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Universal Dimension

Universal Dimension

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Published by trinidad8
The size of the Universe. Universal Dimension
The size of the Universe. Universal Dimension

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: trinidad8 on Nov 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Universal Dimension From: James Cooke The observations, and conclusions, in this article are dedicated to: Russia`s astrophysicist: Dr. Marina RomanovaIndia`s astrophysicist: Dr. S. ChandrasekarNASA`s Marshall Space Flight Center`s: Dr. Alphonse Sterling What are the dimensions (what is the dimension) of the Universe?Generations of astro & theoretical physicists have asked this question. We can`t directly study the dimensions, or lack of dimensions of theUniverse itself. But, we can use a symbolic diagram laid out for us bymatheticians of an earlier time. Let`s Begin: What are the number of positions between 0 and 1? For example:there`s .001, then lets say .002, then .003, .004, etc. In other wordsthere are an infinite number of positions between 0 and 1. Likewise, there are an infinite number of positions between 0 and -1 Symbolically speaking, the Universal dimension can be situated between-1 & 0 & +1. This dimension is at first appearance finite, and yet,there`s the unmistakable observation of infinity. Negative 1 thru 0 thru Positive 1.....(-1 thru 0, & 0 thru +1) This symbolic representation of the Universe tells us a great deal....depending on whether we wish to go forward or reverse. Going forward from zero to one, we learn to accept not only the visionof infinity, but also to accept the increase in mass. Let`s say that Zero is the origin of the Universe and go backwards...then we, again, learn to accept the vision of infinity, but also learn toaccept the decrease in mass. Let`s say that you were a time traveler going backwards in time....asyou approached Zero, the supposed origin of the Universe, your masswould gradually decrease . Suppose further that you were able to reachZero...then your mass would have decreased to Zero. Remember: (-1 thru 0 thru +1) is symbolically where the Universe is situated. Now suppose further, that your reverse momentum is great enough to pushthru Zero toward (negative 1)....for example: -.001, then -.002, then -.003,etc.....you`d find that your mass would begin to gradually increase, althoughthe increase in mass would be a negative mass increase relative to your former

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