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What is Teleportation

What is Teleportation

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Published by navdeep k

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: navdeep k on Nov 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Teleportation is the process of physically relocating the body fromone place to another site without touching it in anyway, or usingany mechanical device. What we find in a true teleportation isthat physical body dematerializes (disappears) from one locationand subsequently rematerializes (reappears) in a different spot inan instant often accompanied by a "pop" sound. Teleportation can also be used for time travel. The early timetravelers (from the 31st to the end of the 34th centuries) requiredsome form of craft to travel back in time. It is during the 35thcentury that
teleportation techniques will be developed(see my book Time Travelers from Our Future) and shipsare
no longer required or utilized. Teleportation is often confused with out-of-body experiences(OBEs). An OBE is the movement of the soul or subconscious(electromagnetic radiation) from one location or dimension toanother, while the entire physical body is relocated inteleportation.We can experience teleportation during the dream state. It differsfrom regular dreams and lucid dreams in that your bodyphysically leaves the bed and travels to another location on adifferent dimension.If you are observing someone actually being teleported, youwould see their body slowly fade away and disappear. Nothingelse in the environment would be altered. The person undergoingteleportation would experience an increase in their energyvibrating at high speed, accompanied by a tingling, buzzingsensation and/or feeling of spiraling upward. Often a "pop" soundemanates from the top of head, as I previously mentioned.
 Teleportation can take place in three different ways. The first is aspontaneous teleportation. You may have had the experience of performing some chore that you had done thousands of timesbefore and sensing for a moment that you were someplace else.Another possibility is walking down a street, or jogging, andrealizing that you are much farther from you origin than waspossible over the period of time in question. The second type of teleportation is one that is directed duringyour sleep state. This experience differs from regular of luciddreams in that you are not confronted with symbols or merely yousubconscious transported to dream world. Your physical body inteleportation has physically relocated to the astral plane or otherdimension. This memory of a true teleportation is clear andaccompanied by recall of physical sensations. Most dreams arehazy and leave us confused as to their meaning.A consciously directed teleportation comprises the third group. Inthe beginning you will find that you wind up in places far fromyour goal. This low level of accuracy improves dramatically withregular practice. When you return to your place of origin, you willagain hear that "pop" sound. Your body travels at the speed of light, so distance is of no significance.In order to successfully experience teleportation, you need tofocus your mind and block out all other distractions. It is only yourlimiting beliefs that will prevent you from experiencing this uniqueform of travel. Your body must be well rested to assure success. You will find iteasiest to teleport at night. Since you body has had manyspontaneous teleportation experiences while dreaming, the nightis a natural environment and time for the novice teleporter.I also recommend you teleport to secluded places to avoidshocking other people when you materialize in front of them.
Always act as if you are already in your desired location whenpracticing teleportation.http://www.drbrucegoldberg.com/Teleportation2.htm11/6/2009What is Teleportation? Explanation by Dr. Bruce Goldberg Dr. Goldberg's BioHypnosis Sessions ByComputer Telephone ConsultsInvite Dr. Goldberg ToSpeak

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