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Smart House for Energy Saving Paper

Smart House for Energy Saving Paper

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Published by ranggaromy
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have been presented in CEPSI 2011
for free...
have been presented in CEPSI 2011

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Published by: ranggaromy on May 11, 2014
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Dheka Bakti Krisnamurti WinarnoPT PLN (PERSERO) PEMBANGKITAN SMATERA BAGIAN TARA!heka"#inarno$%ahoo&'o&i!Muhamma! Mas%kur Rinan!ar PT PLN (PERSERO) PEMBANGKITAN SMATERA BAGIAN TARA
muhamma!&mas%kur$%ahoo&'om Ra'hmat *ikranPT PLN (PERSERO) PEMBANGKITAN SMATERA BAGIAN TARA+,kr-n".-$%ahoo&'o&i!
 Nowadays, the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels makes the high price of fuel oil. With rising fuel prices automatically needs of the more expensive one tariff price of electricity (TDL !ecause many power plants in  "ndonesia are still using diesel fuel. #rice of electricity per kwh will further increase with the increasing scarcity of fuel from year to year. This will result in people not !e a!le to have electricity when there is no su!sidy from the government or the pu!lic can en$oy the power with the power of government su!sidies are higher. Therefore there are some solutions from the government to address this pro!lem, including putting new power plants with low fuel and use electricity more wisely or more efficient use of electricity.%ne recommended solution is the government&s savings in electricity usage. %n the 'arth our program launched !y the government each dated )arch *+ that unused power outage at each homes and !usinesses in the evenings for + hour, the government can save a su!sidy of * trillion rupiah. 'arth #ower #rogram aims to make people aware of the importance of saving electricity, although only + hour. Therefore the design of smart homes need to !e made to electricity savings not only for + hour will !e !ut as long as continuous. o expect  su!sidies from the government for electricity will !e smaller while the government to !uild new power plants with cheap fuel. This smart home design will automatically turn off unused electrical or power off when no one is coming into the room in the house. This smart house designs will not change a lot of home design, this design change only the input power supply network output )- (miniature circuit !reaker to set the whole house and changing the input power supply that led to their room if it will regulate electrical energy in each room .The working principle of the smart home is simply turn off and turn on the electricity in the house or room
automatically. o as to make ordinary homes into smart homes need to use components such as selector 
 switches, relays, auxiliary contactors and contactor. With the selector switch, the household electrical appliance which can !e set to continue living such as refrigerators and dispensers. o that when the selector switch is  selected to the position of power tools, then the e/uipment will not die even though no residents. 0elay serves as attorney1energi2e (activators contactor. erves as an auxiliary contactor driver&s latch (lock contactor. While the !reaker or contactor to function as a power supply connector. o with a simple design and components that are very easy to get, then the smart home is easily applied to every home and companies that were using a regular grid.
Smart house is one o/ some so00utions /or us to raise u1 the ener2% sa3in2 1ro2rams& It has a 3er% sim10e i!ea or !esi2n so the #orkin2 1rin'i10e /or the Smart 4ouse 5ust 'an 6e a110ie! more easi0% then& The !esi2n o/ Smart 4ouse has some !i//erents #ith other e7istin2 automati' insta00ation8 so in other #a% it makes some s1e'ia0 6ene/its /or the 'ostumers& The 'han2in2 /rom or!inar% house into Smart 4ouse #i00 2reat0% 6ene/it the resi!ents an! 2o3ernment #ho are #orkin2 on ener2% sa3in2& With the 'ost o/ -9&9998: Ru1iahs o/  1ur'hasin2 the 'om1onents8 the #orkin2 1rin'i10e /or the Smart 4ouse 5ust 'an 6e a110ie!& Go3ernment is a 1art that most 2et the im1a't o/ the Smart 4ouse& It #as on'e a110ie! to The Earth 4our Pro2ram ( turn o// ; 0i2hts /or an hour)8 #here the 2o3ernment 'an sa3e the e0e'tri' ener2% as mu'h as  Bi00ion Ru1iahs& An! #ith the Smart 4ouse8 e3er% homes take not on0% turn ; 0i2hts o// 6ut a0so a00 o/ the e0e'tri' e<ui1ments that unuse! as 0on2 as it has no resi!ents&As #e kno# that8 the in'reasin2 s'ar'it% o/ /ossi0 /ue0s makes the hi2h 1ri'e o/ it& With the rise in /ue0 1ri'es8 automati'a00% resu0t in the 1ri'es o/ nee!s 6e more e71ensi3e su'h as the 1ri'e o/ e0e'tri'it% (TDL) 6e'ause man% 1o#er 10ants in In!onesia are sti00 usin2 !iese0 /ue0& Pri'e o/ e0e'tri'it% 1er kWh #i00 /urther in'rease #ith the in'reasin2 s'ar'it% o/ /ue0 /rom %ear to %ear& The 'ase #i00 'ause 1eo10e not 6e a60e to en5o% the e0e'tri'it% i/ there is no su6si!i+e! o/ the 2o3ernment or another #a% the 1eo10e are a60e to en5o% the e0e'tri'it% #ith the hi2her su6si!% o/ the 2o3ernment& There/ore there are some so0utions /rom the 2o3ernment to so03e out this 1ro60em8 in'0u!in2 1uttin2 ne# 1o#er 10ants #ith 0o# 'ost /ue0 an! use e0e'tri'it% more #ise0% or ha3e to 6e more e//i'ient /or usin2 e0e'tri'it%&There/ore8 throu2h the Earth 4our Pro2ram that is 3er% su11orti3e to the im10ementation o/ ener2% sa3in28 The smart 4ouse #ere 'reate! a !esi2n that 'onte7t 3er% #e00 1ro3i!e enou2h 3ariation /or us& So #ith a sim10e !esi2n an! 'om1onents that are 3er% eas% to 2et8 then the smart home is easi0% a110ie! to e3er% home an! 'om1anies that #ere usin2 a re2u0ar 2ri!& Sim10e8 isn=t it > An! o/'ourse this Smart 4ouse #i00 6ene/it man%  1eo10es /or sa3in2 the ener2% an! 'ou10e! #ith a sma00 'ost to 1a% the e0e'tri'it% in ea'h month an! 3er% 6ene/i'a0 a0so /or the 2o3ernment& Where the 2o3ernment is 'urent0% s1arkin2 the ener2%:sa3in2 1ro2ram 'ause o/ the s'ar'it% o/ /ue0 an! oi0&

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