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The Gospel in Leviticus.

The Gospel in Leviticus.

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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by



Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by


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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE GOSPEL I LEVITICUS. BY JOSEPH A. SEISSEntered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by JOSEPH A. SEISS, PREFACE A popular exposition of the Levitical ceremonies, with their typical import and relations, covers a field comparatively unoccupied. The nearest approaches to it are contained in the Commentaries of George Bush and A. A. Bonar, from which material help has been derived in the preparation of these Lectures. The design of the author has been, in a connected way, to trace the grand features of the Gospel, and the method of salvation in Christ Jesus, as- given in the ancient rites fifteen hundred years before the Savior came ; and thus to develop not only an interesting illustration of the plan of grace from figures of God's own choosing, but also an argument for the inspiration of the Scriptures and the Divinity of the Christian system. The Lectures themselves were written a few years ago, and publicly delivered in the city of Baltimore during the winter of 1857-8. They were subsequently revised, and delivered in the city of Philadelphia. The interest manifested on the part
1* (v) VI PREFACE. of the large audiences who listened to both the first and second delivery of them, and the repeated and urgent solicitations made for their publication, have induced the belief that the circulation of them in book form would be acceptable to many, and do a good work for Christ and his cause. They are here- with given to the public, accompanied with the earnest prayer that the Divine blessing may attend them, and make them useful in the holy cause to which alone they are devoted. Philadelphia, ovember, 1859. TABLE OF COTETS FIRST LECTURE. ITRODUCTIO. Moses and his Third Book — What is the Gospel? — The many ways in which it is presented — atural Symbols of Christ — The value of Types in conveying instruction — ature and Revelation pages 13-28 SECOD LECTURE. THE BURT-OFFERIG, Origin of Sacrifices — Man a religious being — Revelation the assistant of
ature — ecessity for a Mediator — The Victim — Its Fate — What it availed — Its Freeness for all — The whole picture surveyed for the joy of the Saint and the alarm of the Sinner 29-45 THIRD LECTURE. THE MEAT-OFFERIG. Its relation to the Burnt-offering— Denotes the Sinner's offering of himself to the Lord — The best demanded — The oil of Unction— Frankincense  — Leaven and Honey excluded — Salt demanded — Was Eucharistic in its nature — The Mercies of God 46-62 (vii) viii COTETS. FOURTH LECTURE. THE PEACE-OFFERIG-. Religion a thing of gladness — Our whole Salvation dependant on the Blood of Atonement — True Peace requires a full surrender of Self first  — God must have the Best — The Christian's ground for Joy — Feasts on Sacred Food — The subjects of his rejoicing 63-79 FIFTH LECTURE. THE SI AD TRESPASS-OFFERIGS. The Christian in this life still subject to Sins of Infirmity — These

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