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How Will the Prophet Jesus as Be Recognised

How Will the Prophet Jesus as Be Recognised

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Published by Muhammad Usman Khan
End of Times, Masons, Christ, Anti Christ, Islam
End of Times, Masons, Christ, Anti Christ, Islam

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Published by: Muhammad Usman Khan on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Prophet Jesus’ (as) ActivitiesIn the first part of this article, published last month, we examined the physicaland spiritual characteristics that will enable the Prophet Jesus (as) to berecognised when he returns to Earth, in the light of the hadiths of our Prophet(saas) and the views of Islamic scholars. In this month’s second part we look atanother of the portents that will enable the Prophet Jesus (as) to be recognisedwhen he comes, his activities.
The End Times in which we are living is a holy period of glad tidings for allbelievers. Because we are told, in the verses of our Lord and the hadiths of ourProphet (saas), of the return to Earth in the End Times of the Prophet Jesus (as),after 2,000 years. One of the most important features of the Prophet Jesus (as)that will enable him to be recognised when he returns will be his activities. Byperforming these activities that are incapable of being imitated, the ProphetJesus (as) will, by Allah’s leave and together with Hazrat Mahdi (as), be a meanswhereby a Golden Age dawns on Earth.With his birth and the miracles he performed, the Prophet Jesus (as) is a holyprophet. Allah determined a special destiny for the Prophet Jesus (as), in thelight of which he foiled the plans of the deniers to kill the prophet. As is clearlystated in the Qur’an, the deniers failed to kill the Prophet Jesus (as), althoughthey were made to think they had. (Surat an-Nisa’, 157) Allah took the ProphetJesus (as) into His Presence, in the literal biological sense, without taking hissoul from him, and the Prophet Jesus (as) will return again to Earth. During thatsecond coming, however, as we shall be seeing below, he will be recognised byvery few people, and his community will be few in number.
 Very Few People Will Recognise the Prophet Jesus (as) When He Returns
In both Christian and Muslim circles, the number of people capable of recognising the Prophet Jesus (as) in the early years of his return will be verysmall, due to certain misconceptions regarding that return as well as negativeactivities and propaganda. The great Islamic scholar Bediuzzaman Said Nursitells us this about this situation that will arise in the End Times:
When the blessed Prophet Jesus (as) comes, it is not necessary thateveryone should know he is the real Jesus (as). His close disciples will
recognise him with the light of faith. Otherwise, not everyone willrecognise him at once and clearly.” (
, p. 60)Elsewhere, Bediuzzaman has described how the Prophet Jesus (as) will not berecognised by a large part of his community:
Indeed, the coming of the blessed Prophet Jesus and the fact that heis the blessed Jesus is known through the light of faith, but not byall.”(
, p. 487)According to Bediuzzaman, when the Prophet Jesus (as) first comes back toEarth, it will not be known that he is the Prophet Jesus (as), though people willrealise this later. His followers will only recognise him through the light of faith.To put it another way, society in general will not know that he is the ProphetJesus (as). On the contrary, as a result of various methods of indoctrination andpropaganda perpetrated on society by the dajjal, most people will be hostile tohim and strive to neutralise him.
The Number of the Prophet Jesus’ (as) Community Will Be Very Small
It is indicated in the Qur’an that when the Prophet Jesus (as) first came to Earththe number of his followers was very few. According to accounts, only a very fewdisciples believed in him, and the people gave this holy prophet no support at all.This is described as follows in the Qur’an:
 You who believe! Be helpers of Allah as ‘Jesus, son of Maryam said tothe Disciples, ‘Who will be my helpers to Allah?’ The Disciples said,‘We will be the helpers of Allah.’ One faction of the tribe of Israelbelieved and the other disbelieved. So We supported those whobelieved against their enemy and they became victorious. (Surat as-Saff, 14)
When he returns, the numbers of those who at first believe in and support himwill again be very small. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi describes this situation:
The dajjal will be very large and taller than a high minaret, and the ProphetJesus will be relatively much smaller.’ One interpretation of this must be: asign and an indication that the number of people in the community of spiritualfighters for the faith who follow the Prophet Jesus and recognise him throughthe light of faith is much smaller than the intellectual and physical armies of the sect of the dajjal.”(Rays, p. 495)
In another extract Bediuzzaman says:
It is related that at the time of the Prophet Jesus’ (as) struggle againstthe dajjal, the dajjal will be so physically larger than the Prophet Jesus(as) that he can leap ten thrones in the air and then settle his sword onhis knee. This means that the dajjal must be perhaps ten or twentytimes taller than the Prophet Jesus (as)…First Point: If the community of Christian leaders that takes the essence of theChristian religion as its foundation and seeks to impose it in the face of atheismbecomes a physical body, then it can be no more than a child beside a man astall as a minaret.” (
Kastamonu Addendum
, p.75)In this extract, Bediuzzaman is saying that as well as having physical andspiritual strength, dajjal will also have a large number of people around him. Hesays that in comparison to the community of the dajjal, the community of Prophet Jesus (as) will be very small.The negative propaganda the dajjal will engage in with this wide following andthe means at his disposal will play a major role in the failure of many people torecognise the Prophet Jesus (as). (
 Allah knows the truth
The Appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) Will Herald the Coming of theProphetJesus (as).
One of the most important signs of the second coming of the Prophet Jesus (as)will be the appearance in the End Times of another holy individual, Hazrat Mahdi(as). As Bediuzzaman emphasises in his works, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will dischargethree duties at the same time when he appears. By the will of Allah, the secondcoming of the Prophet Jesus (as) will take place during the third stage of theseduties of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as). At this time, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will haveestablished and be leading an Islamic Union among all the Muslims of the worldunder his title as caliph of our Prophet (saas), in other words as the spiritualleader of the Islamic world. When the Prophet Jesus (as) comes, there will be nochange in this state of affairs regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as), and the Prophet Jesus(as) will be Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) helpmate. This fact is related in a hadith:Although their
is a pure individual, Hazrat Mahdi (as), they will seekrefuge in Jerusalem. There, when their
is in the fore to lead them inprayer, they will look and see that Jesus son of Maryam has descended in themorning. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will withdraw to place the Prophet Jesus (as) inthe fore. The Prophet Jesus (as) will place his hand on his shoulders and tell

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