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Torqeedo in India

Torqeedo in India

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Published by maritimepressbox

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Published by: maritimepressbox on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Catalogue 2008
Catalogue 2008
Discover Torqeedo
The most efficient outboards in the world
We are pleased to present you with our revolutionary outboardsand lithium-manganese batteries in this catalogue.Developments in electronics, material and battery technologyhave dramatically improved the potential of electric drives inrecent years. Currently, Torqeedo motors are the only outboardson the market that focus on these new technologies and fullyexploit the potential of today’s electric drives.Since our motors have been introduced they have caused aworldwide sensation and together with a response that is aboveour expectations this proves that we are on the right track.Overall, there are three fundamental advantages that separateus from all other electric drives and characterise all Torqeedooutboards:
advantage: superior technologies
Torqeedo motors are brushless, electronically controlled anduse modern materials (e.g. rare earth magnets) and moderndesigns. Thus, our motors offer 24 times the torque of conven-tional electric motors of the same size that were state-of-the-artabout ten years ago.Depending on the application, our lithium-manganese batterieshave 8 times the energy density of conventional lead acid, leadgel or AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries. Furthermore, theyoffer superior high-current performance and are safe.Torqeedo propellers benefit on the one hand from the perfecttorque characteristic of the motor which means they are large,have a high pitch and turn relatively slowly. In addition, theyuse all possibilities of modern propeller optimization calculationfrom large shipbuilding. Therefore, they are dramatically moreefficient than propellers from comparable petrol outboards.
advantage: double overall efficiency = double range
No other outboard manufacturer in the world transforms theenergy available nearly as efficiently into propulsion as Torqeedo.With Torqeedo outboards, approximately 44% of the energystored in the battery transforms into propulsive power (measuredafter all losses including losses in the propeller). In comparisonwith typical efficiencies of approximately 20% from conventionalelectric outboards, a Torqeedo outboard practically reachesdouble the range from one battery bank. And in comparison topetrol outboards, the advantage is even greater: in lower powerclasses those petrol outboards lose approximately 75% of theshaft power just in the propeller. Only approximately 5-8% of theenergy stored in petrol is transformed into propulsive power.
advantage: the combination of power and responsibility
There are several reasons why Torqeedo outboards areenvironmentally friendly. One reason is that they convert theenergy available nine times more efficiently into propulsion thanpetrol outboards of the same power class. Another reason is thatthey do not develop any emissions or oil losses. According to
Catalogue 2008
Ultra-light, foldable, powerful – therevolutionary outboard with integratedlithium-manganese battery
Motor types are comparable with up to2 horsepower petrol outboards. For boatsup to 1.5 tons• TendersDinghies and Daysailers• AnglersBoats on green lakes
Entry-level for highly efficient outboards– based on Travel motors but without anintegrated lithium battery
Motor types are comparable with up to2 horsepower petrol outboards. For boatsup to 1.5 tonsDinghies and Daysailers• AnglersBoats on green lakes
The most powerful 24 V outboard onthe market
With the thrust of a 6 horsepower petroloutboard. For boats up to 3 tonsBoats on green lakesDinghies and Daysailers• Anglers
The high-performance lithium-manganesebattery for extreme performance
Extremely high energy density, extremehigh-current performance, extremely highcycle stability, safe and maintenance-free.
the Australian Department of the Environment, the operation ofa modern 4-stroke outboard pollutes nature to the same extentas 50 cars (both travelling the same distance). An old 2-strokeoutboard is even comparable to 500 cars.If it is possible to avoid polluting the atmosphere and water byusing outboards without losing performance and comfort – whyshould you not do it?As you go through the following pages you can see for yourselfwhat unique advantages the Torqeedo Travel, BaseTravel, Cruiseand Power products offer. We would be glad if we can convinceyou of our outboards concept.Best regards,Torqeedo GmbH

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