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Did God Really Punish Ahmed Deedat with Paralysis?

Did God Really Punish Ahmed Deedat with Paralysis?

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Published by YahyaSnow
Did Ahmed Deedat really pray to God and ask him to mute whoever was wrong after his debate with Anis Shorrosh? The answer is no. This is a lie by being spread by a small group of Christians on the internet.

Was Deedat being punished for refuting the trinity and arguing against the resurrection and deity of Christ? No.
Did Ahmed Deedat really pray to God and ask him to mute whoever was wrong after his debate with Anis Shorrosh? The answer is no. This is a lie by being spread by a small group of Christians on the internet.

Was Deedat being punished for refuting the trinity and arguing against the resurrection and deity of Christ? No.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: YahyaSnow on Nov 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It has come to my attention that a group of corrupt Christians on the internet arefocussing their hateful and deceitful propaganda on Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.Ahmed Deedat, for those of you who do not know, was a self learned scholar ofcomparative religion and a debater for Islam who resided in South Africa. Yes, hewas a Muslim who was familiar with Christianity and thus debated many Christiansand proved to be highly successful in his ministry to Christians, so much so thathe gained approbation, love and friendship all over the world from both Muslimsand non-Muslims.His charismatic oratory skills were gripping and perhaps he would be rememberedbest for coupling these oratory skills (and charisma) with piercing and coherentarguments.He has of course passed away (in 2005) but it does appear as though a smearcampaign against Deedat has begun on the internet. I do feel this smear campaignmust be addressed as the perpetrators are looking to poison the well ofdiscussion.Deedat, before his death, had a stroke and was paralysed to the extent that hecould not speak and communicated using his eyelids. This was seen, by the Muslims,as a test from Allah. Indeed Deedat had accomplished so much prior to this butcontinued in his work even whilst paralysed.The reason why I mention this is due to this small group of Christians on theinternet making deceptive claims about Deedat.Their first claim is that Deedat prayed to God to mute whoever was wrong and aliar after his debate with the Christian evangelist named Anis Shorrosh. There isno evidence for this claim despite all the Deedat-Shorrosh debate being documentedon video. So this claim is dismissed as a lie.In fact Muslims could do the same thing and claim that Shorrosh prayed and askedGod to have the authorities arrest and jail the one who is wrong. Anis Shorroshwas arrested an imprisoned after his debate with Deedat [1].Or Muslims could claim the infamous Christian evangelist Jimmy Swaggart (who alsodebated Deedat) prayed to God to ask whoever was wrong to be humiliated by caughtin a high profile sex scandal [2]. Swaggart was caught in a sex scandal and washumiliated in public.Of course it would be absurd to claim these allegations against Shorrosh andSwaggert as there is no evidence for these claims. This is the reason why Muslimsdo not do this whilst these Christians have moved into the realms of deception bymaking false claims of this nature against Deedat.It seems, Deedat (even after his death) is still being used to point out errors toChristians as these Christians claim to have the Holy Spirit (which Christiansbelieve to be God) inside them whilst claiming Muslims are misguided.Interestingly enough Muslims are refraining from lying about Deedat’s opponentswhilst these Christians are lying about Deedat. Surely the guided ones wouldrefrain from lying? Surely if these Christians really had a Holy Spirit withinthem they would not lie about Deedat. Thus it seems Allah (God) is showing theseChristians some truth and wisdom through Deedat, whether they are too blind to seeit lies with them.The other claim these Christians make is that of God punishing Deedat for speakingout against Christianity by paralysing him.
This claim is another fanciful claim based on no evidence at all and is somewhatcontradictory to Christian teachings. Their premise is that Deedat sinned due tohim speaking against the Trinity and the Bible and thus he was “punished” byparalysis.Firstly the Muslim belief is that those who are paralysed or struck by a severeillness are to be honoured and looked after and not to be labelled as sinners.This is a test that Allah (God) sends to these individuals and indeed a test tothe healthy so we can aid and support these people without stigmatising thesepeople as sinners or unworthy souls.In Islam, disabled people are indeed equal to those who are able-bodied. This Ibelieve to be a fine teaching indeed, a teaching many Christians could benefitfrom too.So we realise that this group of Christians who label Deedat as a “sinner” being“punished” by paralysis are insulting all those who have been paralysed, lostfunctions of any body part or struck with a sever/debilitating illness. Thequestion is; is this pious and pure behaviour on the part of the Christians?Surely not!Surely the Muslim belief offers more comfort to the paralysed, ill, elderly andinfirm whilst this group of Christians insult and offer discomfort to thesepeople. Again, it seems to me that Allah (God) is using Deedat to teach theseChristians more wisdom and truth, whether they choose to remain blind andunreceptive to this truth and wisdom is down to them.Also, Hitler was a great sinner, Why did God not send paralysis on him as a“punishment”? Do these Christians believe God approved of Hitler’s actions?Also let us look at the friends of Jesus, his sincere companions and followerswere terrorised and oppressed by the Romans during and after the ministry ofJesus. Do these same Christians believe that God was punishing them for sins?Interestingly enough Paul was one of those who were oppressing these sincerefollowers of Jesus. This is food for thought for the Christians.However, to completely dispel any doubts and thoroughly refute this group ofChristians who have resorted to arguments based on bigotry against paralysed andseverely ill people we can look to pious Biblical figures and see their plight.John the Baptist, according to the Christian belief, was imprisoned and laterbeheaded. Muslims do not consider this to be a punishment from God and believeJohn the Baptist to be a truly respected Prophet of God. Do the Christians reallybelieve God was punishing John the Baptist? Surely this was a test for John theBaptist and a test for his followers and those around him. This was no punishment.So if this was not a punishment from God then surely the condition of Deedat wasnot a punishment from God but a test.We can also look at the view that Isaac went blind in his later years. Surelythese Christians do not believe God was punishing the well respected Isaac? Well,if they do not believe that about Isaac then why would they believe it aboutDeedat? It seems these Christians are operating a double standard. Their hypocrisyand inconsistencies are being highlighted through Deedat, again it is down to themto accept this criticism and correct their selves.My message to these Christians to correct their deceptive ways will be furtherstrengthened by "A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly

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