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Script Analysis Uniform

Script Analysis Uniform

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Published by tina_lovasic

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Published by: tina_lovasic on Nov 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Director’s Script Analysis – “Uniform”
3X3 Films – Group #2Producer: Jacob SteinDirector: Tina Lovasic10/29/2009The moment before:
Lloyd is on his way to a date with a cute comic store owner,Jennifer Doyle. He has an ostentatious bunch of Flowers in hand and is listening to hisMP3 player. As he is walking towards the Coffee Shop where he is to meet Jennifer, hehears a commotion up ahead and, with exasperation, decides to investigate. There istrouble afoot and police begin surrounding a car. Shots are fired. Lloyd is aware at this point, that he will not make it to his date. He curses under his breath, looks around for thenearest alleyway, and runs for it.
Heart of the scene
: A superhero learns that even though fighting evil has its annoyingdrawbacks, ultimately, it is nice to have the upper hand.
There are eight beats in the script.
 Beat 1:
Lloyd enters the alleyway and starts undressing, thinking he is alone.
 Beat 2:
Lloyd realizes there is another man in the alley (Rolando).
 Beat 3:
Rolando takes a photograph of Lloyd with his cellular phone.
 Beat 4:
Charlie enters the scene and attempts to mug the two characters.
 Beat 5:
Rolando exposes Lloyd’s “V” to Charlie.
 Beat 6:
Charlie challenges Lloyd with his karate chops.
 Beat 7:
Rolando and Charlie charge Lloyd in an attempt to prove once and for all that heis in fact Victory Man.
 Beat 8:
Lloyd accepts his superhero destiny with a smirk and takes off into the darkness,knowing he has just won another battle.
Character Desires:Lloyd:
Due to a number of personal insecurities and his constant bouts of depression,Lloyd finds it hard to accept the fact that he is Victory Man. He doesn’t think he makes agood hero and constantly dreams of a normal life where he isn’t on call all hours of theday and night. He desires to be happy with his situation and also more obviously, desiresto keep his identity a secret from the rest of the world so as to preserve some form of  privacy when he is not on the job.
Rolando is an opportunist who wants to make some extra cash and perhaps geta little famous in the process. He takes Victory Man’s photograph in order to expose histrue identity to the public, and make a profit. In order to make the money though, Lloydreally needs to be Victory Man, which means that first and foremost Rolando desires toknow whether Lloyd really is Victory Man.
Charlie is a rich kid who likes mugging people to keep his otherwise drab lifeexciting. His original desire within the scene is to feel that rush by mugging Lloyd andRolando, but he quickly forgets about that when he realizes that Victory Man may bestanding in front of him. Charlie adores Victory Man! His desire is to discover if Lloydreally is Victory Man, so that he can then adore him.

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