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Gifts From the Kitchen

Gifts From the Kitchen

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Published by rachebike

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Published by: rachebike on Nov 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chocolate Candy Spoons
Decide on the chocolate you will use.Chocolate chips are quick and easy, as wellas chocolate melts. You can use white, dark,semi-sweet, butterscotch, or milk chocolate. You only need one 12 ounce bag to makeabout 3 dozen chocolate dipped spoons.
Buy some heavy duty plastic teaspoons. If you want to really go first class, you can buya nice set of real spoons. It all depends onyour purpose for this venture.
 You will also need some clear cellophaneand colored ribbon for wrapping yourchocolate covered spoons.
Prepare a couple of cookie sheets by covering them with a sheet of wax paper.
Melt chocolate over a double boiler. Or you can place one cup of thechocolate chips in a glass microwave safe measuring cup. A smallerone will be a lot easier to work with. Melt the chocolates at medium forabout 1 minute. Stir, even if they don’t look like they need it. Keep onheating and stirring every 30 seconds until chocolate is melted andsmooth. You may need to add a teaspoon of shortening to the chocolate to thinit out a bit.
Dip the spoons, one at a time, in the melted chocolate completelycoating the bowl of the spoon. For some of your chocolate dippedspoons you may want to go up the handle slightly, but try to beconsistent. Gently tap the spoon on the side of the measuring cup toremove excess chocolate. Place chocolate dipped spoons on the cookiesheet to cool. Before the melted chocolate hardens on the spoon,sprinkle the spoon with crushed candies, colored sugar or sprinkles, if desired. Allow to cool completely. You could drizzle white chocolateetc. across spoons when chocolate is set enough.
Wrap the bowl of the spoon with cellophane and tie it with a prettyribbon.
Candy Spoons
Ingredients:- 34 Average sized peppermint candies- 2 tbs of Corn syrup- 25-30 Heavy plastic spoons1. Line a jellyroll pan or cookie sheet with waxpaper; spray with cooking spray.2. Unwrap candies and place in a Ziploc freezer bagcrush until they are broken up into small pieces. You can do this easily with a rolling pin.3. In a small heavy saucepan, combine crushedcandies and corn syrup over low heat. Stirringfrequently, heat until candies melt. Spoon candyinto bowl of each spoon. Place spoons on preparedpan with handles on rim and spoons level. Allow candy to harden. Oncethe candies have set wrap in cellophane or store in airtight container. Yields about 24 spoons. 
 Two-Tone Peppermint Bark
Ingredients:- 12 oz bittersweet chocolate, melted- ¾ tsp peppermint extract- 12 oz White chocolate, melted and warm- 2 Tbsp coarsely crushed candy canes or peppermints1. Line 15-x10-inch (40x25cm) rimmed baking sheet with foil; grease foil.Set aside2. In bowl, stir bittersweet chocolate with peppermint extract. Spread to 10-inch (25cm) square on prepared pan. Let stand just until set but not hard,about 15 minutes, 8 minutes in refrigerator.3. Spread white chocolate over top; sprinkle with candy. Refrigerate untilfirm, about 1 hour. Break into chunks. (If made - ahead: Layer between waxpaper in airtight container and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks)
 Yield: 1 ½ lb
Black ’N’ White Pistachio Bark
Ingredients:- 1 C (6 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips- ½ C coarsely chopped pistachios, toasted, divided- 1/3 cup dried cranberries or cherries- 2/3 C vanilla or white chips1. Line a baking sheet with foil: set aside. In a small microwave-safe bowl,melt chocolate chips; stir until smooth. Stir in ¼ C pistachios and cranberriesor cherries. Spread in a thin layer on prepared baking sheet.2. In a microwave, melt vanilla chips; stir until smooth. Drop by teaspoonfulsover chocolate layer. Cut through with a knife to swirl. Sprinkle with theremaining pistachios. Chill until firm. Break into pieces. Yield: ¾ pound.* To expose more of the pistachio’s green; vigorously rub the shelled nuts ina towel before chopping.
Chocolate Milky Way Pudding
For these recipes you will need a mug that is oven proof to be able to cookthe item in the mug. Your mug should fit around 1 1/2 cups of liquid into it.1. Fill the mug with the mug ingredients that have been placed into anairtight or Ziploc bag and attach the recipe card instructions.2. Tie the whole mug up with some cellophane or add some curling ribbonsand a bow to finish off this giftMug Ingredients:- 1/3 cup of chocolate cake mix (any brand)- 1 fun size Milky Way bar Tag Instructions:Add 2 tsps of oil1 egg1 tbs of water and mix well, microwave on high for 2 minutes.
Snowman Soup

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