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Private industry behind bars report

Private industry behind bars report

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Published by Gilbert Smith
Private industry behind bars report
Private industry behind bars report

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Published by: Gilbert Smith on May 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Identifying Beneficiaries of PIE Inmate Incomes
Who Benefits from Wage Earnings of Inmates Working in the Prison  Industry Enhancement (PIE) Program?
The George Washington University Center for Economic Research
The National Correctional Industries Association GWU Contract Task: PTA24384/1/CCNS20186A
Thomas W. Petersik  Research Professor of Economics Tapan K. Nayak,  Professor of Statistics  M. Katie Foreman Graduate Assistant, Economics
July 31, 2003
This research identifying, describing, and quantifying the beneficiaries of Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) incomes was propelled at every stage by extraordinarily skilled and helpful support from
 participant. It would not have been possible without the initiative, effort, and support of many organizations and persons who, in sequence, supported the research. We are grateful to Robert Watkins and Richard Sutton, Ph.D., of the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), for their encouragement and financial support making this  National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA) research possible. The research has been greatly assisted by the efforts of the NCIA’s Technical Coordinator for PIE, Barbara Auerbach, especially in clarifying PIE guidelines, and of the Prison Industry Enhancement Research Advisory Board (RAB), including Texas Representative Ray Allen, Derral Cheatwood, Ph.D., Patrick Henry, Ph.D, Timothy Mann, Jeff Merrill, and Cindy Smith, Ph.D., for supporting the research in concept, for reviewing and improving its design, and for constructive, insightful reviews ferreting errors and improving the clarity of the report. George Washington University faculty and staff were extraordinarily helpful in facilitating the research, with timely, efficient, and—most appreciated—effective administration, making work with GWU offices a pleasure. We are grateful to the professional staff and always helpful student assistants in all support offices, including in the Department of Economics; to GWU’s Office of Human Research for helpful guidance in protecting confidentiality and meeting University requirements for protection of human subjects; to Helen Spencer, Assistant Vice President for Research Services; and to Susan Burke and Peggy Sweitzer for their mastery of research budget  procedures. And we are especially grateful to Professor Anthony Yezer, director of the University’s Center for Economic Research, who both welcomed and actively encouraged this research on inmate work, and also guided its progress through the University, especially in locating outstanding support staff. The success of the research owes a special debt to the PIE and other correctional leadership and staff of all of the respondent States selected for the research, for their faith in its value, for all of their willingness—among PIE staff and in records, inmate accounts, and other offices—to assemble information, transmit or ship it, and then explain or follow up on seeming endless questions, and for their abiding sense that their efforts would assist everyone in better understanding PIE. We were continually impressed with
 State’s helpfulness, both those asked ancillary questions, and especially those sampled for detailed research. The quality of the resultant information is especially indebted to them.

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