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Alexander Monkman

Alexander Monkman

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Alexander Monkman, a Metis entrepreneur, of Grande Prairie, Alberta is profiled. Monkmans Pass in B.C. is named for him.
Alexander Monkman, a Metis entrepreneur, of Grande Prairie, Alberta is profiled. Monkmans Pass in B.C. is named for him.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on May 12, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Alexander Monkman.
(1870-1941)Alexander Monkman, was born on March 29, 1870 at Manitoba o!se, the son o" enr# Monkman
 (b$ 18%4) and &anc# 'hit"ord, the da!hter o" eter 'hit"ord and *hristiana +ence$ Alexander married Anne o!ise .ate, the da!hter o" hili .ate and Ann /raser on !l# 1, 1900 in dmonton, Alberta$ .he# had the "ollowin children3
/letcher, born +etember 29, 1901 at esser +lae ake$
lise ane, born an!ar# 12, 190% at dmonton$
hili enr#, born 1904 at ake +askatoon, Alberta$
*hristine, born 1905 at ake +askatoon, Alberta$
6eore +tanle#, born 1908 at a# Meadow$ Alex Monkman at one time lied in Montana, where he became known as a broncob!ster and rodeo-rider$ e headed north d!rin the 1898 old r!sh !ntil he t!rned back between !nean and /ort +t$ ohn$ At eace ier he met two "ree tradin and transortation entrerene!rs, redin and *ornwall who hired him to drie do-teams thro!h the 6rande rairie co!ntr# carr#in "reiht and "!rs$ :n !l# o" 1899 the artners decided to  b!ild a ost at 6rande rairie$ Monkman was to select a site, which he did at ake +askatoon, a "ew miles "rom 6rande rairie$ .his lace was then the crossin o" two well-worn :ndian trails, where eaer and *ree :ndians had ermanent s!mmer cams, and traditional laces "or rit!al meetins and tribal re!nions$ ere Monkman became the "irst non - !dson;s a# *oman# trader in the reion$ :n 1898 Monkman and o!is *allio! rew the "irst rain in that area$# the earl# 1900s Monkman held roert# o" his own near /l#in +hot ake and receied he ario!s rains "rom the oernment, who was tr#in to stim!late aric!lt!ral  rod!ction in the area b# handin o!t seeds to settlers "or "ree$ :n 1905 Alexander started a ranch at ear ake and in 1910 oened a homestead at nearb# *!tbank ake$ :n 1922, while lookin "or t!nsten in the ock# Mo!ntains, Monkman discoered a ass that wo!ld later be named in his hono!r$ At that time the rain "armers in his reion were "acin roblems in transortin their harest to the seaort at <anco!er$ .he rain had to be transorted b# rail thro!h eace ier, dmonton and *alar#, a 1700-mile tri$ Monkman=s ro!te c!t 1000 miles o"" the total distance traelled, howeer the >ellowhead ass was selected "or a transort line thro!h the mo!ntains, een tho!h enineers s!ested that Monkman=s ass was easier to traerse$# 19%5, hih "reiht costs had taken their toll on the "armers, and Monkman s!ested that the "armers b!ild a hihwa# thro!h the Monkman ass themseles to red!ce "reiht
 enr# Monkman was the son o" ames Monkman (b$c$ 1807) and Mar!erite ichard$ Mar!erite was the da!hter o" /rancois ichard +r$ born 178% and Mar!erite +a!ltea!x, he died 1871 at +t$ a!rent, Manitoba$ .he ichards were on o" the "irst "amilies liin at +a!ltea!x <illae on the Assiniboine ier where /ather elco!rt b!ilt his "irst ch!rch in 18%2$$ 1

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