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Apartment Hunting Tips & Checklist

Apartment Hunting Tips & Checklist

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Get the tips and have a checklist handy for when you go apartment searching.
Get the tips and have a checklist handy for when you go apartment searching.

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Published by: Time Warner Cable News on May 13, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Finding an apartment can be a difficult and time consuming task. Presently in the Syracuse area there is a shortage of decent affordable rental housing so finding an apartment can be a challenge. If you are not careful, pressures and poor planning can lead to renting decisions you might later regret. We’ll tell you how to be organized how to rate the apartments you are considering! and things to look for in your lease. So take your time and make a thorough search. "ou’ll increase your chances of finding the best  place to li#e. $ry to start looking
at least
two months before the mo#e. %ast minute hunts can be a disaster. &e aware that most subsidized housing and many apartment comple'es ha#e a waiting list of at least ( months to ) years. *heck local websites+craigslist+ newspapers and begin reading through the apartment ads.ighlight the ads which look promising-corresponding to your desired location and type of apartment.eep in mind the triple goals location, size and cost. Some apartments are not ad#ertized. $hese can be found by cruising the desired area and looking for for rent signs taped to the front window or door of the building. $hese signs usually gi#e the landlord’s  phone number. "ou will want an apartment a#ailable about the same time you are ready to mo#e, so you may dismiss many of those a#ailable ne't week if it will be si' weeks before you’re considering, howe#er with larger apartment comple'es they may ha#e apartments a#ailable at a later date as well. *heck those out.
If an apartment is not satisfactory !en yo" #ie it $o not pay a sec"rity $eposit%%%
 /n apartment needs to be in mo#e-in condition before putting your money down. Security deposits put down to secure an apartment are not refundable. &efore paying a security deposit in the *ity of Syracuse you can check the *ode enforcement history of the property by calling 001-1(2) or by looking online at http++ipsweb.ci.syracuse.ny.us.When you begin your search for an apartment, try to keep housing costs on a reasonable scale. "ou’ll be in good shape if you can keep the rent, utilities and insurance at around 034 of your monthly income. If you call, 5ational 6rid should disclose the budget payment amount for an apartment. $ry to #isit apartments during e#enings or weekends to check the acti#ity le#el. 7uality of life is important to your peace of mind that is worth the effort to find the right place to call home. ere is a checklist to help you remember some details to consider in choosing an apartment. 5ow you’#e done your homework and ha#e your checklist in hand8you’re ready to go. 9emember- it takes time to make the best decisions. appy hunting.
 *lean, lighted, lobby : halls 6ood locks on doors : windows 6arbage : 9ecycling ;who’s responsibility< Parking ;street parking< Secure mail bo' %aundry facilities- washer+drier hookup= >oes doorbell and intercom work= Snow remo#al dri#eway+walkway ;Who is responsible=< ?owing ;Who is responsible=< /ccess to bus+groceries+schools %ead Paint ;children under (< Smoking Policy Pet Policy *ondition of stairs *able and+or satellite dish allowed Working @le#ator 
 Is the apartment clean and ready to go= 5o drafts around windows : doors Screen and storm windows @nough natural light Smoke : *arbon ?ono'ide >etectors= 5o roaches or mice. /sk about bed bug history. Storage adeAuate closet+storage space=
*ALLS+ ,LRS+ (RS
 5o water stains on walls+ceilings+floors *arpeting= Is it clean : in good condition= /re the floors le#el= Working door locks, window latches : other hardware= Paint *ondition= @#idence of ?old=
 *ondition of sink, ;scratched+stained+rusted+dented< Faucets : controls working= /ny dripping= >oes the sink drain well= Is the sto#e clean= >oes it work= /re there adeAuate kitchen cabinets : countertops= *an the kitchen be #entilated ;window or #en fan=< *heck the refrigerator : freezer.
 Is there enough water pressure+hot water= Is the sink clean= >oes the drain leak= >oes it drip= /re there rust or water marks in the bowl= >oes toilet flush completely= >oes it run continuously= Is the toilet seat clean : in good shape=

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