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Code Red the Comming Destruction of America 2004

Code Red the Comming Destruction of America 2004

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Published by oblivionboyj

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Published by: oblivionboyj on Nov 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David Booth(and others!)This book is dedicated to my darling wife Kathy.Code Red: The ComingDestruction of America, 2004By: David BoothLong Trail Acres Publishing22 Mattheson RoadAntrim, NH 03440Copyright(c) 2004 by David BoothO-9753228-O-XPrinted in the United StatesAll Rights ReservedContentsForwardPrefaceThe Multiverse: Once Upon A TimeIn The Twinkling of an EyeLet There Be LightHeavenly HologramsMother Earth/Father Doom:It Only Hurts For a MomentThey Didn't Teach Us This!Hidden From ViewHouses Built On Sand:Wormwood in HistoryThe Wars of Marduk The Destruction of MarsWe Know the Truth: Reagan GaspsGood Deeds Don't Go UnpunishedThe Planning Begins:A Great Man DiesBushes Grow In the Strangest PlacesWho's In Charge?Pick Your Side, The Fun'sAbout To Begin! Pick Me! Me!The Best Laid PlansPlaying the Gamethe Secret Government WayWhat Every Rabbit Knows, Dig DeepNo Room for Me?Perspective, Use It or Lose It!Forward by: Wayne Green
 If you're into catastrophe scenarios, David Booth has a corker for you. It just may be thatall that Planet-X stuff last year wasn't total baloney. David has the credentials, and hisstory is the key to a lot of puzzles. It makes a complete, awful picture out of a bunch of seemingly unrelated data.Like predictions by Nostradamus 500 years ago of a pole change which would wipe out97% of humanity shortly after the millennium, Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet,around 80 years ago, Ed Dames (Major Doom), Gordon Michael Scallion, and otherprophets with track records more recently.Is there a connection between our military being spread out all around the world insteadof here at home, endless rumors of vast underground government construction, thesecrecy about the Third Revelation of Fatima, and so on through a long list?Okay, what's my role in all this? Well, Dave will tell you how bad things look like they'regoing to get, leaving it up to me to offer some advice on things you can do if you think hemay be right.Number one if you haven't given a lot of thought to your health before, it's time to wisethe hell up. The fact is that you can get yourself into robust health, ready to deal withwhatever comes, if you'll just stop your habitual poisoning of your body.My Secret Guide to Health goes into the gory details of the poisons we're used toinflicting on our immune systems. Like? Like cooked food, sugar, milk, coffee, alcohol,nicotine, dental amalgam, root canals, fluorides and chlorine in your water, nearby powerlines, electric blankets, cell phones, a lack of needed minerals, stress, not enough sleep,and so on. As I say, the details are in my book, and I've backed em up.Number two if you and your family are going to survive hurricane winds and monsterwaves roaring all around the world, you're going to have to be underground. Startdigging. Dave has a bunker buried next to his house, all set for an extended familyrefuge.When things calm down you're going to want an amateur radio transceiver and a powersupply for it like a bicycle-powered generator.You'll want enough food to last until more can be grown. With no stores, no roads, nopower, no regular radio or TV, no telephone, and so on, you'll be on your own. Make thata hand saw, not a power saw. Do we have weeks or months to get ready? Precognition isnever certain on dates, so no one knows.Preface to this Edition xiv
There are a number of reasons that you are reading this book today, the one I'm going tochoose is because you are meant to. And what I mean by this is simply that the paths eachof us walks in this life often intersect, like ours has today.And as we stand here together at one of these crossroads I've got a story to tell you aboutthis world we live in today, how we came to be, and where we're heading, or moreaccurately, what is going to be happening to us.As you read this book I'd like for you to keep in mind that I'm not trying to scare you butrather to put forth to you information you've already heard about, but put together in away that is different then you've previously been exposed to. Another way to put this isthat you're going to be experiencing in these words a different perspective, a differentway of looking at information.If there's anything that we have an overabundance of during this early part of the 21stCentury it is information. In the 1880's an average American had the equivalent of atypical Sunday's edition of the New York Times worth of information available to them,for their entire lives. Today you have a million more times worth of information availableto you just by turning on your computer and accessing the Internet. Yet who would bemore able to survive a disaster? Who would be able to feed themselves and their familiesif all the stores were gone? Who would be able to keep themselves and their familieswarm in the winter with nothing available to them but an ax? Who would be able tosurvive just one year totally on their own?The answers to those questions are simple, and at the same time sad. Not just here in theUnited States, but all over the world, people are not prepared to survive, indeed have verylittle knowledge about what they could/would do if the worst happened. And to keepfrom facing this reality they instead fall back upon the knowledge that in the event of adisaster their government would take care of them. But what if there wasn't agovernment? It's not a thought most people would even allow themselves to think. But,you're not one of those people are you? That's why we're having this conversation, whyyou've stopped here at the comer of Know and Don't Know to listen to my story.Now the story I'm going to tell you is just that, a story. And a story is simply this, anaccount of an incident or of a series of incidents, either true or invented. You'll listen tomine and then you'll have to decide what to believe, what is truth, what is not. I want youto keep in mind too that while you're listening to my story you're not reading a scientificresearch paper or a novel like War and Peace. It's not my goal, or mission to convinceyou of anything, even what I believe to be the truth. Neither is it my goal to become aninstant professor of ancient history, there are more than enough of them out there withbooks of their own for you to read and decide upon.My only goal here is tell you a good story and that by the time we're finished and youcontinue along your path we'll leave as friends and that you'll be a little more prepared forwhatever you may meet, or face, in the future along the way. If that happens then I'll behappy in knowing you, and more importantly I'll know that you are a fellow survivor and

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