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VISUAL Programming

VISUAL Programming

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Published by sarir38
projects in VB
projects in VB

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Published by: sarir38 on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Program 1: DATA BASEOption ExplicitPrivate Sub cmd_add_Click()On Error GoTo Label1:Adodc1.Recordset.AddNewLabel1:MsgBox " sorry row cannot be empty"End SubPrivate Sub cmd_del_Click()If MsgBox("are u sure u want to delete the record", vbYesNo + vbExclamation,"WARNNING") = vbYes ThenAdodc1.Recordset.DeleteAdodc1.Recordset.MoveNextEnd If End SubPrivate Sub cmd_load_Click()Adodc1.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;DataSource=C:\Users\sarir\Desktop\BCA5th.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from bca"Set DataGrid1.DataSource = Adodc1End SubPrivate Sub Cmd_next_Click()If Not Adodc1.Recordset.EOF ThenAdodc1.Recordset.MoveNextEnd If End SubPrivate Sub cmd_prev_Click()If Not Adodc1.Recordset.BOF ThenAdodc1.Recordset.MovePreviousEnd If End Sub
Private Sub Command1_Click()EndEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_Load()Adodc1.Visible = FalseDataGrid1.Width = Form1.WidthEnd SubPrivate Sub Timer1_Timer()Label1.ForeColor = RGB(Rnd() * 256, Rnd() * 256, Rnd() * 256)End Sub2
program AVI FILEOption ExplicitPrivate Sub Command1_Click()MMControl1.Command = "play"End SubPrivate Sub Command2_Click()MMControl1.Command = "pause"End SubPrivate Sub Command3_Click()MMControl1.Command = "close"End SubPrivate Sub Command4_Click()MMControl1.Command = "open"End SubPrivate Sub Dir1_Change()File1.Path = Dir1.PathEnd SubPrivate Sub Drive1_Change()Drive1.Path = Drive1.DriveEnd SubPrivate Sub File1_Click()If Right(File1.Path, 3) = "mp3" ThenMMControl1.FileName = File1.Path + File1.FileNameElse
MMControl1.FileName = File1.Path + "/" + File1.FileNameEnd If End SubPrivate Sub Form_Load()MMControl1.hWndDisplay = Picture1.hWndEnd SubPrivate Sub MMControl1_PlayClick(Cancel As Integer)MMControl1.PlayEnabled = TrueEnd Sub3
program DATABSE CONNOption ExplicitPrivate Sub Adodc1_Error(ByVal ErrorNumber As Long, Description As String,ByVal Scode As Long, ByVal Source As String, ByVal HelpFile As String, ByValHelpContext As Long, fCancelDisplay As Boolean)If MsgBox("SORRY ", vbOKOnly + vbQuestion, "warnning") = vbYes ThenAdodc1.Recordset.CloseEnd If End SubPrivate Sub Cmd_add_Click()Adodc1.Recordset.AddNewEnd SubPrivate Sub Cmd_del_Click()If MsgBox("ARE U SURE U WANT TO DELETE THE RECORD", vbQuestion +vbYesNo, "delete record") = vbYes ThenAdodc1.Recordset.CancelUpdateAdodc1.Recordset.DeleteAdodc1.Recordset.MoveNextEnd If End SubPrivate Sub cmd_last_Click()Adodc1.Recordset.MoveLastEnd SubPrivate Sub Cmd_load_Click()'Adodc1.CommandType = adCmdTable'Adodc1.RecordSource = adCmdUnknownDataGrid1.Visible = TrueAdodc1.RecordSource = "select * from std_EXAM"Set DataGrid1.DataSource = Adodc1End SubPrivate Sub Cmd_next_Click()

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