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Zanpakuto Infusion

Zanpakuto Infusion

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Published by Mila Russet
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Published by: Mila Russet on Nov 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zanpakutou Infusion part 1
Zanpakutou-A katana with a soul and mindof it’s own, a Zanpakutou is able tochange it’s form in it’s second and thirdstates. These are given to seatedofficers of the shinigami.Roukon District-A place where the souls of thedead go after a soul burial is performedon them. Taichou-The Japanese synonym forCaptain.Fuku-taichou-The Japanese synonym forVice-Captain.Reiatsu-Energy of the spirit; Spiritualenergy or pressure.Reishi-The material (atoms) thatmake up the Seireitei.Seireitei-The entire domain of theShinigami.Shinigami-Death gods; they lead thesouls of the dead to the afterlife.Sake-alcoholic drink popular amongthe Shinigami.
Nanii-what?Shunpo-A flash stepis a method otransportation the Shinigami use tomove from place to place very quickly. This can be used in battle as well as inescape.
South Roukon District…….
 The night was cold and dark, fragrant with the scent of rain, of thepregnant rainclouds that hadn’t yet released their bounty of water. A slimslip of a girl eased through the back doorway of an ancient cottage andtiptoed her way to the cobblestoned walkway. The girl broke into a run as soon as she passed 150 meters in distancefrom the house; as she fled the unfavorable situations that had ruled her lifefor the past 10 years. Being adopted by the wealthy family at age 12 hadseemed like a good thing, but by the time her body had filled out, the masterof the house had taken advantage of his position and had shamelesslypropositioned her over and over again until the stress of his impending visitswould drive her to insomnia.A broken sob burst from her throat as her foot caught against a pavingstone and she fell. A large hand closed around hers and pulled her to herfeet. She looked up and was about to express her gratitude when shecaught sight of the person’s appearance.It was Raikan, her adoptive brother.“Caisa-san,” he said in a voice so uncommonly tender it was mocking.“Whatever are you doing running off alone? Why don’t you have more …things with you? Don’t you know how easily one’s food supply can dwindlewhen running off all alone?”“Raikan, please don’t tell your father. I’ll do anything!” Caisa begged, abroken sob tearing from her throat.“Oh stuff it, dear girl. You may well imagine what I’ll do to you if youmake yourself tempting enough… as if you already aren’t… but I am notplanning to take you back. Instead, I’ll take you with me. That way, fatherwon’t know where either of us will be, since we’ll both be gone.”“Oh Raikan, thank you!!” Caisa whispered.“There is something you should probably know, we’re going rebel.”With these words Raikan withdrew a Zanpakuto from his capes. He handedit to Caisa. “That is yours. Find out its name; you know how.”

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