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Earthbound Magazine Issue1

Earthbound Magazine Issue1

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Published by atmmachine11
Its a start to my newsletters
Its a start to my newsletters

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Published by: atmmachine11 on Nov 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Earthbound Magazine Issue #1
In this issue we will cover the games, inthe series, and the introduction to themain characters of Mother 3/Earthbound2. So far there are 3 Earthbound games.Earthbound 0, Earthbound andEarthbound 2. In Japanese these arecalled: Mother, Mother 2, and Mother 3,Which I will probably refer them to as.Onto the reason!
 The reason I created the Earthboundonline magazine was so that people couldexperience Earthbound the way I did, Thepictures will always be of earthbound, sodon’t fret, I wont put up some nastypicture. These above are clay pictures of Boney the dog, and Claus, a kid. They arecharacters from Mother 3. I hope duringyour experience with the issues you willget a feeling of Earthbound, or if youalready know about it, Get to know dailyinfo, tips and strategy’s, Which meansyep, a walkthrough. Fully detailed. Today’s issue will include lots of pictures.Lets get to it.
Lucas, is the onewith the blonde hair, he is the youngerbrother of the 2. Claus is the red haired 1,the older brother. They are one yearapart and throughout Mother 3 they age.Lucas ends up being 14 and Claus 15.Claus has a little turn in his way of lifeeventually. (I’m not spoiling it).Who is this fun lovingdog?BONEY! Its Claus, an Lucas’s dog.

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