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Project Management

Project Management



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Published by saqib99
solved assignment of Project management MBA 4th semester AIOU
solved assignment of Project management MBA 4th semester AIOU

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Published by: saqib99 on Mar 06, 2008
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Course: Project ManagementLevel: MBAINSTRUCTIONS:a) All written assignments must be well organized, presented in an easy-to-readyformat, and neat. If your hand writing is not legible, type or compose the writtenassignment. Moreover, pay particular close attention to grammar spellingpunctuation and understandability. Communication is extremely important in thiscourse.b) Documentation is likewise very important. Un-supported statements or opinionsare worth less to the reader, who desires to verify your finding. Complete andspecific documentation is mandatory. Also your reference should be to primarysources, except I rare unusual situations.c) Quoting should be kept to an absolute minimum.d) Assume for each assignment that you have been given research to do on behalf of the client. The information you prepare will be used by your supervisor as he or shemeets with the client or with the revenue agent.
Q:1 Project managers are usually dedicated and committed to theproject. Who should be” looking over the shoulderof the projectmanager to make sure that the work and requests are also in the bestinterest of the company? Does your answer depend on the priority of theproject? Give practical examples from your employing organization.
Effective project team leadership is probably the most important factor that willdetermine whether or not a project will be successful. Without leadership, project teamssplinter into smaller groups and slowly drift apart to work on their own set of objectivesresulting in a lack of effective communication, conflicting roles and responsibilities,redundant work, and all too often, rework. If a project manager does not establish aleadership role and a clear set of responsibilities for the project team at the start of the project, it will be difficult to develop a cohesive and high performing team. A criticalfactor in conditioning a team for success is for the project manager to take the time toestablish expectations about team performance before that actual scope of work and project details are introduced. The project manager is, in many ways, similar to the coachof a sports team. The coach seeks out talent, identifies potential in each player and plans
to develop those players who need some additional support. That additional support ismost effective when it comes from other team members The more experienced or skilled players create an environment of support that in turn creates a team wide feeling of confidence. It all begins with effective leadership. Upon approval of a project and thesigning of the charter, the project manager begins the planning process. In an ideal world,the project manager has the opportunity to select the project team and picks the mostskilled and qualified resources to perform the project’s activities. More realistically, the project manager is provided with a pre-selected team or must settle for whoever isavailable at the time. A true leader will not dwell on who has been assigned to the project but will identify the potential of each team member. Imagine a project manager speakingto his or her team for the first time and saying “Well, you’re not what I really wanted butI guess you’ll have to do.” How would each person react to a statement like that? Canyou expect commitment and dedication to achieving project objectives? It is most likelythat you will receive minimum support and will have to spend great amounts of timemicro-managing. To create an environment that will encourage the project team to stepup to the challenges of the project, the project manager should invest some time andeffort in the very early stages of the project planning process to establish a foundation for team work that will lead the team to success. The management science identifies severalteam member roles that a project manager may encounter. There are Destructive Rolesand Supportive Roles and every project manager should be aware of their existence. Thegoal is to emphasize and continually enhance supportive roles while discouragingdestructive roles. The project kick-off meeting is an ideal setting to introduce a projectmanager’s expectations around the supportive roles and also create awareness among the project team members about the undesired destructive roles.
 Destructive Team Members
The AggressorCriticizes the team members, challengesideas, deflates egosThe DominatorManipulates and tries to take oveThe Devils AdvocateFinds fault in everything and challenges any
ideaThe Topic JumperSwitches from one idea to another, createsimbalance an inability to focusThe Recognition SeekerAlways argues for his or her position,attempts to take credit for successesThe WithdrawerDoes not participate, withhold informationThe BlockerProvides multiple reasons why ideas wontwork  It is clear by the descriptions of these roles that they would be undesirable on any projectteam. By introducing and explaining these roles during the project kick-off meeting andtheir negative impact on the project, the project manager can set expectations about what behaviors should not be displayed during the project life cycle. Explaining what is notdesired is only a part of the expectation setting process. The project manager should,upon reviewing the undesired destructive roles, immediately focus on the supportiveroles.
 Supportive Project Team Member Roles
The InitiatorLooks for new ideas, uses phrases like – “Let’s try this!”The Information SeekerTries to become more informed, looks foresources and supportive data. Offers toresearch for the benefit of the teamInformation GiversShare what they know, increase theknowledge of the teamThe EncouragersShows visible support for other peoples

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