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History of Graphic Design Copy

History of Graphic Design Copy

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Published by Sandy Liang
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Published by: Sandy Liang on Nov 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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History of Graphic Design
 The invention of writing
Use tool was a major step in the human species journey form a primitive to anorganize state….Pictographs: the animals painted on caves. Elementary sketches, the dawning of visualcommunication.Cuneiform:Petroglyphs and ideographs:petroglyphs: carved or scratched signs or simple figures on rock.Ideographs: many petroglyphs can also be pictographs or ideographs, which aresymbols to represent ideas or concepts. The cradle of civilization:Ancient Mesopotamia The Sumerian influence
Evolution of writing:
PictographsCuneiformRebus writingDifficult to learnWriting elevated…LibrariesLiteratureSense of historyStandardization of weights and measurementsLawHammurabi’s codeMesopotamian visual identification:MesopotamianCylinder seals.Egyptian hieroglyphs:Egyptian rebus: represent of picture and sounds The Rosetta stonPapyrus and writing: writing on one side with olive oil.1
Major step in visual communicationScribesIllustrated manuscripts:Egyptians also combined words and pictures to communicate informationEgyptian visual identification:ScarabsConclusion:3000 years
chapter 2The alphabet
: a set of visual symbols of characters used to represent the elementarysounds of a spoken language.North Semitic alphabet:Semite: a member of a number of people of ancient SW Asian including akkadians,Phoenicians, Hebrews and Arabs.Semitic refers to the language family…
Aramaic alphabet
: origin from syriaFirst used by the tribes from AramBecome dDominant in the near EastPredecessor to modern Arabic and Hebrew.
Hebrew and Arabic languages:
Square Hebrews to Modern HebrewkuficNaskhiAramic and India
The Greek alphabet:
Greek civilizationKing Cadmus of PhoeniciaVotive stelaBoustrophedon: reading left to right, right to left.Uncials: rounder writing with all caps….
The Latin alphabet:
 The rise of RomeRoman serifs The Latin alphabet:Capitalis QuadrataCapitalis rustica: no space, even on wall writingWall writingParchment and vellum: cattle or cat skin. Vellum.2
Codex: a early bookConclusions: alphabetic writing slowly transformed western society. Alphabetic writingwas easy to learn and literacy was put with in reach of ordinary people, in contrast tothe Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures.
Chapter 3
Chinese contribute:Relief printing block printInvention of paperChopsCalligraphy:
A purely visual language
Invented by Ts-an Chieh
A graphic character or sign that represents an entire wordEarly forms of Chinese calligraphy: four phases
Chia-ku-wen: bone or shell script
Chin-wen: bronze script: food
Hisao chuan
Chinese calligraphy:
Bone-size authorityBlood texture of inkMuscle –spirit or vital force
The invention of paper
:Invented by ts’ai lunHis process for making paper stayed almost unchanged until nineteenth-centuryEngland mechanized it.
The discovery of printing:
Relief printing: parchment.Chops: made out of jade, ivory, silver, or gold. For legal document, contrast, and trade.Ink rubbings:Currency and religious textsConfucian classics and playing cardsMoveable type:Invented around 1045 AD.
Chapter 4
 Two great traditions of manuscript illumination: combined detailed typography withpictures, color, and used presets material: gold, silver, leather, and jewel.3

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