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TITAN by David Polk

TITAN by David Polk

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Published by David Polk
The world's 50 best special ops soldiers and a brilliant, beautiful linguist embark on a suicide mission across the galaxy to save Earth from alien invaders.
The world's 50 best special ops soldiers and a brilliant, beautiful linguist embark on a suicide mission across the galaxy to save Earth from alien invaders.

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Published by: David Polk on Nov 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TITANByDavid PolkAn Original Screenplay176 Dusty Rose CourtSimi Valley, CA 93065805-428-5775dpolk@mac.com
FADE IN:SATURN - VARIOUS SHOTSThe ringed planet. One of the most magnificent sights inthe Solar System.TITAN - FROM SPACEThe large, orange-hued ice moon in orbit around Saturn. AFLASH in the moon’s dense atmosphere as a SPACECRAFT shootsupward and into the far reaches of space...EARTH - FROM SPACEThe familiar blue marble. The spacecraft from Titan floatsinto frame, headed toward Earth.SUPERIMPOSE: 10,000 years agoThe spacecraft rockets into Earth’s atmosphere.FADE OUT.FADE UP:EXT. WOODS - DAYSUPERIMPOSE: Norfolk, Virginia. Today.Four BOYS move stealthily through thick brush. Each of themsports a toy submachine gun, a special ops radio headset andcamouflage face paint. The leader, MATT RAMSAY (11),directs the boys with crisp hand signals. He’s deadlyserious.The youngest "soldier" is Matt’s adorable little brother,ZACH (6). Hes bringing up the rear. Suddenly he freezes,frightened by what he sees on the ground. A GARTER SNAKE.ZACHAhhh!Zach’s yelp crackles in the headsets of the other boys andthey react. Matt turns his head, irritated.MATT(sharply)What is it now?!(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: (2) 2.ZACH(loudly)Snake!MATTShit! Is that all? Team, back toradio sil --RAT-TAT-TAT. An enemy force of four OTHER BOYS swoop in onMatt’s team, shouting war cries and blasting away with toyguns. The battle quickly goes hand-to-hand as the boyswrestle and kick and karate chop away.EXT. CLEARING - LATERMatt and his team, dirty and beaten, emerge from thewoods. He reams out his little brother as they go.MATTStealth means quiet, Zach! We’reall dead now because of you! Andthe worst thing is, thanks to youwe failed in the mission!ZACH(near tears)Sorry, Matt. But it was a bigsnake.STEVIEI told you we shouldn’t havebrought him, Matt. He’s just a bigbaby. A little "Mama’s Boy!"ZACH(defiant)Am not!MATTShut it, Stevie!Stevie does as he’s told. But he flicks his finger in theback of Zach’s head. The little guy reacts, "Ow!"EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD - SUNSETModest, well-kept cookie cutter homes line a quietstreet. The boys break up to go their separate ways. Zachlooks up the block, frowns at what he sees. Matts faceclouds too, but he quickly covers his emotion.

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