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Sharp Safety 3

Sharp Safety 3

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Published by psp710
Sharp Safety Awareness
Sharp Safety Awareness

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Published by: psp710 on Nov 09, 2009
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March 2009
he Exposure Control Plan asoutlined by OSHA, mustreflect changes in safetytechnologies and must document theevaluation of new safety products. One of the most difficult tasks facing infection controlmanagers is the ability of locating relevant sharpssafety products. Because of this difficulty manyhealthcare facilities are not in compliance with therequirements of reviewing safety technologies, prima-rily because of the perceived difficulty of gatheringproduct information.So, in answer to the question, “Where do I findsafety products,” this month will provide the thirdinstallment of our series exploring the number of safetyproducts currently available. The list contains aproduct category and category description, followed bya list of safety products including company name anda Web site where more information can be obtained.This month safety products in categories Q through Sare presented.Please note: originally intended to be a three-partseries, due to the extensive list of products to beincluded the series has been expanded into four parts,with the final installment to be presented next month.
Radial Artery Catheter
To perform catheterization of a radial artery safelyusing the modified Seldinger technique, a catheter kitcontaining safety components, guidewire, sharp needleand catheter is needed.
Arrow Radial Artery Catheterization Kit withIntegral Needle Protection; Arrow, www.arrowintl.com.
Recapping Devices
The revised OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard permitsrecapping of contaminated needles only under very specific andlimited circumstances, such as with incremental doses of medicationor the injection of radioactive materials. When recapping must beperformed, it must be accomplished by the use of a mechanicaldevice or one-handed technique.
Aim Safe Autoclavable Needle Recapping Device; SeptodontUSA, www.septodontusa.com.
Needlesafe II Needle uncapper and recapper; Medidose Inc. -Epidose Inc., http://medidose.com/catalog/safety/needlesafe.asp.
sharps securing, NeedleVISE
Large-BoreSharps Securing Device; Atrion Medical, www. atrionmedical.com.
; Owen Mumford, www.owenmumford.com.
Retracting Needles, Automatic
Every year numerous clinicians suffer an accidental needlestickinjury. It is estimated that there are one million needlestick injuries inthe United States and three million needlestick injuries in the worldeach year. Retractable syringes can help solve this problem. There areessentially no clinical applications for which retractable syringes arenot only suitable but life saving in nature.
BD Integra Syringe with Retracting Needle; BD, www.bd.com/injection/products/integra.
Futumeds Safety Syringe; Fututech Berhad, www.fututech.com.my/medical/syringe.htm.
OMI Auto-Retractable Safety Syringe; Occupation and MedicalInnovations, www.omiltd.com/Safety_Syringe.cfm.
Safety 1st Retractable Syringe; Safety 1st, www.safety1stmedical.com.
Saf-T-Syringe; Safety Medical, www.safetymedical.net.
1cc Insulin, 1 cc Tuberculin, 3cc, 5cc, 10 cc;Retractable Technologies Inc.,www.vanishpoint.com.
to find safety products
Part Three
by Ron Stoker
Retracting Needles, Manual
Every year numerous clinicians suffer an accidental needle-stick injury. Retractable syringes can help solve this problem.There are essentially no clinical applications for which retractablesyringes are not only suitable but life saving in nature.
Retractable Safety Syringe; DuoProSS Medtech,www.duopross.com/products/index.php.
Careo Retractable Safety Syringe; Lifeshield Products Inc.,www.lifeshield-careo.com.
HookSafe™ Retractable Safety syringe; Biotop Technology,www.biotop.com/en/products/retractable.php.
InterVene Manually Retractable Hypodermic Safety Needle;InterVene Limited, www.ivltd.co.uk/index2.html.
Inviro SNAP! Manually Retracting Syringe with fixedneedle, Inviro SNAP! Manually Retracting Syringe withexchangeable needle, Inviro SNAP! Manually RetractingSyringe with Inviro Stripe; Inviro Medical, www.inviromedical.com.
SafePro™ manually retractable safety syringe with fixedneedle, SafePro™ Plus manually retractable safety syringewith exchangable needle; Formosa Medical Products,www.formosamed.com.tw/product/safety_ syringe01e.htm.
Retractable Syringe; US Medical InstrumentsInc., www.usmedicalinstruments.com/ safesnap.html.
SecureGard retractable needle syringe system; SafeGardMedical Systems, www.safegardmedical.com/securegard. html.
UniqSafe Retractable Safety Syringe; Axel Bio Corporation,www.axelbio.com/home.htm.
Safety Debridement Kit
Safety debridement kits assist in the removal of dead,contaminated or adherent tissue from a wound site. Some kitscontact safety components to minimize sharps injuries.
Debridement Trays with safety scalpel; Medline,www.medline.com.
Scalpels, Retractable
Retractable scalpel blades allow the clinician to slide theblade into a safe position prior to passing it.
Retractable Safety Scalpels; Cardinal, www.cardianal.com.
Bard-Parker SafetyLock Disposable Scalpel; BD, www.bd.com.
Canica Safety Scalpel Handle; Canica Design, www.canica.com.
DeRoyal Safety Scalpel with retractable blade; DeRoyal,www.deroyal.com.
DIAMATRIX Surgical Steel E-Series Trapezoid blade;Diamatrix Ltd. Inc., www.diamatrix.com.
Futura Safety Scalpel-retractable scalpel; Merit Medical,www.merit.com.
Futura Safety Scalpel-retractable scalpel, HypoguardFutura™ safety scalpels; Futura Medical Corp., www.futuramedical.com.
Miltex Disposable Safety Scalpel; Miltex, Inc., www.miltex.com.
Personna Safety Scalpel
- disposable; PersonnaMedical, www.asrco.com/medical.
Ribbel Safe single use scalpel; Ribbel InternationalLimited, www.ribbel.com/index.html.
Saf-T-Scalpel; Advanced Medical Innovations, www.amiwelisten.com.
Saf-T-Scalpel™; Safety Medical, www. safetymedical.net.
Surgeon brand Retractable Safety Scalpel withSteadfast Disposal Lock; Jai Surgical, www. jaisurgi-cals.com.
Saf-T-Scalpel™; Safety Medical, www.safetymedical.net.
Stealth Safety Scalpel; Cancer Diagnostics Inc., www.cancerdiagnostics.com.
Sandel Safety Scalpel with Protective Safety Shield;Sandel Medical, www.sandelmedical.com.
Swann-Morton Retractable Safety Scalpels; SwannMorton, www.swan-morton.com.
Technocut PLUS Retractable Safety Scalpel; MYCOMedical Supplies Inc., www.mycomedical.com.
Scalpels, Shielded
After use of the scalpel blade, a button slide is used topush a shield on top of the blade rendering it safe to pass ormove into a neutral or safe transfer zone.
Bard-Parker™ Protected Disposable Scalpel withLocking Retractable Shield, Bard-Parker™ ProtectedSurgical Blade with Metal Handle; BD, www.bd.com.
The BladeGlove Shielded Safety Scalpel System;Medline Industries, www.medline.com.
Disposable Safety Scalpel
; Personna Medical,www.asrco.com/medical.
Ribbel Safe Single Use Scalpel; Ribbell InternationalLTD, www.ribbel.com.
Safety Scalpel, PL Medical Co LLC, www. plmedical.com/public/Catalog_Safety_Retractable.htm.
Safety Scalpel; Xodus Medical, www. xodusmedical.com.
SharpGuard™ guarded knives; Surgical SpecialtiesCorp., www.surgicalspecialties.com.
TechnoCut Plus safety scalpel; Myco Medical, www.MYCOMedical.com.
Scalpels, Weighted
One of the most frequent complaints about safetyscalpels is that they lack the feel and weight of a standardscalpel. Since doctors make their living by being able tofeel the blade as they make an incision, some manufacturers
have produced safety scalpels that are weighted to feel likea conventional scalpel.
Protected Blade Systems from BD; BD,www.bd.com.
Personna Plus™ Safety Scalpel System; PersonnaMedical, www.asrco.com/medical.
Sandel Weighted Safety Scalpel with Protective SafetyShield; Sandell Medical, www.sandelmedical.com.
Scalpel Blade Remover
Removal of scalpel blades by hand is a practice thatincreases exposure to bloodborne and contact pathogensand oftentimes leads to percutaneous injury. New methodsof removing a scalpel blade from its holder will preventthese sharps injuries from occurring.
Blade-Safe Surgical Blade Remover; TradeMarkMedical, www.trademarkmedical.com.
Cincinnati Surgical Blade Remover; CincinnatiSurgical, www.cincinnatisurgical.com.
DeBlade Scalpel Blade Remover; DeRoyal, www.xderoyal.com.
Qlicksmart Scalpel Blade Remover, QlicksmartCASSETTE 3in1; Qlicksmart, www.qlicksmart.com.
Surgi-Guard; Bladex Inc., www.bladex.com.
Scalpel Holder
Scalpel holder’s provide protection from accidentalsharps injuries by holding the scalpel in a safe positionpreventing accidental cuts or sticks.
Scalpel Holder Sharps Safety Device; Xodus Medical,www.xodusmedical.com.
Scalpel Shield™; Purple Surgical, www. purplesurgical.com.
Sharps Safety Station; Medegen Medical, www.medegen.net.
Scalpel Handle, Protective Safety
One of the newest categories of safety products, theprotective safety scalpel handles allow clinician to usechoice of scalpel blade and has the same weight and feel asa conventional scalpel blade and yet covers up the bladeafter each use.
Change-a-Blade™ Safety Scalpel Handle; SandelMedical,www.sandelmedical.com.
Scalpel Handle, Safety Reusable Metal
Some of the newer safety scalpel systems provideinnovative methods to remove the scalpel blade withoutrisking sharps injury.
SafHandle™ Safety Reusable Metal Scalpel Handle;Jai Surgicals Ltd., www.jaisurgicals.com.
Segment Sampling Devices
After receiving donated blood, blood bank personnelroutinely will take a syringe and needle to obtain a fluid samplefrom the small tubing so they can create a cell suspension.Needlestick injuries routinely occur during this process. Newertechnologies are present that can access the blood withoutcompromising the safety of the clinician.
HEMATYPE segment sampling device; Baxter, www.baxter.com.
Safety Segment Slitter; Innovative Laboratory Acrylics Inc.,www.innovativelabacrylics.com.
Sarstedt’s Tube Segment Opener; Sarstedt, www. sarstedt.com.
Seg-Safe™ Segment Processor; Alpha Scientific Corp.,www.Alpha-Scientific.com.
The process of cutting segments with scissors puts healthcareworkers at risk for exposure to bloodborne pathogens.The Sarstedt Tube Segment Opener helps to minimize the risk of exposure, as well as the potential for cross-contaminationbetween segments.
Self-sealing Capillary Tubes
Conventional capillary tubes have to be pushed into clay toseal the send of the tube. FDA, NIOSH and OSHA all recommendproducts that use a method of sealing that does not requiremanually pushing one end of the tube into putty to form a plug.Products in this category do not require a clay plug.
Self-Sealing Microhematocrit Capillary Tubeswith SAFEWRAP; SAFE-TEC Clinical Products Inc.,www.safe-tecinc.com.
Serum Dispenser
Prevent spillage and increase personal safety. Serumdispensers fit all standard 13mm blood collection tubes. A small

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