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ME 2.0 - Dan Schwable

ME 2.0 - Dan Schwable

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Published by Monica Petcu
Your Gen Y guide.
Your Gen Y guide.

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Published by: Monica Petcu on May 14, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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4 Steps to Building Your Future DAN SCHAWBEL
This book is dedicated to my grandfather, Max Meenes.
 Max is the heart and soul behind my brand. Through the best and worst times, he was a  powerful presence who motivated me and pushed me to my limits. No week would be complete without a phone call, when he sat anxiously to hear my status in hopes that one day I would help the world, just like him. As the backbone of my family, Max’s love and support will never go unnoticed and will be preserved in memory forever.
Table of Contents
Title Page Dedication Preface Introduction PART I The Rise of Personal Branding Chapter 1 The Brand Called YOU! Chapter 2 Millennials Enter the Workforce Chapter 3 Introducing Commander YOU! Chapter 4 The Many Aspects of Personal Branding Part II Command Your Career in Four Steps Chapter 5 Step 1— Discover Your Brand Chapter 6 Step 2— Create Your Brand Chapter 7 Step 3— Communicate Your Brand Chapter 8 Step 4— Maintain Your Brand PART III Now You Have Command Chapter 9 Personal Branding for Job Seekers Chapter 10 Your Entrepreneurial Conquest
 Chapter 11 Life-Changing Results Personal Branding Glossary References Acknowledgments About the Author
When I first started writing
 Me 2.0
 back in 2007, the acceptance of personal branding as a viable career strategy was still growing, and social media was starting to gain traction. Fast-forward to 2010: Everyone is connected, and there are over 1 million results in Google for “personal branding.” It’s very rare to meet someone who isn’t on Facebook, whether you’re in a college class, at a concert, or in the workplace. Personal branding has blossomed as more than  just a buzz term but something that’s in reach for everyone, at any level of an organization. From the
Today Show
 to the
 New York Times
, personal branding has become a global phenomenon, traveling from the United States to South Africa to India and back. A report by Fast Future Research in the United Kingdom predicts “personal brander” will be a high-growth career through 2030 (Talwar & Hancock 2010). Originally, I wrote
 Me 2.0
 because I witnessed a sudden change in the recruitment system, from applying for jobs to having jobs find you. I noticed that many students were feeling the pain of the economy and struggling to find jobs they were passionate about, so I devoted the  book to them. Then, when the book was officially launched in mid-2009, something fascinating  began to happen. Aside from the core audience of students and young professionals, older generations were attracted to the book and were sharing it with their children.
 Me 2.0
 crosses generations because the advice is timely and the branding strategies can be applied to people in any situation, including entrepreneurs, permanent workers, and consultants. After countless emails, tweets, Facebook messages, and inperson reader feedback, I’ve updated
 Me 2.0
 with new research, case studies, a brand-new chapter, and more of my personal experiences. Twitter and Google Buzz weren’t popular when I first wrote this book, but now they are two of the most important social networks in the world, which is why you’ll find a complete guide on how to use both in this edition. The new chapter, called “Personal Branding for Job Seekers,” gives you general advice for job searching through social networks and a step-by-step process for how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find a job. You’ll also find new branding techniques and technologies available through your mobile phone, GPS, and more. By reading this book, you’ve made a commitment to your brand and your future. I hope you heed this advice, use the book as a reference, and share your copy with a friend. Personal  branding isn’t going anywhere, despite how technology evolves, and to compete now and in the future, you have to manage your brand.
 Me 2.0
 will keep you ahead of the competition!
The world of work has suddenly changed. Thanks to the meteoric rise of the Internet,

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