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E Reader Newspaper

E Reader Newspaper

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Published by: api-27607917 on Nov 11, 2009
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E-reader Newspaperhttp://www.LibertyNewsprint.com09/11/09 - 10/11/09
Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:14:32 AM
Former President Bill Clintonisdue to visitCapitol Hill today totalk healthcare reform withSenate Democrats and theirindependent allies.The meeting’s important becauseDemocrats have yet to find the 60votes they need to stop SenateRepublicans from blockingPresident Barack Obama’ssignature domestic issue. HouseDemocrats got their end of the job done over the weekend bypassing landmark legislation.Clinton’s presidency wasovershadowed by his own failedbid to reform the healthcaresystem in the 1990s. But NBCsaid he could help swayDemocrats wavering in thecurrent debate, including Sen.Blanche Lincoln of his homestate, Arkansas.A bigobstacle that Clinton,Obama and Senate Democratsfaceseems as old as humannature: people who willcooperate — if they get their ownway.This time, a small clutch of moderates want their own way onthe so-called public option, aproposal to offer governmentsupported low-cost healthcoverage that isanathema toRepublicans and the insuranceindustry.Some senators are categoricalabout what they want.For independent Sen. JoeLieberman of Connecticut — astate long associated withinsurance interests — oppositionto the public option is a moralissue. “If the public option plan isin there, as a matter of conscience, I will not allow thisbill to come to a final vote,” hesaid at the weekend onFoxNews.But his independent neighbor tothe north, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont,soundslikeLieberman’s polar opposite:“It would be outrageous to me,that when you have anoverwhelming majority of Americans wanting a strongpublic option, that we do notdeliver that.”Others are not so categorical —until you get to the nitty gritty.Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraskatold NBC he could back a publicoption, but not if states have tomake the effort to opt out. Why?Because he doesn’t want them inthe system unless they want to bethere.“I don’t think there is anything tobe gained by opting out,” Nelsonsaid. “I would look at the abilityof the states to opt in, so that thestates could make the decisionsthemselves.”It seems a small distinction butmayprove important. Reformadvocates fear their adversariescould easily defeat healthcarereform at the state level, wheresmall numbers of health insurerscan sometimes hold a nearmonopoly.Obama hopes to sign ahealthcare reform bill by the endof the year. Click here for more Reuterspolitical coveragePhoto Credits: Reuters/Chip East(Clinton); Reuters/Jonathan Ernst(Lincoln); Reuters/Mike Segar(Lieberman); Reuters/ChrisHelgren (Sanders);Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Nelson)
2E-reader Newspaper
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:38:24 PM
Barack Obama says he probablymakes one mistake a day, butdoesn’t think he has made anyfundamental ones in almost 10months as president of the UnitedStates.Toward the end of his first term,his predecessor George W. Bushfamously said in answer to aquestion that he could not think of any mistakes he had made — acomment which long dogged himas the U.S. overthrow of SaddamHussein in 2003 led to chaos inIraq.When Obama was asked thesame question on Monday, hewas quicker on his feet.“Oh, we make at least onemistake a day,” he said with asmile.“But I will say this, I don’t think we’ve made big mistakes,” hetold Reuters in an interview inthe Oval Office. “I don’t think we’ve made fundamentalmistakes.”When asked to give a fewexamples of errors, Obamaregretted how his team hadhandled some of the early vettingof administration appointments, areference to problems withpersonal taxes that knocked somekey picks out of contention.He also mentioned regret overhow he had “phrasedcommentary” on thecontroversial arrest of aprominent African AmericanHarvard University scholar inCambridge earlier this year,when he said police had actedstupidly and was later forced tobacktrack.“I mean, there are constant sortof things that I think have provenunnecessary distractions,” hesaid.“But in terms of the coredecisions that we’ve made torescue the economy, to moveforward on a path for moving ourtroops from Iraq, on making surethat we’ve gone through arigorous process in Afghanistan,to how we have movedhealthcare to a place that sevenpresidents have not been able toget to, I feel very good about ourprogress.” Highlights from the InterviewFor more from the interview,click on the story links below: Obama warns of strains withChina Obama on Iran nuclear deal Obama on Copenhagen climatesummit Obama says expect to signSTART pact in December Obama reading Life of PiPhoto Credit:Reuters/Jim Young(Obama answers questionsduring Reuters interview in OvalOffice)
Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:00:00 AM
Filed under:Microsoft (MSFT),Apple Inc (AAPL),CiscoSystems (CSCO),Dell (DELL), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ),Intel(INTC),Home Depot (HD), Motorola (MOT),Marketmatters,International BusinessMachines (IBM),JPMorganChase (JPM),Goldman SachsGroup (GS),Lowe's Cos (LOW), Cypress Semiconductor (CY),Stocks to Buy,Cramer onBloggingStocksFromTheStreet.comNetwork JPMorgan Plans to Lift SalaryFreezeRetail Therapy Is CheaperThan EverTheStreet.com's Jim Cramersays that as numerous stories aremulled over anew, the reasons forselling seem silly.The lack of important data todayforces market participants torevisit stories that got tossed outover the last few weeks simplybecause of earnings ennui.People are now doubling back tosee what they have forgotten, ormore important, why they soldcertain stocks they most likelyshouldn't have.For example, why did JPMorgan(JPM) (Cramer's Take) go from $47 to $44? Bad loans? Creditquality? No, not really. Nothinglike that. Why did GoldmanSachs (GS) (Cramer's Take) go from $192 to the $170s? Some of it was Meredith Whitney, butthere is also a sense of entitlement that makes the firmhated, as if somehow it is toomuch of a pariah to invest in. Continue reading Cramer on BloggingStocks: Investors arerethinking their snap judgments Cramer on BloggingStocks:Investors are rethinking theirsnap judgmentsoriginallyappeared onBloggingStocksonTue, 10 Nov 2009 10:00:00 EST.Please see ourterms for use of feeds.Permalink |Email this| Comments
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3E-reader Newspaper
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:26:58 AM
Like it or not, the healthcaredebate has turned into a fracasover abortion rights.U.S. House Democratic leadershad hoped to avoid just that intheir push to expand healthcarecoverage and reform the healthinsurance market.But getting the votes to pass thehistoric legislation on Saturdayboiled down to settling a disputebetween pro-choice and pro-lifeforces over abortion.Abortion foes won. The Housepassed an amendment restrictingthe availability of insurancepolicies that include electiveabortion services even thoughmany medical plans currentlyoffer such coverage.The debate over abortionhighlights broaderquestionssurroundingthegovernment’s reach inhealthcare. Once the governmentstarts subsidizing insurancepremiums, it will dictate whatcan and cannot be included inthat coverage.Democrat Congressman LouisCapps underscored that inarguing the amendment “willmean more women will havetheir reproductive health choicesmade by politicians and anti-choice zealots in Washington,DC, instead of by themselves andtheir doctors.”With abortion-rights supportersvowing to strip the amendmentout of the bill as it moves throughthe legislative process, the debatenow shifts over to the Senate.Senate Democratic leaders arestruggling to build enoughsupport for the healthcareoverhaul to overcome proceduralhurdles that stand in the way of major legislation.The biggest point of contentionhas been whether the governmentshould offer a new health planoption. But the abortion debatewill likely prove impossible toavoid.Jim Manley, spokesman forSenate Majority Leader HarryReid, acknowledged the issuewill come up when the Senatetakes up healthcare reformpossibly as early as next week.“It is an issue that we are goingto have to deal with over here,”he said. “Senator Reid will needto talk to his caucus about how toproceed.” For more Reuters politicalnews,click here.Photo credit: Reuters/YuriGripas ( U.S. House SpeakerNancy Pelosi following Housevote on healthcare reformlegislation)
Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:30:00 AM
Filed under:Earnings reports,General Electric (GE),WaltDisney (DIS),Film,Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF)When I discussed Lions GateEntertainment's (LGF) first-quarter results, I noted thedisappointing statement of cashflows. Unfortunately, thecompany didn't do much better inthesecond quarter. For the six-month period, Lions Gate usedover $160 million for operationscompared to the roughly $40million used in the similar frameone year ago.Of course, cash flow doesn'talways get the most coverage.Investors tend to get moreexcited by a swing toprofitability. On that count, LionsGate scored admirably, earning26 cents per diluted share versuslosing 44 cents per diluted sharetwelve months prior.Earnings.comindicates thatanalysts were reallyunderestimating the Q2 incomepotential here: the call was for 6cents per share. Continue reading Lions Gate Entertainment: Still waiting forcash flow Lions Gate Entertainment: Stillwaiting for cash floworiginallyappeared onBloggingStocksonTue, 10 Nov 2009 09:30:00 EST.Please see ourterms for use of feeds.Read|Permalink |Email this|Comments
By John Herrman ( Gizmodo  )
Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:51:15 AM
For the last couple of months,Google's been testing a newsearch architecture calledCaffeine—a back-end upgrade,but one that changes the results invirtually any search. Today,Lifehackergets wordthatCaffeine is ready to go live inGoogle proper.So what does this mean, exactly?Well, if you believeroughly 75%of Lifehacker's polled readers, itmeans that Google search isabout to get more accurate,relevant and useful. Or that we'reabout to feel like Google searchhas gotten more accurate,relevant and useful, because weread an article about itsomewhere. Win/win! [Lifehacker]
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