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Weekly Choice 20p 041014

Weekly Choice 20p 041014

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Published by Baragrey Dave
Weekly Choice, A Choice Publication, Positive News, Sports and Events, Covering 40 Towns in Northern Michigan including Gaylord, Petoskey,
Cheboygan, Grayling, Lewiston, Mancelona, Mio, Indian River and surrounding area.
Weekly Choice, A Choice Publication, Positive News, Sports and Events, Covering 40 Towns in Northern Michigan including Gaylord, Petoskey,
Cheboygan, Grayling, Lewiston, Mancelona, Mio, Indian River and surrounding area.

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Published by: Baragrey Dave on May 10, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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By Heather DeLong
This Saturday, April 12th,Cheboygan High School is host-ing the Earth Week Plus Expo.The earth friendly expo offers workshops and presentationsfor adults and children. Earth Week Plus, in honor of Earthday, holds the mission toincrease awareness of envi-ronmental issues while pro-viding an opportunity forlocal families to learn aboutnature and how we can pre-serve it for future genera-tions.The very first Earth Week Plus workshop was held in April 2007 inviting everyoneto “Jump into action forpeace, justice and MotherEarth.” Since then, the proj-ect has significantly grown. Earth Week Plus work-shops include interactivefamily activities. They’reheld every second Saturday in April, and feature presen-tations about the earth andits creatures, displays and
Public invited to annualrecognition event to beheld May 3rd
The Otsego County United Way isproud to announce the winners of their11th annual Spirit of Volunteerismawards. The recognition event will beheld Saturday, May 3rd. This is the first year the Otsego County United Way  Volunteer Services; the Volunteer Centerand RSVP program will combine effortsin recognizing and celebrating commu-nity volunteers. Since its inception, the Spirit of  Volunteerism Awards recognized indi-viduals, families, organizations andbusinesses in seven award categories.The categories are: Youth, Family Category, Service Club, Corporate, Adult,Senior, and Super Senior. This year’saward recipients are: Alice Kole, theBurrough family, Gaylord Intermediate
112 E. Sixth St., PO Box 382, Gaylord, MI 49734 • www.WeeklyChoice.com • (989) 732-8160
Weekly Choice
A Choice Choice  Publication 
The perfect blendof function andstyle, the uniquecharacter of every design isrevealed in each JnJConstruction project.
Positive News,Sports andEvents
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Junior BrandonDingman ofMancelona is the2014 Top Choice Player ofthe Year in boys hoops.
Photo by Mike Dunn
Mio CoachDennis Kann talksto his players dur-ing a timeout this season.Kann guided Mio to 19 victo-ries and a Class C districtchampionship.
Dingman is2014 Playerof YearDennis KannCoach of theYear
3 +.)"/& !"*/&./-2 3 ("%&*$3 *1&.(&$* 3 "*/0-".3 "*"-( !"*/&./-2 3 ),(*/. #+- !"*/0-".3 "-&+!+*/( /%"-,2
(*##'*#%! '(&,#( &( $+ (&))$+ "#$ % $* %*$
Special offer to new patients:
Come in for an exam,cleaning, and x-rays and receive the bleaching service
  1(0"
       
 ./ &*2(+-!  
)&(2 "*/&./-2
     
Covering 40 Towns in Northern Michigan including Gaylord, Petoskey, Cheboygan, Grayling, Lewiston, Mancelona, Mio, Indian River and surrounding area.
Includes:• Adware and Virus Removal• Compress and Remove Unneeded Files• Perform Needed Updates• Clean Internal Components• Install Proper Virus and Firewall Protection Software
440 West Main St., Suite CGaylord, MI 49735
Fast Turn Around time generally under 48 Hours
Computer Spring Clean-Up
*Parts and excessive labor couldresult in extra charges.
# %  #  # "! " $" % " !! #!" !" # " "  #!
  
  !#$ $ % !"   "    % "!   $ # $#!$ 
   "%
 ! "!%
DINNER –2 FOR $16.99
Combinations #1 - #30
Chicken or Steak
Chicken or Beef
LUNCH –2 FOR $10.99
Lunch Specials #1 - #13
By DENNIS MANSIELDBuckland News Service
GRAYLING – The effort to revitalizeGrayling’s downtown district kicked off  with a public celebration April 7 of thecommunity’s selection into the state’sMain Street program.The Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s “Main Street”effort is a state-approved program tohelp communities develop and revitalizedowntown districts. The program focuseson four comprehensive strategies –design, economic restructuring, promo-tion and organization.In February, Gov. Rick Snyder’s officeannounced that Grayling, along withThree Rivers and Wayne, were designat-ed as “select level” communities and willreceive five years of intensive technicalassistance with a focus on revitalizationstrategies designed to attract new resi-dents, business investment, economicgrowth and job creation to their centralbusiness districts. And, local supporters of Grayling’sMain Street Program and officials fromthe state and national Main Street cen-ters, gathered at the Grayling Eagles Club
& More!
2014 Spirit ofVolunteerism AwardWinners Announced
Grayling kicks off MainStreet effort
D9. D( M(49 : / >9 6 /: @(9: #<9 #69 (>(9+,(+ > 6 /669:  :? (++-6( *(69: ( / #9 6 6<9:4 (>(9+: 6 M(@ 39+.
ourtEsy Photo
E(9/ '2 !<:,  /669 6 E(9/ +(@, /6+: / 4::66 *9(: (>(9:: 6 =964( ::<: >/ 96-=+ ( 669<@ 69 6*( (4: 6 (9 ()6< (<9(+ /6> > *( 9:9=  69 <<9 9(6:.
ourtEsy Photo
Earth WeekPlus Expo
at Cheboygan High School
N94 "49 + M::, :9 994 *9  ;/ N; M #;9; C;9, :  :4:  >*4G9@ ; ;: > :;;<: :  B:*; = *44<;@  ;/ :;;D: M #;9; 994 +<9  ;>-/<9 =: ::: ; ;/ G9@ E: C<  M+@, A9 7.
hotos by
2014  Top C ho ice Bo ys Bas ke t ba l l  Team
By Heather DeLong  Your Spirit, a restaurant in Cheboygan, hasstarted a cooking class series that beganThursday, March 27th. The class will contin-ue every week through Thursday, May 15th,and features the modern family cooking basics. The series is designed to help you get your focus and life back; therefore, you’lllearn how to stock your home with nutri-tious, go to staples that will have you prepar-ing fast and easy meals. You’ll also learn inthe class how preparing a meal for one or your whole family doesn’t have to be timeconsuming and a chore, the role healthy eat-ing plays in your well being, encompassing  your physical and mental state, how to cre-ate and have fun cooking using interactiveteaching methods, how to create affordablemeals on any budget, and how simple cook-ing really can be. It’s not easy coming homefrom work just to turn around and have tocook your family a meal—that’s if you’vealready decided what you’re going to makeand have all the ingredients in your home.This class series is here to help! Your Spirit is located at 414 North MainStreet in Cheboygan. Each class is $10 or $60to attend the entire series. Below is the list of classes in the cooking series. You can attend the remaining 6 class-es or choose the ones that most interest you. All classes begin at 6:30 pm (except May 3rdat 3 pm) and last approximately two hours:-Thursday, March 27th’s class was aboutcreating your own tradition. The fundamen-tals of meat, potatoes and vegetables in themodern era. How to create fast and easy  weeknight meals packed with nutrition andtaste.-Monday, April 7th: One hit wonders. Onedish meals that are either fast and easy toprepare or use the set and forget method,slow cooker, oven or stovetop.-Thursday, April 17th: Happy family.Oriental style meals prepared faster than youcan say “Let’s order takeout.”-Thursday, April 24th: All you can eat.Soup and salad as a main meal—we’ll teach you the fundamentals of soup making andsome non-traditional fast and easy go tosoups and quick and easy salads.-Saturday, May 3rd: Clean up your lunchbox. Weekday nutritional packed lunch—how to make fast easy nutritional meals totake to work.-Thursday, May 8th: South of the border.Mexican made easy. Delicious, fast and wholesome Mexican meals packed withtaste.-Thursday, May 15th: Grilling and chilling.How to cook meats and vegetables to perfec-tion on the BBQ while you get to enjoy thebeautiful evenings that are about to comeupon us.For more information on the cooking classseries at Your Spirit, call Dominique Pack at(231) 268-3443.
To contact Heather DeLong for any com-ments, questions or concerns, send an email to heather@weeklychoice.com.
It’s never too late to start becoming thebest chef in you!
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Local News
$<:@, A 10, 2014 L+ N>: L (989) 732-8160
Cooking Class Continues at Your Spirit SeriesBrings Back the Modern Family Basics
$/ 90 0 +05+  / @<  @<9 *< (5+ 0 )(*; /99,@< (95 />  * @<9 /4 >0/ 5<900<,   ( /( >0/(= @< 9(905 ( (5+ (@ 4(.
ourtEsy Photo
By Deb Hagen-Foley Multitasking is encouraged by theever-increasing number of thingsrequiring our attention. Electronicdevices have only accelerated this path. Among employees with smartphones,around 89% use them at work. While watching television, 42% browse theinternet, 28% text message or instantmessage – I know I do! If you think you can efficiently multi-task, you are probably wrong. Multi-tasking is really "task-switching," as it isnot possible to give full attention to twotasks at one time. In actuality, when wethink we are multi-tasking, we are ask-ing our brains to switch from one activ-ity to another and back again repeated-ly. Task-switching, according to theresearch, results in a loss of time as thebrain identifies which task to process.In the moments when multitasking isbeing attempted, each of the tasks may suffer from a lack of attention and,overall, the task will take longer than if they were completed sequentially rather than simultaneously. Attempting to multi-task results in anoverall drop in productivity of 40%. Multi-tasking also leads to long-termnegative effects. If attempting tomulti-task in an effort to acquire new knowledge or skills, the results are even worse. If you are able to learn whilemulti--tasking, research finds that theability to recall the new information isreduced. Mindfulness is the opposite of multi-tasking. Mindfulness refers to a state of active, open attention on the present,living in the moment. Mindfulnessmeans actively focusing your attentionon the present moment, and accepting it without judgment. Paying attention to the pres-ent is more difficult than we might think. How often are we at home and thinking about work? At work and thinking about an upcoming vacation?Focused on what happened last week or what ison the calendar for next month? Mindfulness has multiple benefits for wellbeing. As people develop an ability to be in thepresent moment, they experience less emotionalover-reactivity and improved ability to reactappropriately in any situation. Being mindfulmakes it easier to appreciate the pleasures in lifeas they occur and helps you to be engaged inactivities. Mindfulness can create a greater capacity todeal with adverse events also. People who prac-tice mindfulness report that they are less likely tobe caught worrying about thefuture or regretting the past, arenot as concerned about successand self-esteem, and are betterable to form deep connections with others.Mindfulness can improve men-tal and physical health.Psychotherapists have successful-ly treated a range of problems by incorporating mindfulness,including: depression, substanceabuse, eating disorders, and anxi-ety and obsessive compulsive dis-orders. Research has shown thatbenefits of mindfulness to physi-cal health also. Mindfulness canhelp relieve stress, treat heart dis-ease, lower blood pressure,reduce chronic pain, improvesleep and alleviate gastrointesti-nal distress.The goal of mindfulness is toachieve a state of alert, focusedrelaxation, deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensa-tions without judgment. Thereare multiple approaches to mind-fulness. A basic mindfulnessmeditation would involve sitting quietly and focusing on yourbreathing. Allow thoughts tocome and go, but do not be dis-tracted by them. Continue tofocus on breathing. Some peoplefocus on a mantra, repeating a word or phrase. Once concentra-tion is established, observethoughts, emotions and bodily sensations without judging themas good or bad. With practice,this will become easier. Developing an ability to experi-ence these thoughts and sensa-tions in a relaxed state and with-out judgment will reduce reactivity to daily has-sles as it becomes easier to observe situations andrespond in a calm, non-judgmental manner. Youcan learn mindfulness from a class or therapist.  You can also develop mindfulness on your own,using the basic instructions provided above or with one of the exercises I will describe next week. Skywarn is a concept developed in the late 1960s to promotea partnership between the National Weather Service and localcommunities. The primary focus of this effort is the volunteerstorm spotter. This is an individual who reports severe weatherinformation to forecasters at the National Weather Service(NWS). These reports are a critical piece of effective and accu-rate NWS severe weather warnings. Each year in northern Michigan, the National WeatherService in Gaylord presents Skywarn Spotter Safety Coursesacross the area. The presentations are free, open to the public,and usually last about 1 1/2 hours. There is no need to pre-reg-ister for the classes. The training provides details on thingssuch as tornado development, thunderstorm hazards, severe weather safety and how to make a complete report to theNational Weather Service. After completing the training, atten-dees will be official NWS Skywarn spotters. Each person that attends is given a National Weather Servicespotter card and information on several online spotter net- works. If you are interested in learning more about severe weather and storm spotting, you are encouraged to attend oneof these presentations.To see a complete listing of upcoming talks and locations,please visit the NWS Gaylord webpage at www.weather.gov/gaylord or call the NWS Gaylord office at989-731-3384.  Additional information on the spotter program may be foundatwww.crh.noaa.gov/apx/?n=faq_skywarnGrain Train Natural Foods Market will be at the Earth Week Plus Expo in Cheboygan on Saturday, April 12, totalk about Grain Train Delivers.Grain Train Natural Foods Market in Petoskey hasbeen Northern Michigan’s source for natural and organicfood for over 40 years. Now they’re delivering in a wholenew way. Once a month, "Grain Train Delivers" rolls intotown with their customers' preordered cases and a pop-up market full of organic produce, local meats, eggs,cheeses, breads, honey and maple syrup. Customerssave money by ordering cases of their favorite productsand can shop a variety of fresh foods. In 2013, Grain Train Delivers began regularly visiting  Alpena and Sault Ste. Marie. The next stop is Cheboygan.To get started, GrainTrain is looking for acommunity of folks who want to buy good foodat good prices.
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Cultivating Mindfulness
B<++/( 4(5 "5 >/ 0 (>(," ( 05 (>(  9(0@.M(5@ 405+<5 8< (9 (90)<+  $/ B<++/(, 05*<+-05: "D 5 +> 05 / (, + 5 +9(4  / <<9, *5-*59( / 405+ 5 / 95 445."
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