his dislike of the Portland Press Herald abundantly clear Friday while sitting in a fighter jet simulator: He said from the cockpit that he would like to blow up the
newspaper‟s building.” [Portland Press Herald,
LePage Compared the Health Reform Law to Holocaust.
 In 2012 the New York
Times noted that LePage “compared the health care reform law to the Holocaust,” yet “signed a budget bi
ll in May that will reduce or eliminate existing Medicaid coverage for
21,000 people.” [New York Times, 7/18/12]
…By Likening the IRS to the Gestapo.
“„We the people have been told there is no choice,‟ LePage said, referring to the individual mandate por 
tion of the [health care
reform] law. „You must buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo — 
the IRS.‟”
[Bangor Daily News, 7/9/12]
LePage Said 47% of Able-
Bodied Mainers “Don‟t Work.”
Bangor Daily News‟ Mike
Tipping reported on a recording of Governor
LePage: “‟About 47% of able
 people in the state of Maine don‟t work,‟ said LePage. On the recording you can hear a member of the audience ask „what?‟ LePage repeats himself: „About 47%. It‟s really  bad.‟”
[Bangor Daily News Tipping Point Blog, 10/22/13] 
LePage Supported 12 Year Olds Being Able to Work in Maine.
 The Portland Press
reported, “Gov. Paul Le
Page told attendees of the 73rd annual Maine Agricultural Trades
Show… that 12
olds should be allowed to work in Maine.” The Bangor Daily News reported that LePage said “I‟m all for not allowing a 12
old to work 40 hours… But
a 12-year-old working eight to 10 hours a week or a 14-year-old working 12 to 15 hours a
week is not bad.” [Portland Press Herald,
 1/8/14; Bangor Daily News, 12/2/13] 
LePage Reported as Saying President Obama “Hates White People.”
 The Portland
Press Herald reported, “Gov. Paul LePage told a gr 
oup of Republicans last week that
President Obama „hates white people,‟ according to two state lawmakers who say they
heard the remark directly. The governor made the comment during a Maine Republican
Party fundraiser on Aug. 12… The lawmakers, both Republ
icans, confirmed the comment when asked by a Portland Press Herald reporter but asked that their names be
withheld for fear of political retribution.” [Portland Press Herald,
LePage To NAACP: “Kiss My Butt.”
LePage said “Tell them to kiss my butt,” in January 2011 “to reporters in response to suggestions from NAACP members and others
that his decision not to attend ceremonies honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was part
of a negative pattern.” [Bangor Daily News,
LePage Accused Lawmaker of Giving “to the People Without Providing Vaseline.”
The Bangor Daily News reported LePage “said a Democratic lawmaker, Sen. Troy Jackson of Aroostook County, „claims to be for the people but he‟s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline.‟ LePage also said that Jackson has a „black heart‟ and that he should go back in the woods and cut trees „and let someone with a brain come down here and do some good work.‟” [Bangor Daily News,
LePage Called Independent Lawmakers “Idiots.”
LePage said “You guys, you‟re idiots and you‟re just as bad if not worse than those other guys,” in January 2013 when “comparing independent lawmakers to Democrats during a meeting w
ith three
independent legislators on alternate approaches to balancing the state budget.” [Bangor
Daily News, 3/30/13] 
Governor Christie:
Gov. Chris Christie Called William Bro
wn, A Former Navy SEAL, An „Idiot‟
During A Town Hall, As He Was Being Escorted Out.
„The most
-heated town hall clash of the year started today with a shouting match, drove Gov. Chris Christie to call a vocal opponent to the proposed Rutgers Camden-Rowan
merger an „idiot,‟ and ended
with a stern talking-to by police. Just four questions in, Christie called on William Brown, a 34-year-
old law school student and veteran from Mt. Laurel… Brown, a
Democrat who ran an unsuccessfully for Assembly last year, says
he‟s a Navy Seal who
served in Iraq. As he testified before the Rutgers Board of Governors last month, he argued the Christie-sanctioned plan to rebrand the South Jersey campus under the Rowan
name would rob students of opportunities afforded by Rutgers‟
reputation. The Republican governor began to explain that current students would still graduate with degrees from Rutgers.
But Brown shouted from audience: „What about my son? What about my neighbors? What about my friends?‟
„Listen we‟re not going to ge
t into a
debate here, ok?‟ Christie said … The exchange continued with Christie‟s amplified
voice booming from the speakers and Brown yelling up at him from his seat in the back
row of the fire hall … An audience clinging to every word dissolved into appla
following by a quintessential Christie sendoff: „Let me tell you something after you
graduate from law school you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom, your rear end is
going to be thrown in jail, idiot.‟ … That‟s when township police escorted Br 
outside, with reporters and photographers trailing behind.‟
 [New Jersey Star-Ledger, 3/8/12] 
Gov. Chris Christie „Has Gotten Into Heated Exchanges With Residents‟ At Other
Town Halls.
„While most questions at the once or twice
-weekly town halls are friendly, Christie has gotten into heated exchanges with residents, particularly on the issue of teacher compensation. At his 15th town hall in 2010
 he's up to 71 now

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