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Published by Bianca Cullen
Bella Swan is now the pricess of the volturi. What will happen when the cullens getinto trouble with vampire law. See what happens.. I suck at Summaries!
Bella Swan is now the pricess of the volturi. What will happen when the cullens getinto trouble with vampire law. See what happens.. I suck at Summaries!

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Published by: Bianca Cullen on Nov 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1:“God look at those idiots, I’d love to just drainthem all” Felix whined looking out of the massivewindow. He’s such a dimwit; my hand was still inmy fathers, Aro. He smiled as he read my mind. Himy name is Bella Swan, well not anymore Ichanged it after the Cullen’s left me to die! About amonth after they left I got changed by Caius and Marcus. So now i changed my name to SiennaSwan but no-one knows that i changed it just me. Ihave long curly brown hair, chocolate brown eyesand a rocking body. Relax I’m not in love withmyself i just think immortality suites me fairly well.
Flashback....“No stop help me!” I yelled as Mike fucking Newton and Eric started pulling me into the dark alleyway. They dragged me behind a dumpster and started ripping off my jacket. Eric held me down and mike had his hand cupped around my mouth. “Let me go!” I panted “Ohbaby we can’t let you go, where’s the fun in that?” Instantly both boys were dragged off of me and werebeing held up a metre off the ground. The people holdingthem were to strong, rich looking men. They snapped theboys like a twig and chucked them behind the trash cans.Then they turned towards me, so cowered away. They 
had crimson eyes and elegant robes on. “Are you ok miss?” They asked me “Ye- yes thanks” “No problems” Then one of the guys leapt at me and bit down on my neck. That’s when that pain really began.End Flashback....
There was a light tap on the door and in came Jane and Alec with a very scared lookingvampire girl. She looked younger than me, probably 16. “What have you done?” I asked frustrated. Why can’t Vampires learn to followthe rules? It isn’t rocket science. “I” the girlstuttered “SPIT IT OUT!” Jane said looking her dead in the eye and like that the girl wasrolling on the floor in agony. “Jane, i can takeit from here” i said with a smile. Jane stepped back, so i got out of my seat and walked over.“What’s your name?” I asked sweetly “Kate” she answered “Well Kate, would you like totell me what you have done to deserve tostand before us?” I asked, in my businesstone “I, I love this boy from my class and hewas getting bashed so I stepped in and picked them up and flung them around a bit. That’sall I did I swear” she said so quickly that 
human ears wouldn’t of been able to pick up“Awe, Young love. How sweet it is!” I sighed. Inodded to Felix and Demitri and they stepped forward, and killed the girl. I went back to sit in my throne. “Daddy can i go shopping?” iasked Aro “Sure but take Jane and the wiveswith you” I got up and they followed me out.2 hours of shopping and i decided it was timeto go back and rule volturi. I walked around the corner where Demitri, Felix and Alec wereall surrounding a family and about to pounce.“Woo woo, Boys take it easy” i said walkinginto the brawl. They straightened out of their stiff position, which was a start. When iturned to the family i was utterly shocked.They looked as beautiful as ever. Therestanding in front of me were the Cullen’s.They didn’t Recognize me because of my cloak and plus i had the hood on. “Now now,why don’t we take this to a more appropriate place i reached for the door but the boyswere already opening it for me and the other girls. “Thanks” I purred in Demetri’s ear, And 

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