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CCNA Security Module 1 100%

CCNA Security Module 1 100%



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Published by Akbal Larios

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Published by: Akbal Larios on Nov 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CCNAS Module 1 100%
What are three goals of a port scan attack? (Choose three.)disable used ports and servicesdetermine potential vulnerabilitiesidentify active servicesidentify peripheral configurationsidentify operating systemsdiscover system passwords
Which characteristic best describes the network security Compliance domain as specified by theISO/IEC?the integration of security into applicationsan inventory and classification scheme for information assetsthe restriction of access rights to networks, systems, applications, functions, and datathe process of ensuring conformance with security information policies, standards, andregulations
Which two statements describe access attacks? (Choose two.)Port redirection attacks use a network adapter card in promiscuous mode to capture allnetwork packets that are sent across a LAN.Password attacks can be implemented using brute-force attack methods, Trojan Horses, or  packet sniffers.Buffer overflow attacks write data beyond the allocated buffer memory to overwrite validdata or exploit systems to execute malicious code.Port scanning attacks scan a range of TCP or UDP port numbers on a host to detect listeningservices.Trust exploitation attacks can use a laptop acting as a rogue access point to capture and copyall network traffic in a public location on a wireless hotspot.
Which two statements are characteristics of a virus? (Choose two.)A virus typically requires end-user activation.A virus has an enabling vulnerability, a propagation mechanism, and a payload.A virus replicates itself by independently exploiting vulnerabilities in networks.A virus provides the attacker with sensitive data, such as passwords.A virus can be dormant and then activate at a specific time or date.
What is a characteristic of a Trojan Horse?A Trojan Horse can be carried in a virus or worm.A proxy Trojan Horse opens port 21 on the target system.An FTP Trojan Horse stops anti-virus programs or firewalls from functioning.A Trojan Horse can be hard to detect because it closes when the application that launched itcloses.
What occurs during a spoofing attack?One device falsifies data to gain access to privileged information.Large amounts of network traffic are sent to a target device to make resources unavailable tointended users.Improperly formatted packets are forwarded to a target device to cause the target system tocrash.A program writes data beyond the allocated memory to enable the execution of malicious code.
Which statement describes phone freaking?A hacker uses password-cracking programs to gain access to a computer via a dialup account.A hacker gains unauthorized access to networks via wireless access points.A hacker mimics a tone using a whistle to make free long-distance calls on an analog telephonenetwork.A hacker uses a program that automatically scans telephone numbers within a local area,dialing each one in search of computers, bulletin board systems, and fax machines.
What is a ping sweep?A ping sweep is a network scanning technique that indicates the live hosts in a range of IPaddresses.A ping sweep is a software application that enables the capture of all network packets sentacross a LAN.A ping sweep is a scanning technique that examines a range of TCP or UDP port numberson a host to detect listening services.A ping sweep is a query and response protocol that identifies information about a domain,including the addresses assigned to that domain.
Which type of software typically uses a network adapter card in promiscuous mode to captureall network packets that are sent across a LAN? port scanner  ping sweeper  packet sniffer Internet information query
A disgruntled employee is using Wireshark to discover administrative Telnet usernames and passwords. What type of network attack does this describe?Denial of Service port redirectionReconnaissancetrust exploitationAn attacker is using a laptop as a rogue access point to capture all network traffic from a targeted user.Which type of attack is this?trust exploitation buffer overflow
man in the middle port redirection
Which phase of worm mitigation requires compartmentalization and segmentation of the network to slow down or stop the worm and prevent currently infected hosts from targeting and infectingother systems?containment phaseinoculation phasequarantine phasetreatment phase
What are the three major components of a worm attack? (Choose three.)enabling vulnerabilityinfecting vulnerabilityPayload penetration mechanism probing mechanism propagation mechanism
What are three types of access attacks? (Choose three.) buffer overflow ping sweep port redirectiontrust exploitation port scanInternet information query
Which technology is an example of a host-based intrusion prevention system?MARS NACCSAVPN
What occurs during the persist phase of a worm attack?identification of vulnerable targetsmodification of system files and registry settings to ensure that the attack code is runningtransfer of exploit code through an attack vector extension of the attack to vulnerable neighboring targets
Which two are characteristics of DoS attacks? (Choose two.)They always precede access attacks.

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