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Durban Lesbian and Gay Community and Health Centre: Gender HIV/AIDS analysis

Durban Lesbian and Gay Community and Health Centre: Gender HIV/AIDS analysis

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Published by Oxfam

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Published by: Oxfam on May 14, 2014
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Gender AnalysisNumber Two
Durban Lesbian & GayCommunity & Health Centre:Gender HIV/AIDS Analysis
Margaret Roper and Eric Richardson
ISBN 1-875870-52-0
The Joint Oxfam HIV/AIDS Program in South Africa seeks to strengthen the civil society response to HIV/AIDS through supporting integrated community-based services for HIV prevention and care, including a focus on gender and sexuality and the rights of people living with, and affected by, HIV/AIDS.
Aseries of reports on the Joint Oxfam HIV/AIDS Program (JOHAP) 2005
Executive summary
This Report looks at the work of the Durban Lesbian and Gay Community and Health Centre (Community Centre) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.The vision of the Community Centre is toempower the lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgender (LGBT) communities to enablethem to claimtheir rights to equality, dignity and freedom.The Community Centre strives for transformation of the LGBT community, and a more equitable, healthier societythrough a strategic focus on Rights andhealthy sexual relationships.Given the greater vulnerability thiscommunity has towards HIV/AIDS, themajor foci of the Community Centre’s work is HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, and the creation of enablingenvironments for HIV/AIDS interventions for the LGBT communities.This Report aims to draw out key lessonson how the Community Centre approachesgender and HIV/AIDS, and how these are incorporated into the CommunityCentre’s work.In addition, there is an analysis of currentresearch and theory about HIV/AIDS and gender mainstreaming to provide acontextual framework for understanding the work of the Community Centre. An analysis of the Community Centre in relation to these findings is provided in the final section.Overall, the different approaches that theCommunity Centre uses to support andempower individuals depend on the needs,issues and concerns of the individual.The aim of all the work the CommunityCentre undertakes is to promote humanrights and enable the LGBT community to claim their rights to equality, dignity and freedom.These principles underpin the content and delivery of services.Consequently the focus on HIV/AIDS,sexual health and human rights isintegrated into all programs and reflected in all aspects of the Community Centre’sservice delivery.
Thanks to photographer Mathew Willmanwhose wonderful images show the staff and paticipants involved in the project.Not all persons appearing in thephotographs are gay or lesbian.The authors would like to thank CommunityCentre staff and beneficiaries whoparticipated in this study, and the staff of the Joint Oxfam HIV/AIDS Program for their cooperation.Thanks are also extended to the Joint Oxfam HIV/AIDS Program (JOHAP) for their sponsorship and support of this research.The opinions of authors or participants inthis document do not necessarily reflectthose of Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Affiliates,JOHAP or its staff.
Executive summary31.Introduction42.Gender analysis purpose and methodology53.LGBT,gender mainstreaming & HIV/AIDs in South Africa64.The durban lesbian and gay community and health centre105.Gender and hiv/aids analysis of the dlgchc14
5.1LGBTgender mainstreaming145.2HIV/AIDs and gender mainstreaming revealed165.2.1LGBTgender roles and relationships165.2.2LGBTrisk and vulnerability165.2.3LGBTbehaviour and hiv/aids185.2.4Elements of desirable sexual behaviour195.2.5Intersections of gender constructions205.3Learning experiences and practice22
Gender Analysis Purpose and Methodology
The aim of this analysis is to identify and articulate relevant (both positive andnegative) lessons from the work of theCommunity Centre to inform work on gender mainstreaming in the field of HIV/AIDS. An initial review of documentation from the Community Centre was undertaken to understand the delivery of services and achievements to date.In order for the researcher to find out more about thetheoretical and practical application of mainstreaming and integrating HIV/AIDSand gender into the work of the CommunityCentre, interviews were held with targetedprogram staff to document their views,experience and understanding on the issue.In addition, a focus group was held toexplore the integration of HIV/AIDS andgender in the work of the CommunityCentre.The method included conductingtwo separate focus groups with male and female participants;however theparticipants requested that a joint focusgroup be held so that they could shareinsights amongst themselves as well.The facilitators ensured that everyone hadan opportunity to speak and that no oneperson or group dominated the discussion.The interviews and focus group were heldon 15 July 2004 at the Community Centrein Durban.Nineteen members participatedin the focus group representing a range of gender and sexual orientations, race,class and cultures.Six interviews wereconducted with staff using a semi-structured questionnaire.In addition, an analysis of current researchand theory about HIV/AIDS and gender mainstreaming was undertaken to provide a contextual framework for understandingthe work of the Community Centre.Key insights from this analysis arehighlighted in the next section, and ananalysis of the Community Centre inrelation to these findings is provided in the final section.
Gender Analysis 2
The Durban Lesbian and Gay Communityand Health Centre (Community Centre) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, aims toempower the lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgender (LGBT) community byproviding services, support and training to enable this community to claim their rights to equality, dignity and freedomwithin the context of transformation.The Community Centre offers a safe andsecure space for the LGBT communities of Durban and KwaZulu-Natal.Core servicesinclude personal counselling and supportgroups, HIV/AIDS and sexual healtheducation and support, legal advice, a reading and resource centre, a touristand religions project, and specific servicessuch as sport and social events.The Community Centre is one of the civilsociety initiatives supported by the JointOxfam HIV/AIDS Program (JOHAP) whichis managed by Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (OCAA) in South Africa.At presentthe goal of JOHAP is to “ensure the quality and cohesion of the civil society responseto HIV/AIDS is improved as a result of itssupport for the development, documentation,evaluation and dissemination of goodpractice in HIV/AIDS work”.Consequently, JOHAP contracted anexternal researcher and an academic toundertake an HIV/AIDS gender analysis of the Community Centre work in relation totheir beneficiary communities.The analysis aims to draw out key lessons on how theCommunity Centre approaches gender andHIV/AIDS, and how these are incorporatedinto the Community Centre’s work.
Introduction 1

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