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All the Things They Said

All the Things They Said

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Published by Bianca Cullen
Basically Bella's getting teased Jasper her brother joins in on the fun and when Bella comes back from living with her mum Things change! Suck at summaries... Just read, wont regret
Basically Bella's getting teased Jasper her brother joins in on the fun and when Bella comes back from living with her mum Things change! Suck at summaries... Just read, wont regret

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Published by: Bianca Cullen on Nov 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All the things they said.
Bella povSo its November, You think I would’ve been used tothe name calling by now since I am in year 12.Stupid Amateurs, hi my name is Bella Swan. I havea brother Jasper Swan, and he is way better lookingthan I will ever be, Basically he got all the genesfrom my mum, and I- I got it from my dad’s side.Not saying it’s a bad thing. But I have ordinaryBrown hair and Brown eyes, also a bit over weight.But Jazz, which by the way is my brothersnickname, We always used to hang out and makeup nicknames like that for each other. Until he metAlice Cullen and her Brothers Edward and Emmett,Now he is a big pain in my ass. Jasper has Blondish-Brownish hair and a six-pack. Jasper and Alice waskind of a package deal, and since Alice, HerBrothers and Emmett’s girlfriend Rosalie Haletease me of course my brother ditched me.“Oh this can’t be happening” i said as Alice andRosalie bitch Flaunted over to me. “How’s it goingBella?” They said in a mocking tone “Look I’m notin the mood, Please just go away” I said glaringdaggers at them. “Oh we just came to saysomething” they said all innocent “And what would
that be?” I said tired. Alice reached over me andgrabbed my custard and poured it on my head.“WHAT THE FUCK!” I yelled, desperately trying totake the pudding out of my hair. I looked over towhere the boys were sitting, and they wereshaking with laughter. I just starred at Jasper. “OhBella come on it was a joke!” he said, falling to thefloor. I didn’t think, I just got up and ran to my carand drove off. How could he do that to me? Afterall I’ve done for him!I chucked the car into park at our house and raninside to my bedroom. I grabbed my suitcase ontop of my wardrobe and threw everything of minein it. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Dadwasn’t here so that was good. I took a pen and themessage pad for phone calls and wrote... To Dad,I can’t do this anymore. I’m sick and tired of livinglike this so I have gone back with mum. When I amready to come back I will but till then don’t worryabout me.Love alwaysBellaxx
Dad would get it as soon as he got home. As I wasabout to walk out the door I saw something thatpissed me off. It was the photograph Jasper and Itook when he wasn’t a popular asshole. I hit it off the table causing the frame to break. I grabbed thephoto ripped it up and chucked it in the bin. I ranout and drove to the airport. Jasper PovI opened the door and chucked my keys on thecounter. “Bella I’m home” I walked over to the TV,and stepped on something making it crack undermy converse. I looked down and saw a frameshattered, Freaking idiots. I bent down and startedpicking up the large pieces of glass. I opened thebin to chuck the mess out when i saw the photothat belonged to the frame ripped up in the bin. Itwas the photo me and Bells took before we cameto Forks. What was that doing in there? “Bella?” Ishrugged and went to the kitchen to get a coke. Onthe fridge there was a note to dad. Oh well not likehe will know i read it. I Read through it quickly andwas shocked. Bella left, don’t know if she’s ok nordo i know if I’ll ever see her again. I raced to the

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