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Italian Intermediate

Italian Intermediate

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Published by mrmi09

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Published by: mrmi09 on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. Verlag KGSingapore Branch, Singapore
INTERMEDIATE ITALIANAUDIOSCRIPTNO part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system ortransmitted in any form or means electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording or otherwise, without prior written permission from ApaPublications.Contacting the EditorsEvery effort has been made to provide accurate information in thispublication, but changes are inevitable. The publisher cannot beresponsible for any resulting loss, inconvenience or injury. We wouldappreciate it if readers would call our attention to any errors oroutdated information by contacting Berlitz Publishing, 193 Morris Ave., Springfield,NJ 07081, email: comments@berlitzbooks.comAll Rights Reserved©2003 Berlitz Publishing/APAPublications GmbH & Co. Verlag KG,Singapore Branch, SingaporeBerlitz Trademark Reg. U.S. Patent Office and other countries. Marca Registrada.Used under license from Berlitz Investment CorporationCoverPhoto: ©Digital Stock; inset photo ©Royalty Free/CORBIS
Berlitz Intermediate ItalianCapitolo uno (Unit 1)Un giro per la città(A short trip around town)
In this unit you will learn to arrange social and business meetings.
 Andiamo al cinema? (Shall we go to the movies?)
In this section we’re going to talk about makingdates with friends.
Page 2, Attività uno (Activity 1)
Ascolti il dialogo. (
Listen to the dialog.
Listen to Marina and Federico arranging to meet.
:Domani? Mah, non so ... niente credo, perché?(
Tomorrow? I don’t know...I think nothing. Why?
:Vuoi uscire con me e Ernesto? (
Do you want to goout with me and Ernesto?
:, volentieri! (
Yes, with pleasure!
:Andiamo a mangiare una pizza? (
Shall we go eata pizza?
:Perché non usciamo venerdì sera allora? (
Why don’twe go out Friday evening then?
:, d’accordo! (
Yes, sure!
:Benissimo! Allora, ci vediamo venerdì? (
Great!We’ll see each other on Friday then?
:Sì, va bene, a venerdì. Ciao, Federico! (
OK, see youon Friday! Bye Federico.
:Ciao, Marina! (
Bye Marina.
)Ascolti e ripeta. (
Listen and repeat.
)Che cosa fai domani sera? (
What are you going to dotomorrow evening?
)Vuoi uscire con me? (
Do you want to go out with me?
)Sì, volentieri! (
Yes, with pleasure!
)Andiamo a mangiare una pizza? (
Shall we go eat a pizza?
)Perché no? (
Why not?
)Domani non posso. (
Tomorrow I can’t.)
Devo andare a lezione di pianoforte. (
I have piano lessons
.)Perché non usciamo venerdì sera, allora? (
Why don’t we go outFriday evening then?
)Sì, d’accordo! (
Yes, sure!
)Ci vediamo venerdì? (
We’ll see each other on Friday?
)Sì, va bene! (
Yes, OK!
)A venerdì! (
Until Friday!
Page 2, Attività tre (Activity 3)
Listentotheseinvitationsandwritethenumberof eachoneagainstthecorrespondingEnglishsentenceinthebook.
1Marco e Gianna, volete venire al cinema stasera? (
Marco andGianna, do you want to go to the movies tonight?
)2Perché non andiamo in pizzeria, sabato? (
Why don’t we go toa pizzeria on Saturday?
)3Vuoi venire in palestra? (
Do you want to go to the gym?
) 4Ci vediamo alle otto? (
Shall we see each other at 8?
)5Andiamo in discoteca? (
Shall we go to a club?
Page 3, Attività quattro (Activity 4)
Ora tocca a Lei! (
Now it’s your turn!
Vuoi ...? (
Do you want...?
Perché non ...? (
Why don’t...?
)Andare a fare una passeggiata. (
To go for a walk.
)Vuoi ...?Vuoi andare a fare una passeggiata? (
Do you want to go fora walk?
)Perché non ...?Percnonandiamoafareunapasseggiata?(
Whydon’twe goforawalk?
)Fare un giro in macchina. (
To make a short trip by car.
)Vuoi ...?Vuoi fare un giro in macchina? (
Do you want to make a shorttrip by car?
)Perché non ...?Perché non facciamo un giro in macchina? (
Why don’t wemake a short trip by car?
)Andare al cinema. (
To go to the movies.
)Vuoi ...?Vuoi andare al cinema? (
Do you want to go to the movies?
)Perché non ...?Perché non andiamo al cinema? (
Why don’t we go to themovies?
)Giocare a tennis. (
To play tennis.
)Vuoi ...?Vuoi giocare a tennis? (
Do you want to play tennis?
)Perché non ...?Perché non giochiamo a tennis? (
Why don’t we play tennis?
©Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. Verlag KG Singapore Branch, Singapore

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