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A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

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Published by nathanielray
It's about kidnappers.
It's about kidnappers.

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Published by: nathanielray on Nov 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nathaniel Ray Pickett, 1
A Little Bit Goes a Long Way
—I know they’re coming.—How couldn’t they come? I’m not an idiot.—I’m not saying you were.—Yeah, I got a plan. We’re gonna do what we always do.—Why wouldn’t it work? Hasn’t failed yet. And what have they got that wecan’t handle? We’ve dealt with bigger, and more, and more dangerous than RobertMontgomery.—I wouldn’t care if he were the goddamn Police Chief of this Podunk town.How’s your end coming?—Good, good. Let me know if anything changes.—(Baby, I can’t talk. I’m on the job. I’ve gone over this with you before.)—(Well I told you I’d be gone. It’s an out-of-town gig.)—(No, I’m in another state, baby. If all goes well I’ll be back on Tuesday.)—(Hey, I gotta go now. Love ya.)Baby, you can’t call me on this line anymore. Gonna get me killed.No, child. We don’t want anything from
. We’re interested in what yourdaddy’s got.Because that’s not how it works, sweetie.
Nathaniel Ray Pickett, 2
Look, we don’t want to hurt you. That’s not what we do. Hey, you hungry?Want some oreos? Steve, give the girl some oreos and milk.Oh, sorry. We don’t have any soy milk. Yeah, no problem. Just sit tight, and I’ll find you an extra blanket, too.—So you found our note.—Watch your language, please, Councilman. This is a business call after all.No need to be so agitated. And besides, there is a child present.—Hey, if you see it that way, fine by me. But what do you think say to ourterms? It’s not too exorbitant, I don’t think. We’ve done the math and youshouldn’t even have to mortgage your house.—Exactly, that is
the point. The point is this: you give us the money, youget your daughter, then we leave, and we’ll never call you again.—Frankly, I don’t care one bit whether or not you like what we do, Mr.Montgomery.God, it’s cold out here. Yeah, thanks. Smoking’s gonna kill you man.Nah, not me. I never buy my own, keeps me alive.No, he’ll come. I’m sure of it.When you’ve been in this business long as I have, you can just tell. You canfeel it before it comes, and you can feel if it’s gonna go bad. It’ll be fine this time.Look, there’s his car now.
Nathaniel Ray Pickett, 3
Councilman. Please step out of your car and put your hands up above yourhead.She’s fine. You’ll see her soon as we get the money. No, no: don’t move.We’ll get it. Where is it exactly?Looks good. All lined up nice, too, just like in the movies. Thank you for yourcooperation, sir. Steve! Bring her out!Good as new. Didn’t touch a single hair on her head, isn’t that right? No, youhold onto that juice box, kid. Alright fellas, let’s go!What did you say?Alright, alright! Fine! Here you go.Why should we?(Steve, don’t—) STEVE! God damn it, Steve! What’d you do that for? He waspointing a gun right at you!(Hey, hey, it’s alright, man, it’s okay. He only got your leg. You’ll be fine.)What the hell, Montgomery? Your money my ass. You’re gonna get what’s coming to you, dumb ass. Now!(No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. More cars is no good. No good at all).—Baby!—Everything, everything. Went bad. Steve got shot. Ambushed us. Wholefucking city council.—I dunno, baby. I don’t know.

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