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Who Are Taliban

Who Are Taliban

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Published by Prityboykiller
The true reality about the TALIBANS
The true reality about the TALIBANS

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Published by: Prityboykiller on Nov 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Movement of Taliban.
Afghanistan occupies a very important geographical position in the Asian sub-continent from here Pakistan, India, China, Sri Lanka, the Gulf states and ArabianPeninsula are at an accessible distance.When Russia launched its programme of colonization and expansion, it established itsgovernment over many small countries. The governing force behind this move wasthe Russian ideology. The countries Russia Seized through aggression and blood-shed, it implemented its beliefs over them at once. Thus they forcibly convertedinnumerable millions into Communists.Mean while, material and ideological links brought Russia and India closer to eachother. Thus potentially, India became a headache for China and Pakistan. Russia drewover to its side Afghanistan too, in order to gain direct advantages as well as to create problems for Pakistan.History is a witness therefore, of Afghanistan's negative attitude towards Pakistan.Afghanistan was always at the forefront in generating anti-Pakistan propaganda too.Another thing which deeply troubled Russia was the non-availability of hot water inits region. It was constantly on the look-out for ways to reach the hot waters of theArabian Sea, which would establish its supremacy over the entire world. For this endit had its eyes upon Pakistan. For, its port of Gawader was best suited for its purpose.Karachi and its sea was of a considerable strategic advantage to it. Russian-controlledThus in the initial stages of the programme, Russian agents were created from Afghanschools and colleges. Next a movement was born. During one of the Movement'srallies, Russia had one of its own secret agent, Akbar Khyber, killed. PresidentDawood Shah was held responsible for the murder, there was a military uprisingagainst him, and Dawood Shah was killed. Russia then gave the control of Afghanistan into the hands of one of its own agents Noor Muhammad Taraki. After he had rendered the required services, he was disposed off and HafeezulLah Ameenwas given charge. When HafeezulLah ceased to be useful he was killed too and nowthe leadership was given into the hands of Babrak Karmal. Now when the stage had been set Russian troops invaded Afghanistan. And then the atrocities perpetrated byRussia against the Afghan people can hardly be put in words. Masajid and Madariswere laid waste, `Ulema, Talabah and thee pious people were mercilessly killed or imprisoned. Khanqahs' and reformatory centres were bulldozed. Houses weredemolished, burying people alive. Tanks wrecked havoc and destruction upon thedefenceless Afghan people. Islam was made fun of, the Holy Quraan desecrated and burned. Women children were kidnapped and dishonoured.On the border of Pakistan, the Russian troops gathered information from the peopleon how best to reach Karachi and Gawadar. The Communists in Pakistan weregleefully awaiting the Russian advance, prophesying that the Red Revolution had become the destiny of the Pakistani people. I remember well that a Russian
Communist had said to me that we have reached the borders of Pakistan. In no timenow our braves will be landing in Karachi. Nearly all the Muslims fled from Afghanistan. They had not the least inkling that theRed Revolution would totally fail and the Russian troops would withdraw fromAfghanistan. Near Meeranshah, from the mountains of Khost and Zawar where theRussian troops had taken up positions, Bannu and other areas of Pakistan could easily be targeted.In short, when the system of Kufa and cruelty reached its peak, Allah Ta`ala decidedto annihilate it. To confront this Super Power He created a small band of people. With just a few `Ulema and Talabah of Islamic Madaris declared Jihaad against the Russianarmy.The first 'Fatwa', concerning the Jihaad of Afghanistan was given by Sheikh-ul-Hadeeth, Pakistan, Maulana `Abdul Haq and Maulana Mufti Mahmood sahibRaheema-hulLahu Ta`ala. On the basis of this 'Fatwa' the proud `Ulema of Afghanistan, Talabah of Deeni Madaris, and pious people of different areas,challenged the Russian forces and thus began the war for freedom.Armed resistance against Karmal's troops started. Babrak Karmal used all the force athis command, but failed to stop the wave of 'Jihaad'. Russia called upon its allies.From every country contingents upon contingents expert of in guerilla warfare startedarriving in Afghanistan. But Afghanistan became a grave-yard for them. AllahTa`ala's assistance was with the Mujahideen. Different countries helped them indifferent ways. Filled with religious fervour, with 'Imaan', devoted Muslims fromdifferent countries arrived to sacrifice their lives; to help the Mujahideen. Mujahideenfrom Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Palestine, Sudan, Saudi Arabia etc. took part in the Jihaadon the pure basis of 'Imaan'. Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia,Pakistan took part in the 'Jihaad' against the Russians too. Momentous battles werefought; renowned pillars of Kufr came razing to the ground. Leaders of Kufr weredefeated on every front.Meanwhile Brezhnev died with unfulfilled dreams. He was succeeded by Andropov.Andropov died and Cherenkov took his place as leader of the soviet Union. At hisdeath Gorbachov took command. Gorbachov announced the withdrawal of theRussian troops from Afghanistan. Russian economy had broken down to such anextent that Russia found it difficult to exist as a United Soviet Republic. EventuallyGorbachov announced independence and consequently the end of the Soviet Union.Thus did 'Jihaad' succeed in breaking up a large Communist block of the world.Gorbachov established a puppet government in Afghanistan, giving its control to NajeebulLah. Babrak Karmal was disposed off. Under instructions of the Russianforces, Najeeb persecuted the Muslims mercilessly but found it impossible to standagainst the Mujahideen. He was sure that they would enter Kabul at any moment. Now began political machination. America saw that the Soviet Union had come toand end so it imposed restrictions upon many facilities of the Mujahideen of These

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