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Lake Winnipeg Settlements: Blood River Post

Lake Winnipeg Settlements: Blood River Post

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Bloodvein River Post and other Native communities on Lake Winnipeg.
Bloodvein River Post and other Native communities on Lake Winnipeg.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on May 13, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Lake Winnipeg Settlements Blood River Post
(1794 - 1795),
Bloodvein River
The Blood River Post was, a Hudson's Bay o! "ost lo#ated at the $outh o% the Bloodvein River at &ae inni"e, also nown as
Bloodvein River Post
!*urin Treaty 5 neotiations, +orway House Band reuested the rassey +arrows area whi#h was the hite .ud River / 0#elandi# River area whi#h was a "ortion o%
 New  Iceland 
! The +orway House Band (inosao 2i"i ree +ation) areed to settle at 3isher River! +orway House Band was a estern oods ree #o$$unity! The 2andy Bar rou" wanted also a reserve in the rassey +arrows area! Their settle$ent area was on the northern ede o%
 New Iceland 
! ( seeTouh, 3ran (1997)!
 ! an#ouver 6B Press! "! 14! The 2andy Bar 2aulteau8ree $ay have :een a "ortion o% the Peuis-2t! Peters Band! This rou" was al$ost entirely de#i$ated durin the s$all"o8 e"ide$i#, those who were le%t were re-lo#ated! The 0sland  :and reuested a reserve on Bi 0sland (later rena$ed He#la 0sland)! This :and settled at Hollow ater River and renoun#ed the traditional lands at Bi 0sland! The Bloodvein River, Bi 0sland, 2andy Bar, Thi#%oot and ;a#-3ish Head :ands $et with .essrs! Reid and Howard in <#to:er 17= and reuested lands %or their reserves! The *o Head Band reuested a "oint o""osite the *o Head River! 2i$ilarly the Blood ein River Band $ade a reuest %or lands at the $outh o% the Bloodvein River! The Bi 0sland Band at this ti$e reuested the lands at the $outh o% Badthroat (.aniotoan) River! The ;a#-3ish Head Band $ade reuests %or the north side o% ;a# Head Point at the &o:sti# River! The 2andy Bar Band, a :ran#h o% 2t! Peter's Band reuested hite .ud River site on the west 2ide o% &ae inni"e! >.orris, ?le8ander (1@)A The Blood ein River Band was a 2aulteau8 (<i:wa) 3irst +ation! The .oose &ae (Bi 0sland) :and whi#h sined Treaty 5 in 175 was a ree 3irst +ation! The Bi 0sland  :and whi#h sined Treaty C in 177 was an <i:wa 3irst +ation!o$"iled :y &awren#e Barwelloordinator o% .etis Heritae and History Resear#h&ouis Riel 0nstitute

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