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A Clue For The Death-

A Clue For The Death-

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Published by Sampath Kumar
Research article ;by SampathKumar Medavarapu
Research article ;by SampathKumar Medavarapu

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Published by: Sampath Kumar on May 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ampath Kumar Medavarapu is a practioner of astrology since 35 years. He has written 8 books on astrology in Telugu language which includes Guru Shukra prabhavamu & Chandra kala nadi. He is an M A in Sanskrit and has translated 64 Tantras from sanskrit to Telugu language. He has submitted several research papers in national and international conferences. His email id is sampathkumar57@gmail.com
Sampath Kumar Medavarapu India
ere I am submitting one clue to know the death of the sub period, irrespective of main period. First we have
to decide the native’s
Asc group. Verify the three Ascs.
1-Asc; 2-Sun Asc; 3-Moon Asc.
 Out of these three, take the group which gets the two majority of three. Actually there are two groups.
1-Sat; 2-Jup
Sat group
-In this group Mercury-Ven- Rahu planets will come. 2-
Jupiter group
- In this group Sun-Moon-Mars- Ketu planets will come. Verify the three Ascs.
a person’s
Asc belongs to Sat group, and then native will die in his
enemy’s sub period, Of the particular main
 If any planet get exchange with another planet, then native will die in the
same Ascendant’s group. In some cases Rahu and Kethu should be treated
 according to their position of houses lordship.
Rule No-2:
 If Main Dasa
period is Badhaka lord’s period
, then sub-period of the death is the
same group of the native’s group.
If any planet in Badhaka house that planet’s sub period is
the last one
-B.V.Raman belongs to Sat group. His Asc is Aquarius. Venus is the Badhaka lord for Aquarius Asc. He died in Ven/Ven period. Here sub-period Ven belongs to his Asc group Sat.
Rule No-3:
If Main Dasa period is belongs to Asc lord or 8
 lord, then that native will die in the sub-period of the same group of the Asc group. If there is exchange of planets, then death in opposite group sub-period.
-Ghantasala- He belongs to Sat group. This native died in Sat/Merc, here Sat is the lord of the Capricorn Asc. So he died in Mercury sub-period, which belongs to Sat group.
Another Example;
Swami Vivekananda.
 Here Asc is Sagittarius, its lord is Jup, 2-Sun Asc is Sagittarius its lord is Jup; 3-Moon Asc is Virgo its lord is Mercury ,out of these three ,two Asc
s belongs to Jup group. So this native belongs to Jup group.
 Rule No-3: worked here.
If Main Dasa period belongs to Asc lord, then that native will die in the sub-period of the same group of the Asc group. If there exchange of planets, then death in opposite group sub-period. Saturn and Venus are exchanged their houses. So death took place in enemy group sub-period. Vivekananda died in
Venus sub period
 in  Jup main period. Here the sub period lord is enemy to the group lord Jup.
No Name of the person Group Death sub-period Remarks Year of Death 1
 J.JrishnaMurthy Jup Ven
16-02-1986 2
N.T.R Sat Jup
18-01-1996 3
B.G.Tilak Jup Ven
01-08-1920 4
Russel Sat Moon
02-02-1970 5
Sanjeev Kumar Sat Jup
06-11-1985 6
SaiBaba Puttaparti Jup Merc
24-04-2011 7
Yogananda Jup Ven
07-03-1952 8
Lal Bahadur sastry Sat Ketu
11-01-1966 9
Indira Gandhi Jup Rahu
31-10-1984 10
Rajiv Gandhi Jup Ven
21-05-1991 11
Sanjay Gandhi Jup Ven
23-06-1980 12
Marilyn Monroe Sat Mars
05-08-1962 13
Hitler Jup Merc
30-04-1945 14
Rajaji- Governor-
India  Jup Jup 3-5 Houses Exchanged
25-12-1972 15
O.P.Nayyar Sat Jup
28-01-2007 16
MadhavRaoSindhia Sat Ketu
30-09-2001 17
Pramod Mahajan Sat Jup
03-05-2006 18
Marri ChennaReddy Sat Moon
22-12-1996 19
Benazir Bhutto Sat Jup
07-12-2007 20
M.P.S.sastry Jup Rahu
03-11-1969 21
M.S.Savitri Sat Jup
25-01-1993 22
Vivekananda Jup Ven Rule no 3 worked

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