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SABRE by David Polk

SABRE by David Polk

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Published by David Polk
A black fighter pilot battles racism on the ground and MiGs in the sky at the height of the Korean War.
A black fighter pilot battles racism on the ground and MiGs in the sky at the height of the Korean War.

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Published by: David Polk on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SABREByDavid PolkAn Original ScreenplayDavid Polk176 Dusty Rose CourtSimi Valley, CA 93065805-428-5775dpolk@mac.com
FADE IN:EXT. MIG ALLEY - DAYWe’re five miles above the Yalu River. The cerulean sky isvast, majestic, heavenly.Suddenly a silver blur blasts by and in the blink of an eyeis followed by another silver blur. TWO JETS are locked incombat 30,000 feet above a cold, mountainous landscape.The VOICES we hear are calm, but with a professionalurgency.CASEY (V.O., FILTERED)I can’t shake him, Dutch.DUTCH (V.O., FILTERED)You can out run him. Roll left anddive.CASEY’S SABRERolls over and dives. We recognize the classic swept wings,silver fuselage and yellow and black markings of the F-86ASABREJET. The most advanced fighter in the world in 1951.MIG 109Mimics the Sabre’s roll and follows in a steep dive. Werecognize the sleek, shark-like silhouette of the MiG-15 -the Sabre’s only rival in the skies over Korea. Catch aglimpse the Red Star of the North Korean Air Force.The two warbirds scream through the sky, rolling, spinningand diving at speeds approaching Mach 1. It’s one hell ofvertigo-inducing dogfight.CASEY’S SABREStenciled on the side are TWO RED STARS, "kills", andunderneath the clear bubble cockpit the pilot’s name, CAPT.CASEY. Inside, CAPTAIN RANCE CASEY, in flight suit, helmetand oxygen mask, looks around as he yo-yos back and forth toshake the MiG from his tail - his "six."CASEYI’m going to the deck. See if thishoncho’s got a pair.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: (2) 2.DUTCH (V.O., FILTERED)Okay, Rance. Watch your airspeed.CASEYRoger that.CASEY’S SABRE AND MIG 109Rocket downward at transonic speed. About 500 feet from theground the two planes reduce airspeed, level out and lock ina horizontal rolling scissors maneuver - twisting aroundeach other, parallel to the ground a mere 100 feet apart.It’s a game of "chicken" intended to force one pilot toincrease airspeed, which will move him in front of hisopponent - making him an easy target.Flying cockpit to cockpit, Casey looks up (down) at hisopponent. He can see the MIG PILOT’S ice blue eyes, hisgloved hand on the control stick, even instruments on thedashboard.Then the MiG bursts ahead of Casey’s Sabre.CASEY(to himself)Got you now, you Commie bastard.The two battling jets hug the hard deck, their shadowsflitting over the rugged, snow-covered terrain. Now Casey’sSabre is the hunter and the MiG is the hunted.DUTCH’S SABRECovering Casey from above. Come in on the cockpit: THREE REDSTARS stenciled below the pilot’s name, MAJ. WELLER. We seeDUTCH WELLER looking down at Casey in hot pursuit of MiG109.DUTCHYou’re too low, Casey. Take theshot and pull the hell out ofthere!We hear a jarring BLEEP-BLEEP-BLEEP.CASEY’S SABREA RED LIGHT on Casey’s dashboard flashes. The jet isbuffeted by powerful turbulence from the MiG’s jet wash.(CONTINUED)

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