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may08.2014 bProtect people from unscrupulous solicitations – Rep. Sato

may08.2014 bProtect people from unscrupulous solicitations – Rep. Sato

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Published by pribhor2
Protect people from unscrupulous solicitations – Rep. Sato
Protect people from unscrupulous solicitations – Rep. Sato

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Published by: pribhor2 on May 08, 2014
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Protect people from unscrupulous solicitations – Rep. Sato
There’s a proposed law in Congress which seeks to protect the general public from unscrupulous persons soliciting funds for questionable purposes.“While giving and sharing are virtues to emulate, there are also people who take advantage of people’s open-heartedness to pursue selfish personal interests,!ep. "osephine #. !amire$ %ato lamented.!ep. %ato is author of &' ())*, to be known as “The +ublic %olicitation ct of )( , which would establish the standards and guidelines for organi$ation, agencies, groups and individuals undertaking such solicitation activities.+ublic solicitation under the proposed ct refers to an/ activit/ or pro0ect intended to generate funds, goods, or other assistance from the public sectors for charitable and1or  public welfare purposes.+ublic welfare purposes refer to activities or pro0ects relative to health, education,  peace, social welfare and protection, environmental safet/, rights, securit/ and safet/ or citi$ens and similar circumstances or conditions.&' ())*, referred to the &ouse Committee on %ocial %ervices chaired b/ !ep. rturo !obes, aims to strengthen the s/stem of granting permits and1or authori$ation to solicit funds and1or donations from the public for charitable, social and public welfare  purposes. +ermits shall be granted b/ the 2%W2 and its provincial, Cit/ and municipal  branches.“3t is also the intention of this bill to ensure that solicited funds are properl/ utili$ed according to its intended purposes and given to its rightful beneficiaries, %ato stressed.%ection ( of &' ())* provides4 “This ct shall appl/ to all 5ational 6overnment gencies 756s8, 6overnment 9wned and Controlled Corporations 769CCs8, %tate Colleges1:niversities, ;ocal 6overnment :nits 7;6:s8 and other government agencies<  5on-6overnment 9rgani$ations 7569s8 including faith-based people’s organi$ation and civil societ/ organi$ations, associations, branch organi$ation operating in the +hilippines which are partl/ or full/ financed with funds solicited from or contributed b/ the public or  private sectors for charitable or public welfare purposes1s.The measure, however, e=empts from its coverage organi$ations and agencies created b/ laws or charters that specificall/ confer authorit/ on these organi$ations and agencies to solicit or conduct fund campaign for charitable or public welfare purposes.
NR # 3460BMAY 8, 2014

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