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Dewey Decimal System

Dewey Decimal System

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Published by zackwayne

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Published by: zackwayne on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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000 Generalities100 Philosophy and Psychology200 Religion300 Social Science400 Language
500 Natural Science and Mathematics
600 Technology (Applied Sciences)700 Arts800 Literature900 Geography and History 
Second Summary: The 100 Divisions000 Generalities
010 Bibliography020 Library &Information Sciences030 Genera;Encyclopedic Works040050 General SerialPublications060 GeneralOrganizations &Museology070 Journalism,Publishing, Newspapers080 General Collections090 Manuscripts &Book Rarities
500 Pure Sciences
510 Mathematics520 Astronomy & AlliedSciences530 Physics540 Chemistry & AlliedSciences550 Sciences of Earth & Other Worlds560 Paleontology570 Life Sciences580 Botanical Sciences590 Zoological Sciences
100 Philosophy &Related Disciplines
110 Metaphysics120 Epistemology,Causation, Humankind130 ParanormalPhenomena & Arts140 SpecificPhilosophicalViewpoints150 Psychology160 Logic170 Ethics (MoralPhilosophy)180 Ancient, Medieval,Oriental190 Modern WesternPhilosophy
600 Technology (AppliedSciences)
610 Medical Sciences620 Engineering & AlliedOperations630 Agriculture & RelatedTechnologies640 Home Economics &Family Living650 Management & AuxiliaryServices660 Chemical & RelatedTechnologies670 Manufacturers680 Manufacture for SpecificUses690 Buildings
200 Religion700 The Arts
210 Natural Religion220 Bible230 Christian Theology240 Christian Moral &Devotional250 Local Church & ReligiousOrders260 Social & EcclesiasticalTheology270 History & Geography of Church280 Christian Denominations &Sects290 Other & ComparativeReligions710 Civic & Landscape Art720 Architecture730 Plastic Arts Sculpture740 Drawing, Decorative & Minor Arts750 Painting & Paintings760 Graphic Arts Prints770 Photography & Photographs780 Music790 Recreational & Performing Arts
300 Social Sciences
310 Statistics320 Political Science330 Economics340 Law350 Public Administration360 Social Problems andServices370 Education380 Commerce (Trade)390 Customs, Etiquette,Folklore
800 Literature (Belles-lettres)
810 American Literatures in English820 English & Anglo-Saxon Literatures830 Literatures of Germanic Languages840 Literatures of Romance Languages850 Italian, Romanian, Rhaeto-Romanic860 Spanish & Portuguese Literatures870 Italic Literatures Latin880 Hellenic Literatures Greek 890 Literatures of Other Languages
400 Language
410 Linguistics420 English and Anglo-SaxonLanguages430 Germanic LanguagesGerman440 Romance LanguagesFrench450 Italian, Romanian, Rhaeto-Romanic460 Spanish & PortugueseLanguages470 Italic Languages Latin480 Hellenic Classical Greek 490 Other Languages
900 General Geography & History
910 General Geography Travel920 General Biography & Genealogy930 General History of the AncientWorld940 General History of Europe950 General History of Asia960 General History of Africa970 General History of North America980 General History of South America990 General History of Other Areas

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