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MP bk 1 draft 9

MP bk 1 draft 9

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Published by yokkee leong
Questions of King Milanda Vol 1
Questions of King Milanda Vol 1

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Published by: yokkee leong on May 07, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Questions of King Milinda Volume I
The Eighteenth Book of the Khuddaka NikÈya
mÈtikÈ Preamble
 Division I: bÈhirakathÈ - Background history
 7 pubbayogÈdi - Connections in the past 8
Division II:
Chapter 1: mahÈvagga - The great chapter 39 Chapter 2: addhÈnavagga - The long journey 70 Chapter 3: vicÈravagga - Discursive thoughts 89
Division III:
Chapter 4: nibbÈnavagga - The deathless realm 115 Chapter 5: buddhavagga - Pertaining to the Buddha 128 Chapter 6: sativagga - On mindfulness 136 Chapter 7: ar|padhammavavatthÈnavagga - On mental phenomena 146 milindapaÒhapucchÈvisajjanÈ - Questions of King Milinda and answers thereof 165
Division IV: meÓÉakapaÒha - Question on dilemmas
Chapter 1: iddhibalavagga - On spiritual and supernatural powers 180 Chapter 2: abhejjavagga - On schism 250 Chapter 3: paÓÈmitavagga - On bowing 276 Chapter 4: sabbaÒÒutaÒÈÓavagga - On omniscience 307 Chapter 5: santhavavagga - On companionship 341
King Milinda, sovereign of the Yonakas, residing in the great city of SÈgala, met with the Venerable NÈgasena on many appointed occasions. At these meetings, he questioned a great many much-accepted teachings of the Buddha and the Venerable NÈgasena was able to put forth answers that clearly show the real intent of the teachings or discourses, thereby clearing seeming doubts and confusion regarding
the Buddha’s
dhamma. The answers tendered by the Venerable NÈgasena were clear and well directed to remove the k
ing’s doubts
. In many instances, the answers further elucidated the point in question by suppositions and counter questioning. The significance throughout the entire MilindapaÒha are the answers given by the Venerable
NÈgasena to emphasise the reality and fun
ctionability of the Buddha’s Teaching.
 The events recorded herein originate in the country of Yonakas in a prominent city called SÈgala which is a great trading centre of the people of SÈgala. This city has many rivers, streams, hills and many delightful quarters spread over its landscape. It is also replete with parks, gardens, groves, lakes, reservoirs and ponds. It is also full of delights associated with rivers, mountains, and a wooded country. It is a city planned and built by people gifted with knowledge and experience. It is a well fortified city, where all forms of commerce thrive. Its people are well educated and much advanced as to the arts and culture. It is also associated with various sects of ascetic practice, hermits and recluses. The well thought out and cleverly presented questions by King Milinda and the adept answers by the Venerable NÈgasena are the fruit of deeds they have sowed in a previous life.

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