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Cheating on My Wife with Her Sister?

Cheating on My Wife with Her Sister?



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Published by Phantomimic
A would-be philanderer learns a lesson; or does he?
A would-be philanderer learns a lesson; or does he?

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Published by: Phantomimic on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cheating on my Wife with Her Sister?
By PhantomimicI will tell you about something that happened to me a while ago. It's a storywith a moral; let's see if you can figure it out.My marriage was going through a rough patch due to, you know, the usual,the magic was gone, the lovemaking was routine, the interest had vanishedetc, etc. It seemed the flames had just burned out; at least for me. Now, I ama salesman and my work requires that I spend a significant amount of mytime away from home. I had always been faithful to my wife but duringthese troubled times I tried my best to spice up my boring life with an affair,and I came very close. On two occasions I almost ended up in a motel roomwith ladies I met at bars but, for reasons not worthy of discussing here,nothing happened. My wife however grew more suspicious with each passing day. She became convinced I was having an affair and levied severalstrong accusations my way. So we engaged in the traditional maritalconflicts where we fought and screamed at each other and so forth. I eventhink she followed me on some trips driving our other car. However, she didnot have a shred of evidence that I had cheated on her (which technically Ihad not). It was then that my wife's sister started behaving in a strange way.My wife's sister is about 10 years younger. She was single at the time andshe was hot. She was also very close to my wife and she would visit usoften. Many times during the summers when she ran around in short skirts or 
shorts I would take veiled glances at her long slender legs beginning at her ankles, moving up as much as possible and then fantasizing about what layfurther up under her apparel. But it was just looking. I knew very well thatshe was off-bounds. What started happening one day is that my wife's sister  began "coming on to me". At first I thought I was hallucinating, but thecleavages became lower, the skirts became shorter, and she started engagingin behavior she had never displayed before. For example she would pretendto drop something and then bend down giving me a panoramic view of her lovely rear end, or she would lick an ice cream cone or a spoonful of yogurtsuggestively while looking at me. However, I held my ground, I told myself that no provocation was enough to make me hit on my wife's sister; or so Ithought.One fine day when my wife had gone out the sister called me over to her house because she had a heavy piece of furniture that she needed helpmoving. When I got there she opened the door and to my astonishment I sawshe was wearing a skimpy negligee. She pulled me into her house, closed thedoor and hugged me. I became all too aware of the pressure of her firm breasts against my chest. She then proceeded to confess that she was madlyin love with me. She knew that this was wrong because I was her sister'shusband but she could not deny it any more. She said that she was willing togo to hell for an eternity if it meant she could at least be mine for one hour.She separated from me, said, "I'll be waiting for you in my bedroom." andwalked up the stairs. I was dumfounded and totally petrified. I just stoodthere watching the rhythmic movements of her hips swaying from side toside as she made her way to the top of the stairs. Once there she reached
under her robes, removed her panties and threw them at me saying "If youdecide to come, I will be there for you." and disappeared from sight.Still dazzled at the bottom of the stairs I watched as her undergarmentsseemed to float down towards me. I reached out and caught them. They werea dark shade of blue and felt silken to the touch, but most unsettling of allwas the faint musky smell that emanated from them. My body shuddered atthe thought of the moist and warm sinful pleasures that these panties hadcontained just a few moments ago, pleasures that if I desired were mine for the taking, pleasures that lay wide open awaiting for me just a flight of stairsaway. I experienced shortness of breath and felt dizzy. This was THEmoment. What would I do? I came to my senses and said to myself, "Crazy,that is what I am, this is no stranger that I won't see ever again. This is mywife's sister for heaven's sake!" But then to my surprise I found thatunconsciously I was rubbing her panties with my fingers and that I had brought them closer to my nose. They felt and smelled so good.I thought to myself, "Enough is enough, I am a man and I must make adecision, I must take a stand and live with the consequences." Thinking likethis brought the resolve and determination I needed to break the impasse Ihad with myself. I made my decision on the spot. Dropping the panties Iturned around 180 degrees and headed for the door. I flung the door openwith such force that it banged loudly on the wall and within less than asecond I was out on the front yard hurriedly making a beeline for my car.Halfway there however, I was stopped cold when someone jumped from behind one of the bushes intercepting me. It was my wife.

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