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The Third Sex

The Third Sex

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Published by trinidad8
The nature and history of Black American Females
The nature and history of Black American Females

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Published by: trinidad8 on Nov 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Third Sex by James Cooke Human existence involves three sexes, not two. Look at it as if it were atriangle: the left base is the Male, the right base is the female, and the top ofthe triangle is the African American Female.The African American Female, like the Black U.K. Female, is a unique species ofhuman life. She`s absolutely not feminine, and yet she`s not totally masculine.Genetically speaking, she`s situated on the spectrum of human life between being awoman and being a man.You only need to look at the history of the Olympics to verify this observation.The only athletes in the world that are able to compete on par with the AfricanAmerican Female are European females from behind the (formerly) Iron Curtainwho`ve been treated with steroids their entire lives. No other females on Earthcan compete with the physical and mental toughness of the African American Female.What other race of females do you know of who will stand in a man`s face andthreaten to physically do him harm? Not only is the African American Femaleinclined to physically threaten a male, she`s capable of executing the threat..When I arrived in Philadelphia in 19.., one of the first significant events Iwitnessed while walking down the street early one evening between Christian andCarpenter streets was two individuals fighting. Walking towards the combatants Iwas impressed by their fighting skill. As I got closer I realized that one was aBlack female, and the other was a Black male. The Black male threw a right crossand the Black female leaned back, slipping the punch and countered with a straightright to the Black male`s jaw. She literally knocked this Black male completelyacross the alley.My question is this: when courting this Black American Female, do I send herpoetry? Do I send her flowers? Do I write her love letters? When we aretogether, do I hold her powerful hands in mine and tell her what a delicate flowershe is?Or, do I just pray that she doesn`t get angry at me?If you have the opportunity, listen to a Black female talking to a white femaleco-worker at an ATM machine about safety, security, vigilance. This one wayconversation sounds exactly like a man talking to a woman...explaining to her thebest ways to protect her money, and herself. The Black female`s conversation ishard and masculine. Not a trace of femininity.It should be noted that many Black females are frighten of other Black femalesbecause Black females, in addition to loud talking and cursing, love to fight. Ifa Black woman is willing to fight a man, then she`s more than willing to fightanother female, whether that female is Black or white.The African American Female is the most violent female on the face of the Earth.Many African American males have found this out the hard way. When a Black womangets angry, which she usually is, she doesn`t hesitate to pick up a gun or a knifeto attack the individual she`s angry at.The old story goes like this: A man married to a White woman argues with herabout some domestic problem. He slaps her. She goes crying into the bedroom and
throws herself on the bed sobbing. The husband follows her into the bedroom whileunzipping his pants and proceeds to sex her long and hard. After the sex iscompleted she loves her man more than ever.On the other hand, a man married to a Black woman argues with her about somedomestic problem. He slaps her. She may, or may not, go into the bedroom crying.But, she is definitely going into the bedroom to get a gun. If this man has anysense, any knowledge of the Black woman`s mind set, he will get the hell out ofthat house as fast as he can. Then, before he returns home he will call first toascertain her state of mind.Look at the Black woman`s countenance, it`s hard and tough looking and scary.When you look at a Black woman you feel as if you`re looking at another man,albeit dressed as a woman.Note the Black woman`s thick powerful feet and hands, her broad shoulders, and herpowerful muscular body. She projects the image of powerful masculine strength.It`s frightening...absolutely frightening.Notice that when Black male comedians to a comedy sketch dressed as a woman, it isextremely difficult to distinguish between these men dressed as Black women andBlack women dressed as Black women. They both look identical.It`s frightening....absolutely frightening.The African American Female genetically, and mentally, represents the Third Sex ofHumanity on the spectrum of human life on this planet.Black females in the United Kingdom are the notorious kissing cousins of thedreaded and infamous African American Females.In addition, African American Females are notorious world-wide for their nastyattitudes, their incongruous European hair pieces sitting on top of their negroidheads, their thick powerful bodies, and their internationally infamous slogan:"I am a Strong Black Woman".The famous White female comedian, Kathy Griffin, thinks this slogan is sohilarious she named one of her television specials: "I am a Strong Black Woman".If you talk to an African American Female, you`d swear you were talking to a man.Listen to her "take no prisoners" manner of talking, listen to the harshness ofher words. There`s almost a total lack of femininity. African American Femaleshave breast and vaginas, but that`s as close as they come to being female. In nosense of the word is an African American Female a True Female. She`s not a truefemale genetically. Most African American Females are physically strong, thick,and powerfully built. She`s not a true female mentally. How can she be? She, orit thinks, and acts, like a man.If you put an African American Female in a room with a true female, an attractivetrue female, the African American Female will approach the true female in the samefashion as any heterosexual male would. This is because the African AmericanFemale isn`t a true female. She is the third sex. She`s not a true female, andshe`s not totally male. She is the third sex.Let`s conduct a social experiment. Let`s put an African American Female in thesame room with an attractive White female and observe the situation from behind aone a one-way mirror. What you`ll see, after a period of time, is the AfricanAmerican Female gradually making a sexual approach to the attractive White Female.
If the White Female responds positively, the African American Female will begin toservice her sexually because the African American Female is much closer to being atrue male than she is to being a true female.Ask yourself, have you ever heard an African American Female make any negativecomments about an attractive White Female? Never. Never. And Never.There are three sexes, not two as we`ve been taught all our lives. The first isthe Male. The second is the Female. And the third is the African AmericanFemale.But let`s be fair. Let`s be honest with the facts. Let`s be fair to the AfricanAmerican Female. It`s not her fault that she`s stuck in an existence that hasestablished her genetic and mental characteristics firmly on the genetic spectrumbetween being a true female and being a true male. It`s not her fault.During the two hundred years of American slavery Blacks were bought and sold likecattle. And like cattle, slaves were bred to increase their numbers and theowners` profit. When the importing of slaves was declared illegal, the obvioussolution was to systematically breed slaves. Slaves were bred for many desiredcharacteristics: ....skin color, height, vagina size, penis size, physicalendurance, etc. But the most desired characteristics were physical size andstrength.Size and physical strength translated well for the Black males. It increasedtheir maleness. Unfortunately, the breeding of Black slaves had the oppositeeffect on Black female slaves. The Black female slaves also became large andstrong. But it didn`t stop there. These bred characteristics weren`t limited tophysical size and strength. The brain was also affected. The brain is an integralpart of the body.... The increased maleness of the body also resulted in anincreased maleness of the brain. This purposeful breeding made Black malesbigger, stronger and more masculine. It also made Black females bigger, stronger,and more masculine.Traditionally, the big Black strong males in the National Football League havecome, in large part, from the South where Blacks were enslaved and bred likecattle.Black females are as much a result of this enslavement and breeding as are Blackmales. The increased size, strength, and masculinity affected Black femalesdisastrously.Let`s not stop here. now, combine the above characteristics with the struggle tosurvive in a White male dominated society that targeted Black males because theywere seen as a threat. What resulted was two hundred years of Black femaledomination in the Black population at large, and Black female domination of theBlack family.The Black family structure was, and is, dominated by Black females because Whitemale racism has allowed the Black female to rise above the Black male...thusensuring her evolution into the physical, and mental, category positioned on thesexual spectrum between being a true female, and a true male....in other words,the Black American Female has evolved into the Third Sex.So, now the perfect storm has developed. Slave breeding has produced strong,powerfully built Black females with increased masculine genetic characteristics.And the White male racist dominated society has directed the Black female tobecome totally independent of the Black male. The African American Female has

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