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Pierre Boosah (Boucher) Jr (b. 1849)

Pierre Boosah (Boucher) Jr (b. 1849)

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Montana Michif Pierre Boosah (Boucher) is profiled.
Montana Michif Pierre Boosah (Boucher) is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on May 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Boosah (Boucher, Busha, Bouchie), Pierre Jr.
 (b. 1849)
Pierre was born on March 1, 1849 at St. Albert, the son of Pierre Boucher (b. 1824) and Aable Bruneau (b. 1828). !e arried "sabelle Breland (b# 184$) in %o&eber 18'' in ac Ste Anne, she was the dauhter of *douard +alade Breland and ene&ie&e -an/eo 0Matoosees Mondion. "sabelle died in Se3teber of 185 on the 3lains. Pierre then arried Marie 6odd (born 18$9 at Stureon 7ree). She was the illeitiate dauhter of ohn Mc7allu 6odd and Marie Anne Allar/. Marie was raised b/ her aunt and uncle, Maruerite Allar/: and Ben;ain +andal.
 6he/ were arried in 182 in St. Albert.
Metis Scrip;
Boucher, Pierre  7oncernin his clai as head of fail/  Address, St. Albert P.<. Post <ffice:  Born, St. Albert, anuar/, 1849  =ather, Pierre Boucher, (M>tis)  Mother, Aiable Bruneau, (M>tis)  Married, %o&eber, 18'' at ac St. Anne to "sabelle Breland, 181 on the Plains to Marie 6odd  7hildren li&in, three (naes on declaration)  7hildren deceased, two  Scri3 for ?1'5Boucher Marie  7oncernin her clai as a child  Address, !ih @i&er  Born, Stureon 7ree, 18$9  =ather, ohn 6odd, (M>tis)  Mother, Marie Allar/, (M>tis)  Married, 182 at St. Albert near *donton to Pierre Boucher  7hildren li&in, three, ohn born 184, Marie ouise born 18, +irinie born 189  Scri3 for ?245  7lai 1Boucher, Marie for her deceased children# ean Ba3tiste, born# <ct. 185 at St. Albert, died# 2 or  da/s old aurent, born# <ct. 181 at St. Albert, died# Ca/ of his  birth Marie Anne, born# A3r. 18 at St. Albert, died about  wees old clai no. 124 address# St. "natius, Montana father# Pierre Boucher (deceased M>tis) other# Marie Bruneau (M>tis D Ce3onent) heirs# Pierre Boucher scri3 cert.# for C, nos. 1'95, 1'' D 1''2 for ? 4.28 each ouis Boucher scri3 cert.# for C, nos. 1'88, 1'4 D 1''5 for ? 4.28 each Maruerite St. Cenis (nee Boucher) scri3 cert.# for C, no. 1'84, 1'5 D 1'$' for ? 4.29 each *&e Malaterre (nee Boucher) scri3 cert.# for C, nos. 1'82, 1''8 D 1'$4 for ? 4.29 each file ref. no. 815521.
 Marie 6odd was another out of wedloc child of ohn McAllu 6odd Sr., born 18$9 at Stureon 7ree, St. aes. !er other was Marie Allar/ (AEarie). Marie Allar/, was li&in with ose3h Brener at the tie of her dauhterFs birth. 6heir son ose3h Brener, born 18$2 was a half brother to Marie 6odd. Marie was ba3tiEed at St. Boniface 7athedral on 1' an. 18'1. She was brouht u3 b/ her aunt Maruerite Allar/ and uncle Ben;ain +andal. Marie arried Pierre Boucher, in 182. !e was 15 /ears older, Marie was PierreFs second wife. !is first wife was "sabelle Breland, who he arried at ac Ste. Anne, Alberta in %o&. 18''. Pierre was born at St. Albert, Alberta in anuar/ 1849 sic:. !e was the son of Pierre Boucher and Aable Bruneau.

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