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EDFOUND 291- Unit Plan for the West With Comments

EDFOUND 291- Unit Plan for the West With Comments

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Published by Gabbi29

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Published by: Gabbi29 on May 06, 2014
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The Land of the West Fourth Grade Social Studies Prepared by: Gabrielle Papp for Larry M. Maurer, Instructor EDFOUND 291-03: Principles of Teaching Spring 2013, BU
Introduction (Rationale and Importance)
In fourth grade social studies, students will learn about the five regions of the United States of America. Each region will have its own unit, which will cover all aspects of social studies, including the history, geography, culture, and economics of the region. It is important to study the five different regions of the United States of America because each region has its own unique landforms, climate, plants, animals, resources, and industries. This unit will cover western America. The West is a region of extremes, containing the highest and lowest landforms in the United States and as a result the most variations in climate. Natural resources vary across the country and have shaped the movement of people to a region. For example, many people moved to the West in search of gold which led to a population boom in the region. It is important for students to learn about the land of the West in order to have a complete understanding of all the different regions within the United States of America. Students should recognize the importance of being knowledgeable about the country in which they reside. Being able to identify the regions of the United States and their characteristics, climates, and resources will allow students to picture the area and understand the impact of a disaster in that region. For example, pollution in the Pacific Ocean can greatly impact the fishing industries of the West and led to a nation-wide increase in the cost of fish. Having a general knowledge of all regions can also be beneficial when traveling or relocating within the country. Students will find the information about western America interesting because it gives students an opportunity to discover other parts of America outside their state. Students may develop an interest in the attractions of a region while reading about them. For example, after learning about a national park or tourist attraction students may decide to visit that area in the future. Writing a unit plan is important for teachers because it helps organize the information that is to be presented. While writing a unit plan, teachers are able to make decisions about what they would like to teach out of the content and how they will align the information with state standards. It allows teachers to focus each lesson on a specific topic within the unit, rather than  presenting important topics in an unclear manner. Deciding the correct sequence of topics within a unit can greatly improve student comprehension. Unit plans also allow teachers to evaluate which method of instruction best suits each lesson and will provide the highest levels of student
engagement and comprehension. Formative and summative assessments included in the unit plan will be used to measure student comprehension. Clearly stating the information students should know upon completion of the unit through objectives, will serve as a guide for both the lessons and assessments.

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