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05-07-14 Edition

05-07-14 Edition

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05-07-14 Edition
05-07-14 Edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on May 07, 2014
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
May 7,2014
Vol XIII,Edition 225
Chinese Cuisine
      
650.595.2031 650.593.7286FAX: 650.591.4588
1653-1655 Laurel Street, San Carlos(near St. Francis Way)www.sancarlosamazingwok.com
Tai Wu askedto make changes
By Angela Swartz
Millbrae’s new Tai Wu restaurant isgetting a chance to clean up its actafter a string of complaints from near-by residents about noise and parking,but neighbors simply want the restau-rant gone.The Chinese restaurant at 300 ElCamino Real has until the May 19Planning Commission meeting tobuild a 7-foot high by 20-foot longwall as a sound barrier and establishlong-term parking lot leases. If thecommission is unsatisfied with theresults, it has the option to not extendTai Wu’s 90-day temporary occupancypermit, which would shut it down forperiod of time. The most invasiveoption is rescinding the conditionaluse permit, which would cause therestaurant to begin the process of reap-plying for the permit. The three-story dim sum eatery wassupposed to have 111 parking spotsand valet parking available to cus-tomers, but much of the parking is off site and customers tend to park in thenearby neighborhood. Last week, thecity issued a cease and desist order todiscontinue use of two air intake unitsthat were permitted for installation onthe restaurant roof, but were insteadinstalled without permission on theroof of the utility building. Tai Wuappealed and has a public hearing onthe appeal 6 p.m. May 16, accordingto a staff report.Neighbor Samar Noureddine, wholives behind the restaurant, is not sat-isfied with the wall solution and saidshe doesn’t want to have to come backto the Planning Commission againafter Tai Wu builds the wall and say shestill hears the noise. She described thenoise as being similar to someonemowing the lawn 24 hours a day.
Neighbors still unsatisfied with new Millbrae restaurant’s conditions,parking
 Tai Wu at 300 El Camino Real has been the source of frustrationfor Millbrae residents who say patrons and employees areparking in their neighborhoods.
Speier facesRepublicanchallenger
By Samantha Weigel
U.S. Rep. JackieSpeier, D-San Mateo,will face a Republicanchallenger in the June 3primary election whohopes a new attitudeand fresh blood will getCongress back ontrack and encourage bipartisan cooperation. Robin Chew, an Emerald Hills Internet entrepreneur whofocuses on marketing and online real estate courses, saidhe’s an optimist who wants to use his innovative businessexperience to reform the unacceptable stalemate that’s pre-
Transparency main focusin secretary of state race
14th District congressionalseatup for June 3 primary vote
By Fenit Nirappil
SACRAMENTO — Astring of legal cases against law-makers that include two Democrats facing political corrup-tion charges has magnified the usually quiet race for theoffice overseeing California elections and campaignfundraising.
Rhett,a golden retriever and Labrador retriever mix,works with kids at North Elementary School.
By Angela Swartz
Special needs students inHillsborough are getting a helpinghand of the canine variety with theschool’s new facility dog Rhett.Rhett, a golden retriever andLabrador retriever mix, was trained atthe nonprofit Canine Companions forIndependence with Alice Bliquez, spe-cial education teacher in the LearningCenter program at North ElementarySchool back in January. The classroomaide is now a staple for the class of sixstudents in grades K-5, assisting withcommunication, fine motor and socialskills.“Rhett is very helpful with the kids,”Bliquez said. “He’s very calming. Itteaches them responsibility and inde-pendence. It’s also an outlet aroundschool to meet people.”Rhett was trained for two years priorto beginning his work at the school inup to 40 commands. Rhett was raised ata correctional facility in Portland,Oregon, where inmates were taughthow to train him.Now, Rhett assists the students.Students utilize speech generatingdevices called talkers in class, alongwith sign language and books withpictures. Rhett helps with calendar andattendance using his retrieve and pushcommands. The kids brush him tostrengthen their fine motor skills.
Facility dog helps Hillsborough students
Rhett works to improve skills for children in special ed class
 Jackie SpeierRobin Chew
May 7,2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal
800 S. Claremont St., Suite 210, San Mateo, CA94402
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Actress Traci Lordsis 46.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
America’s first inaugural ball was heldin New York in honor of PresidentGeorge Washington, who’d taken theoath of office a week earlier. (His wife,Martha, did not attend; she was backin Virginia, attending to family busi-ness.)
“When an old man dies,a library burns down.” 
— African proverb
Actor Michael E.Knight is 55.Actor BreckinMeyer is 40.
A paramilitary policeman crawls under fire obstacles during a drill at a military base in Chaohu,Anhui province,China.
: Sunny. Highs in the upper50s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Wednesday night
:Mostly clear in theevening then becoming mostly cloudy.Lows around 50. Northwest winds 10 to20 mph.
Mostly cloudy. Aslightchance of showers in the afternoon.Highs in the lower 60s. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of showers 20 percent.
Thursday night
: Mostly cloudy. Aslight chance of show-ers in the evening. Lows in the lower 50s. West winds 5 to10 mph. Chance of showers 20 percent.
:Mostly cloudy in the morning then becomingpartly cloudy. Highs in the lower 60s.
Friday night:
Partly cloudy in the evening.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1763, 
Pontiac, chief of the Ottawa Indians, attempted tolead a sneak attack on British-held Fort Detroit, but wasfoiled because the British had been tipped off in advance.
In 1824, 
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op.125, had its premiere in Vienna.
In 1889
, the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore openedits doors.
In 1915, 
nearly 1,200 people died when a German torpedosank the British liner RMS Lusitania off the Irish coast.
In 1928, 
the minimum voting age for British women waslowered from 30 to 21 — the same age as men.
In 1942
, U.S. Army Gen. Jonathan Wainwright went on aManila radio station to announce the Allied surrender of thePhilippines to Japanese forces during World War II.
In 1945
, Germany signed an unconditional surrender atAllied headquarters in Rheims (rams), France, ending its rolein World War II.
In 1954
, the 55-day Battle of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnamended with Vietnamese insurgents overrunning Frenchforces.
In 1964
, Pacific Air Lines Flight 773, a Fairchild F27,crashed near San Ramon, Calif., after a passenger apparent-ly shot both pilots, then himself, killing all 44 people onboard.
In 1975
, President Gerald R. Ford formally declared an endto the “Vietnam era.” In Ho Chi Minh City — formerlySaigon — the Viet Cong celebrated its takeover.
In 1984
, a $180 million out-of-court settlement wasannounced in the Agent Orange class-action suit brought byVietnam veterans who charged they’d suffered injury fromexposure to the defoliant.
he 100 billionth Crayola crayonrolled off the production line inEaston, Pennsylvania, in 1996.***The first president of the United Statesborn in a hospital was Jimmy Carter(born 1924), the 39th president.***One of Hollywood’s most famous kiss-es was between Burt Lancaster (1913-1994) and Deborah Kerr (1921-2007) inthe movie “From Here to Eternity”(1953). The scene of the passionatekiss on a beach in the surf is only threeseconds long.***The only words with three dotted lettersin a row are hijinks, Beijing and Fiji.***The Uniform Time Act of 1966 standard-ized the beginning and end of DaylightSavings Time nationwide.***Rabbits were brought to Australia in1859 for hunting. Soon rabbits, notnative to Australia, were reproducing atsuch a rapid rate they were becoming aplague. In 1950, the government intro-duced a disease called myxomatosis thatsuccessfully controlled the rabbit popu-lation with a mortality rate of 99 per-cent.***The Trumpeter swan is the largest water-fowl in North America. Apair of trum-peter swans mates for life. They live 20to 30 years.***The world’s smallest bird is the beehummingbird. Found in Cuba, the tinybirds are about the size of a bee andweigh .07 ounces.***The longest outdoor covered escalatorin the world is in Hong Kong. It takes20 minutes to ride the 2,625-foot longCentral-Mid-levels escalators, openedin 1994. The escalator runs down from 6a.m. to 10 a.m. and up from 10:30 p.m.to midnight.***On July 16, 1945, a test took place thatwas code named Trinity. Do you knowwhat the test was? See answer at end.***Elephants walk at a speed of about 4mph.***French physicist Augustin Jean Fresnel(1788–1827) invented the Fresnel lensused in lighthouses. The multiprismedlens intensified the light and focused thebeam in lighthouse lamps.***In 1996, the Food and DrugAdministration approved olestra, acalorie-free fat substitute, for use insalty snacks such as chips and crackers.However, all snacks containing olestrahad to carry a warning label that olestramay cause abdominal cramping andloose stools. As of 2003, the label wasno longer required because it confusedconsumers.***Introduced in 1930, the Motorola wasone of the first commercially successfulcar radios. The brand name came fromcombining the word motor, for motor-car, and “ola,” which implied sound;thus Motorola meant sound in motion.***Ad campaigns for Lifebuoy Soap popu-larized the term ‘B.O.’for body odor.***Harvard College, established in 1636,was named for its first benefactor. JohnHarvard (1607-1638) of Charlestown,Massachusetts, was a minister who lefthis library and half his estate to the newinstitution.***Actor Telly Savalas (1924-1994) wasactress Jennifer Aniston’s (born 1969)godfather. Telly is short for Aristotle.***
: It was the testing of the first atomic bomb, conducted by the United States. The plutonium bomb was deto-nated on July 16, 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico. The explosion was equiv-alent to 20 kilotons of TNTand themushroom cloud reached 7.5 miles inheight. T rinity is considered the begin-ning of the Atomic Age.
Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs inthe weekend and Wednesday editions of theDaily Journal. Questions? Comments?Email knowitall(at)smdailyjournal.com or
(Answers tomorrow)HAVOC TEMPTRADIUS MIFFEDYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The dog thought the idea of retrieving the ballwas — FAR-FETCHEDNow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
 ©2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLCAll Rights Reserved.
   C   h  e  c   k  o  u   t   t   h  e  n  e  w ,   f  r  e  e   J   U   S   T   J   U   M   B   L   E  a  p  p
Print youranswer here:
 The Daily Derby race winners are CaliforniaClassic,No.5,in first place;Gorgeous George,No.8,in second place;and Big Ben,No.4,in thirdplace.The race time was clocked at 1:42.88.
3 9 618 20 27 48 51 5
May 6 Meg
a Millio
5 15 16 46 49 26
May 3 Powe
4 6 12 22 34
Fantasy Fiv
y th
ee mi
27 9 4
ily Four
7 2
y th
ee ev
5 9925 31 46 26
May 3 Su
r Lot
o Plus
Former Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., is 82. Singer JimmyRuffin is 75. Rhythm-and-blues singer Thelma Houston is 71.Actress Robin Strasser is 69. Singer-songwriter Bill Danoff is68. Rock musician Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead) is 68.Rock musician Prairie Prince is 64. Movie writer-director AmyHeckerling is 62. Rock musician Phil Campbell (Motorhead)is 53. Country musician Rick Schell is 51. Rock singer-musi-cian Chris O’Connor (Primitive Radio Gods) is 49. SingerEagle-Eye Cherry is 43. Rock musician Matt Helders (ArcticMonkeys) is 28. Actress-comedian Aidy Bryant (TV:“Saturday Night Live”) is 27. Actor Taylor Abrahamse is 23.
May 7,2014
. Aperson reported four men sellingnarcotics out of a Maserati on the 1700block of Marco Polo Way before 7:34 p.m.Wednesday, April 16.
Suspicious circumstances
. Aman wasreported for sleeping with his pants half down on Murchison Drive before 11:30 a.m.Wednesday, April 16.
. Astudent was reported for stab-bing another student with a blunt pair of medical scissors resulting in minor injury atBurlingame Intermediate School on QuesadaWay before 1:26 p.m. Tuesday, April 15.
. Two bags were stolen from aDodge Durango through a smashed rear pas-senger window on Donnelly Avenue before11:17 p.m. Tuesday, April 8.
. Aperson reported childrenupstairs were screaming about changing theTVchannel on El Camino Real before 12:58a.m. Tuesday, April 8.
Suspicious circumstances.
Apersonreported an elderly man who offers their 16-year-old daughter candy and other itemsdaily as she rides the bus to school on TwinPines Lane before 8:07 a.m. Tuesday, April8.
Suspicious circumstances.
Three menwearing red were reported for writing“NORTE” on a dusty vehicle on Old CountyRoad before 6:33 p.m. Monday, April 7.
Police reports
It’s just out of control
Aperson reported overgrown vegeta-tion on Lincoln Avenue in Belmontbefore 9:35 a.m. Tuesday, April 8.
By Michelle Durand
There’s a new assistant sheriff in town.Sheriff Greg Munks is restructuring hisdepartment to add a second assistant sheriff to the ranks and naming Capt. TomGallagher to the position. The Board of Supervisors Tuesday signed off on the planand the Sheriff’s Office announcedGallagher’s naming later that day.Both Gallagher and current AssistantSheriff Trish Sanchez will report toUndersheriff Carlos Bolanos.The new assistant sheriff will overseeoperations, investigations and homelandsecurity. Sanchez will continue handlingthe corrections division, jail planning unitand technology services.The department reorganization is aresponse to the office’s significant growthas of late due in large part to contractingwith several cities in San Mateo Countyincluding San Carlos,Half Moon Bay andMillbrae. Other factorsinclude significant newprojects like the MapleStreet CorrectionalCenter currently underconstruction in RedwoodCity and the CoyotePoint shooting range.Looking to better han-dle the expansion, theSheriff’s Office hired Management Partnersfor a full review of its organization and com-parisons to other how other counties assigntheir workload. The new structure will create “balance”and give Bolanos a “true administrativemanagement role,” Munks told the board inseeking its approval to create the assistantsheriff slot and eliminate a lieutenant posi-tion. The undersheriff’s umbrella will be bothassistant sheriffs, the crime lab director, theprofessional standards bureau lieutenant andthe administration and finance director. The change also includes splitting theoperations division based on geographyinto a north command for the northern andcoastal part of the county and south com-mand. The new assistant sheriff will make amonthly salary of between approximately$11,228 and $14,034.Gallagher, a San Mateo County native,graduated from Serra High School and has abachelor’s of arts degree from UnionInstitute and University. He also graduatedfrom the Los Angeles Police Department’sLeadership Program and since 1987 hasbeen with the Sheriff’s Office where hisassignments have included corrections,patrol and investigations.
michelle@smdailyjournal.com(650) 344-5200 ext. 102
Sheriff restructures office,adds assistant sheriff 
Tom Gallagher
Aformer temporary worker at a SanBruno jewelry company who allegedlysold its goods for personal profit on eBaypleaded no contest Tuesday to felonygrand theft in return for no more than sixmonths in jail.Michelle D. Buckius, 49, must alsorepay $8,063 to the Stella & Dot onlineaccessories company byher July 18 sentencing.Buckius was hired inMarch 2013 as a tempo-rary accounts managerand the company’s chief financial officer report-edly noticed itemsshipped from the EastCoast offices were miss-ing and a box of sample jewelry wentmissing from a desk at the San Brunooffice.Surveillance video from the companyoffice allegedly showed Buckius removingthe stolen jewelry and investigatorsreported finding the missing items forsale on eBay all from the same seller. Theseller’s account belonged to Buckius’hus-band, according to prosecutors.She remains free from custody on$10,000 bail pending her sentencinghearing.
Former San Bruno jewelry company worker takes plea deal
Michelle Buckius

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